Tiyani Majoko shares her 5 Ways To Cheat The Hustle

We often hear it said “the dream is free but the hustle is sold separately”, but what if the hustle didn’t have to be so expensive?

It has been a dream of mine to visit Lagos, Nigeria for a very long time. I am happy to share that I recently visited Lagos, Nigeria to explore opportunities that may be available for Lawgistics Legal Consultants. A legal consultancy that I run based in Johannesburg.

Also, I had to keep a promise I made to myself and very publicly in my last post on What To Do When You Hit A Wall. 

Nothing can replace hard work, commitment, and sacrifice in order to be successful but I want to explore other practical measures I took to make my Lagos dream come true so that you also can Cheat The Hustle.

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Here are 5 effective ways to Cheat the Hustle:

1. Network

In May 2018 I had a coffee meeting with Moyo, she was visiting Johannesburg for her brother’s graduation and a mutual friend put us in touch.  She is a content creator and PR genius that is based in Lagos and we spoke about all the ways I could expand my brand.

Moyo also invited me to the Flourish Africa conference that was happening in July 2018. I previously did not know anyone in Lagos, but after 1 coffee meeting and a loose invite to Lagos, I started planning and a few weeks later I was on the ground.

Meeting Moyo helped me Cheat The Hustle because I now had a contact and she organized several meetings for me in Lagos with people in positions I could barely imagine connecting with.

The Flourish Africa conference is the brainchild of Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija, who needs no further introduction and by virtue of the one person in my network, I was able to personally meet Mrs. Alakija and even appear on Channels TV station.

Build your networks to help you Cheat The Hustle and this is a 2-way street, you also have to be willing to help others in their feat to Cheat The Hustle.

Being part of the She Leads Africa community is a killer way to Cheat The Hustle because you get access to a great network of women and events around you.

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2. Partnership


When I did my research on accommodation in Lagos, the places I would have liked to stay at were out of my price range so I decided to approach South African brands that have a presence in Nigeria. The first on my list was Tsogo Sun which owns Southern Sun Ikoyi and I asked them for sponsored accommodation – to my shock and pleasure they said yes!

Working with a big partner can give you leverage so that you don’t have to hustle too much to make your dreams come true. The key is that you show them value! When you send that cold email to make your ask, study what they do and how it can tie in your message.

Brands want to work with someone that shows them Value (by understanding their value), someone who can create Visibility for their brand (this doesn’t necessarily mean you have 100k followers on Instagram but that when you tell your 1000 followers something they engage) and someone with an authentic Voice!

The value I showed to Southern Sun Ikoyi, with the help of Moyo, I was able to secure a spot on Bella Naija to invite entrepreneurs to a Cheat The Hustle Brunch. I created visibility.

I also had several meetings which I shared online to showcase the venue as Southern Sun Ikoyi has private meeting rooms that can be used for presentations, meetings, small book launches, etc.

During my time in Lagos, I had a radio interview with Tunji Andrews on Nigerian Info FM. We spoke about ways in which entrepreneurs can Cheat The Hustle because entrepreneurship is not just a passion-  for me, it’s my lifestyle so I use for voice to speak on it!

How can you put these 3 V’s in place for you to partner with a big brand?

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3. Being Organised

My new saying is “What you don’t have in intelligence, make up for in being organized.” If you are organized and plan well, it can make look really smart.

I learned the hard way that the yellow fever vaccine must be taken 10 days before you travel. Fortunately for me, I got my shot the day before my trip. It could have been easy to blame my travel agent or other friends who travel to West Africa for not telling me earlier- but this could have been avoided by a simple Google search.

You cannot Cheat The Hustle with a helter-skelter mentality. I am still learning this one because I suffer severely from procrastination, general disarray and doing things “on the fly”.

Being organized may not sound sexy because its so basic- but the results of an organized life are very attractive!

4. Mentorship


I swear by mentorship and currently have 3 mentors who have been fundamental to help me Cheat The Hustle. Mentorship can be so misunderstood and this affects its impact. If done right, your mentors can help you see opportunities and overcome obstacles. Mentors serve in the space of the tension between  “running a business for the present and building a business for the future.”

I recently read a great article by Dr. Ola Brown, who I met at the Flourish Africa conference, where she talks about the difference between a mentor and political godfather. She also highlighted something to me- that I can help my mentors! They are human too, and still, have their own goals they want to accomplish. However, I may be able to serve as the plug for them!

