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Let’s be honest, you have probably hit a moment in your hustle where you think; If only I could just live in my bed for the rest of my life.

Well, rest assured you are in good company, because of a lot us have a moment in our career, business or social project where there just seems to be no inspiration. Well, if you happen to be going through that, here are some tips that might help

1. Take a break

tired at work gifIts most likely that the work you are currently doing has either become so routine or overwhelming that you have not had a moment to step back and evaluate or just break from your labour.

It is absolutely necessary to take some time off. If you can manage it, email and phone less to refocus on the priorities of the work you do and gain well needed energy to do it better.

When constantly engaged in the small details of how you work, you miss the opportunity to step back and have a bird’s eye approach to give you a sense of clarity and purpose to what you do.

If you can’t manage a vacation, try to allocate some time to doing less engaging activities “after hustle hours” to re-energize and recuperate so you can apply yourself better tomorrow.

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2. Get some online inspiration

Other than watching Solange’s videos on repeat, there are amazing videos that can help bring some passion into your life. There are avenues like TED talks from amazing African people doing incredible work.

Since you might not be able to attend an expensive conference or have the time for it, the internet offers many lit resources too when looking for exceptional people to learn from.

3. Hang with the squad

Having a solid established friendship circle on dial can really help when you are having a rough time. You do not need to talk about the issues you might be having, however it helps to be in a more relaxed environment and focus of the lack of passion you might be feeling.

bande_des_filles dancing gifMeeting people who might be passionate about other activities around you could ignite it in you and leave you feeling inspired. Even if you don’t leave feeling woke, you had an awesome time out and a good laugh which always helps.

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4. Volunteer

No, its not about your CV. Looking for causes that you truly care about help you remove attention from the grind. These causes are always passion initiators. Humans do well when we feel we are contributing to our community.

It might not be necessarily anything monumental, however causes related to your area of expertise or interest can push you to think outside of yourself and needs and focus on others. This will bring a new found purpose to anything you do —even the mundane job.

Volunteering can also help you gain new skills to break the routine of your daily work.

5. Talk about your passion

Focusing on the things that excite versus the things that don’t, helps you move attention from the negative vibes. Falling into the trap of constant complaints won’t help break the wall you might be facing.

uzo-aduba-born-ready gifTry to think about the things that thrill you. Doing this may inspire you to find ways to do those things; like reaching a new income target or getting new clients. You’ll likely to see the silver lining more than everything else that makes you feel uninterested.

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6. Take up a class

Most of the time we look for hardcore courses, however that probably don’t bring the motivation you might be looking for it. It will also look a lot like your current job. I challenge you to do something that might not benefit you in terms of the work you are involved in, like a dance/zumba or a language class.

If you really can’t help it because you are a boss lady, go for a leadership course or communications class, something that will open up your mind and bring some diversity into your routine. These will help get you into the right kind of mindset for the work you are doing plus you get to meet new people and learn a new thing. Challenge yourself to do new things.

So next time, don’t let the lack of passion get you down, you have many great avenues to start it going again. Keep on SLAying!

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