How Joselyn Dumas inspires you to achieve your career goals

Joselyn Dumas
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When I was tasked to write an article on how Joselyn Dumas inspires us to achieve our career goals, I was stumped. Simply because of all the Ghanaian celebrities (most of whose lives I do not give much thought to or follow on a regular basis, for that matter), Joselyn Dumas was part of my B-listed celebrities. Honestly.

But research and knowledge always changes perspective and perception, and after reading and reading all the savoury and unsavoury articles alike, I am delighted to announce that if you were like me, you can be a changed girl now.

Unlike what others may think, Joselyn Dumas can actually inspire you to achieve it all. Here is how:

1. Guts

She had the guts to quit her job as a paralegal in London to pursue her dream of being a TV personality in Ghana. So how do you contextualize this? It’s simple.

Are you stuck in that dead end job, unhappy with your life and atrophied dreams? Leave and don’t look back…with caution please. Follow your passion. Go to your Ghana to be what you want to be. Be like Joselyn Dumas.

jocelyn_dumas2. Body positivity

As a woman, Joselyn is endowed —she is all sorts of curvy and beautiful. Unfortunately, some people in the public refuse to stop staring at those hips and start focusing on what she does instead. She has been at the centre of media attention because men won’t stop gawking and ladies will not stop hating because their men are gawking!

In spite of this, Joselyn keeps a calm, unruffled demeanour and unashamedly wears clothes that flatters her —not caring what anyone thinks.

So for you reader, wear what you want to and do not be ashamed of that body. On a deeper level, this goes to say that you should be true to yourself. It is the first wise step which when taken, will resonate positively in your career goals.

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3. Wellness

Although the cynical Ghanaian public have accused Joselyn of passing off a gastric by-pass as a weight loss plan to justify her figure today, I choose to remain oblivious and believing.

Of course, Joselyn knew then that the Ghanaian public can be unforgiving when it comes to overweight TV personalities, so she made the move to join the Weight Watchers’ Club.

bpx2lggieaebbw0-jpg_largeShe had a career goal in mind, and made physical preparations to be suitable for that role. You also have that career goal in mind? Are you reading, learning or losing weight to make the move easier? Consider doing what it takes to get where you want to be.

There is a place for a social work. Not every day, yourself. Sometimes, others. Click To Tweet

4. Giving back

Being a believer in social action, Joselyn volunteered alongside Lucy Quist, MD of Airtel Ghana to participate in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) initiative. Aside that, she has the Joselyn Canfor-Dumas Foundation which focuses on social issues such as providing for children, widows etc.

What should this mean to you? It simply means that there is a place for a social work. Not every day, yourself. Sometimes, others.

“A noble leader answers not to the trumpet calls of self-promotion, but to the hushed whispers of necessity.”

―Mollie Marti

4. Sharing your passion

Forget that Joselyn is brand ambassador of Range Rover Evoque and Jobberman Ghana. Forget that she was the host of “The One Show”. What does Joselyn have to call her own? There is a crop of entrepreneurs sweeping across the African continent and Joselyn is one of them. She is following her passion to make sure those who share in it also have jobs to do.

Joselyn is the founder of Virgo Sun Production Company Limited. What about you? Will you feed the entrepreneur in you? Will you allow others to share in your passion?

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5. Perfecting your profession

Finally, you remember the movies “Perfect Picture” or better still, how about “Love or Something Like That”? You don’t? That’s fine. But you cannot tell me that you do not remember the sensational “Adams Apple” which featured Joselyn as leading cast member, Jennifer Adams.

Due to this and other appearances, Joselyn has been branded as part of the professional actresses who are glamorous and best dressed. I did not make this up. did.

So my question is this: Are you acting professionally in any role you are playing? Are you executing that role to perfection?

I wish I had a slick conclusion. But this cuts it for me-

Above lies the story of Joselyn Dumas. She inspires herself and people like me every day.

Be like Joselyn. She can inspire you too!

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