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Cheat The Hustle Brunch with Founder of FabWoman @mis_mercee

5. Hustle

In order to Cheat The Hustle, you have to hustle. What I mean by “Hustle” is – show up, commit, sacrifice, pray, believe, serve, work, pitch. Hand out those business cards and take the risks. It will be hard to Cheat The Hustle if there is no Hustle coming from you.

In February 2018 I wanted to come to Lagos but I didn’t want to pay for my air ticket. I tried to hustle by emailing every airline that flies from Johannesburg to Lagos but I was not successful.

When the opportunity came around again, I put my money up and bought my ticket on Kenyan Airways. I invested something and all the other elements came together to help me Cheat The Hustle.

In some Shark Tank and Dragons Den episodes, investors want to know how much personal funds entrepreneurs have invested in the business. This comes before they give a cent of their money. You must have skin in the game!

Ps: I absolutely loved flying Kenyan Airways, can we shout out to #AfricanExcellence! It reminded me of flying Turkish Airways, except everyone was black 🙂 I loved it! From October, Kenyan Airways will be flying non stop from Nairobi to New York. And I am here for it!

Let’s give our hard-earned coins to our African businesses as they also Cheat The Hustle!

Have you have been able to Cheat The Hustle? Click here to share your insight and experiences with us.

Nnanke Essien: The Visibility Expert

Nnanke Essien is a visibility strategist and business transformation coach. She helps individuals with awesome ideas, products and services to get seen and found by their ideal clients.

She does this using a 5 step visibility building process to build an effective and efficient visibility roadmap. Nnanke believes that the path to success is littered with awesome but poorly marketed ideas, hence her mandate is to support businesses find this sure pathway.

She is a John Maxwell Certified coach, a HR professional and a visibility builder round the clock. She has been supporting start-ups and businesses since 2007 even through college.

Why is it important to stay visible?

If nobody knows you exist, nobody will buy from you. It’s really that simple, you must always find a way for your ideal clients to remember that you exist. We call it top of mind awareness. In other words, if at any point your client has a need, your brand name should be top of mind.

How can brands stay visible despite strong competition on social media? 

Truthfully, social media isn’t going anywhere and the earlier business owners understand this and take ownership the better for brands. Firstly, to stay visible, brands must adhere to a stellar mindset.

Beyond this, brands need clarity on why they are in the business. This is in terms of the business mission, vision, values, identifying their business playing field (niche), their core message and their brand positioning on the value chain.

Brands also need clarity on their ideal clients. Who are the people whose lives and businesses will be transformed by virtue of the fact that this business exists?

Understanding the client’s exact needs, desires, challenges, what they need to transform, lifestyle, spending power and motivation is key to business visibility success.Finally, brands can also stay visible by authenticating their authority in the market. Having consistent, attractive and meaningful bio’s on their social media platforms can contribute to this. Their bio must contain relevant information on who the brand is.

Also, nurturing communities i.e groups, leveraging on content and becoming an information reservoir for clients can be a great way of authenticating authority. In all of these, consistency and building revenue generating models, systems, processes and assets are key to success and visibility.

What are your top three tips for business owners to incorporate into their brands?

  1. Have a consistent brand voice and visual appeal that is easy for people to spot and recognize.
  2. Focus on building relationships using KLT (Know, Like and Trust) techniques like live videos, Instagram stories, guest appearances et al.
  3. Leverage on content that your ideal clients need.

How can women balance putting themselves out there while not appearing too forward?

Woman know what you want. Don’t do things out of compulsion or pressure. The woman you buy shoes from didn’t shy away from her calling, the woman who sells human hair didn’t shy away from her calling.
Recognize your hustle. Validate it! Look for a group of persons or coaches and mentors who can help you identify your hustle, find your sweet spot, stay there, flaunt it and own it.

What do you wish more entrepreneurs knew about today’s changing marketplace?

I wish they would spend more time actually researching than copying and wasting endless time doing idle and non-income generating activities. Behaviors are changing. The spending power of your ideal clients is changing. Algorithms on all the social platforms you are using are changing.

What is the next step for you in 2018?

I want to have intentional positioning. This will include focussing on my visibility cure show and collaborating with industry veterans.

Handling “many eggs” in one basket: How to manage the hustle

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You have a great full-time job but because of passion and interests, there are many other eggs in your hustle basket. It’s becoming a struggle to be on top of your game in your different work zones and this is a huge pain point for you.

How the can you be more effective and ace each hustle?

Proper planning

So you’re a lawyer by day but also run online bi-weekly legal training sessions for your Facebook community? Or you’re a bank employee during the week and an event planner during the weekends?

You need to plan ahead. What are the things you need to achieve per week or per month in each work zone? How can activities be spread across to enable you to perform them efficiently?

For instance, you may need to take out a day to plan weekly/monthly activities. You will also draw out a schedule of when to perform specific tasks and follow through. A good plan is a foundation for work effectiveness.

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Time management

It’s one thing to have a plan and it is another to follow through. Yes, you need to follow through otherwise you’d keep going round in circles. This means deliberate scheduling of planned activities and allocation of timelines.

Most times, we waste time on activities that do not in any way help towards our big picture. This makes our other work zones suffer. So you get on Instagram looking at lovely pictures, fashion statements and couple goals when you are supposed to be writing a book, 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour? Wehdone ma, when do you think you’d finish that book?

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You need to start prioritising. Of course, you can take part in other activities but it shouldn’t be at the expense of your A-game.


By now, you must have realised that you cannot do all. Either because you do not have enough time or you do not have enough expertise in certain areas. You can achieve this by employing interns or entering a partnership with another business.

I can hear someone say, “but that would cost money”. Well, it may not always be free but could cost you something which is not necessarily money. Once you’ve identified the areas you need to delegate or outsource, then you need to get creative with payment options.

What then can you offer the person rendering you a service? If you are an accountant, you could offer to manage their books. If you’re the lawyer offering online legal sessions, you can offer legal training to the Facebook or Whatsapp community of the expert you are delegating to. The idea is to get creative in delivering value because trust me, you need help and you may not have all the money to pay.

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You should automate certain tasks. It makes things faster and saves you much needed time. For instance, you need to upload content on various social media platforms.

Instead of going from one to the other, get an app that helps you reach all at the same time. Or you work in a bank but bake for your clients too and you still want to be mixing your dough manually?

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Dear Motherland Mogul, you do not have time for that, invest in the right equipment. Please automate certain tasks so that it can increase your efficiency in other areas. Remember, asides work you still have other areas of life where your attention is needed: religion, relationship, social impact.

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Adequate rest

You also need to rest and engage in leisure activities. If you do not have good health or you are not well rested, there is no way that you can focus and act efficiently on the job. You need to be deliberate about your health and wellbeing. Eat well, rest well, have fun and when it’s time to work, go make us proud.

We are here cheering you on!


Spicing up your hustle if your passion has grown cold

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A lot us have moments in our career/business where there just seems to be no inspiration Click To Tweet

Let’s be honest, you have probably hit a moment in your hustle where you think; If only I could just live in my bed for the rest of my life.

Well, rest assured you are in good company, because of a lot us have a moment in our career, business or social project where there just seems to be no inspiration. Well, if you happen to be going through that, here are some tips that might help

1. Take a break

tired at work gifIts most likely that the work you are currently doing has either become so routine or overwhelming that you have not had a moment to step back and evaluate or just break from your labour.

It is absolutely necessary to take some time off. If you can manage it, email and phone less to refocus on the priorities of the work you do and gain well needed energy to do it better.

When constantly engaged in the small details of how you work, you miss the opportunity to step back and have a bird’s eye approach to give you a sense of clarity and purpose to what you do.

If you can’t manage a vacation, try to allocate some time to doing less engaging activities “after hustle hours” to re-energize and recuperate so you can apply yourself better tomorrow.

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2. Get some online inspiration

Other than watching Solange’s videos on repeat, there are amazing videos that can help bring some passion into your life. There are avenues like TED talks from amazing African people doing incredible work.

Since you might not be able to attend an expensive conference or have the time for it, the internet offers many lit resources too when looking for exceptional people to learn from.

3. Hang with the squad

Having a solid established friendship circle on dial can really help when you are having a rough time. You do not need to talk about the issues you might be having, however it helps to be in a more relaxed environment and focus of the lack of passion you might be feeling.

bande_des_filles dancing gifMeeting people who might be passionate about other activities around you could ignite it in you and leave you feeling inspired. Even if you don’t leave feeling woke, you had an awesome time out and a good laugh which always helps.

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4. Volunteer

No, its not about your CV. Looking for causes that you truly care about help you remove attention from the grind. These causes are always passion initiators. Humans do well when we feel we are contributing to our community.

It might not be necessarily anything monumental, however causes related to your area of expertise or interest can push you to think outside of yourself and needs and focus on others. This will bring a new found purpose to anything you do —even the mundane job.

Volunteering can also help you gain new skills to break the routine of your daily work.

5. Talk about your passion

Focusing on the things that excite versus the things that don’t, helps you move attention from the negative vibes. Falling into the trap of constant complaints won’t help break the wall you might be facing.

uzo-aduba-born-ready gifTry to think about the things that thrill you. Doing this may inspire you to find ways to do those things; like reaching a new income target or getting new clients. You’ll likely to see the silver lining more than everything else that makes you feel uninterested.

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6. Take up a class

Most of the time we look for hardcore courses, however that probably don’t bring the motivation you might be looking for it. It will also look a lot like your current job. I challenge you to do something that might not benefit you in terms of the work you are involved in, like a dance/zumba or a language class.

If you really can’t help it because you are a boss lady, go for a leadership course or communications class, something that will open up your mind and bring some diversity into your routine. These will help get you into the right kind of mindset for the work you are doing plus you get to meet new people and learn a new thing. Challenge yourself to do new things.

So next time, don’t let the lack of passion get you down, you have many great avenues to start it going again. Keep on SLAying!

5 tips to make the most of a slow day at work

When the big conference is over or the quarterly sales report is in, then comes the slow day. Everyone in today’s workplace has moments of downtime every now and then —as you probably do if you’re reading this. But forget #NetflixAndChill, it’s time to #HustleAndChill.

Even if you’re excelling at your job, now isn’t the time to rest on your laurels. Use these slow days as opportunities for self-improvement by checking in on your goals rather than your Facebook or Instagram.

Here are a few tips for what to do when you find yourself with a few extra hours on your hands:

Plan ahead

You know how your boss lovingly exclaims, “What would I do without you?”

Make sure he or she is prepared for the unexpected sick day or your departure for a new position by drafting a detailed list of your daily, weekly, and monthly activities to ensure that your successor will be well equipped to follow in your footsteps.

Image result for gifs beyonce plan ahead

It’ll also help you avoid forgetting the little things like sending a check for a vendor or drafting invitations to an annual event.

It’s never too early to start on hand-over notes —it’s easier to remember what you’re doing while you’re doing it rather than racking your brain as you’re headed out the door.

(You’ll also earn brownie points from your boss that will help you maintain a good relationship even after you’re gone).


As the saying goes, “good things come to those who hustle.”

Got your eye on a raise or promotion? Take this slow period as an opportunity to learn a new skill or hone a weak one. If you increase your value to your company, your employer will be more likely to reward your efforts. Sign up for a webinar, listen to a podcast, or take an online class from sites like Coursera, Skillshare, or edX.

Image result for beyonce gif if i was a boy

Interested in shifting to another role? Visit other departments and learn about their work. Even if your colleagues only need help with menial tasks, they’ll appreciate the favor (and be more likely to return it when you’re in a crunch).


To maximize your time when things are busy, set yourself up for success by organizing your paperwork.

Organize your online and offline space by saving those client emails that you took hours to draft, filing feedback on projects that you can reference during your next feedback session, and making sure your work space is tidy.

A clear space leads to a clear mind.


Having a good reputation in your field is part performance, part visibility. According to the Harvard Business Review, “workers are happiest in their jobs when they have friendships with co-workers.”Image result for gifs beyonce plan ahead


Take advantage of your free time, and follow up with other industry professionals as well as current and former colleagues. It’s an opportunity to build trust and camaraderie at work, but also learn more about what’s going on at your company and in your industry.

Grab lunch or coffee or simply spend time acknowledging the contributions of those around you with a handwritten note —old-fashioned gestures are always appreciated.


In today’s competitive global economy, people are being paid more to think than to manufacture. So along with your A-game, it’s time to bring your imagination to work if you’re gunning for that promotion.

After all, Archimedes had his “eureka” moment in the bathtub, Newton developed the theory of gravity while lounging in his mother’s garden, and J.K. Rowling came up with Harry Potter while staring out a train window.

Image result for gifs beyonce plan ahead


Now, imagine if those people had been new deep in the drudgery of paperwork or catching up on email.

Studies show that daydreaming indicates an active mind more open to creative breakthroughs. Creativity is about thinking outside the box, so put away the phone, turn off the monitor, and let your mind wander.

You might just come up with the next game changer.