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SLAYing your productivity from the inside out

In a world flooded with so much negativity here, it’s high time we realized that in order for us not to become like lost balls in the high weeds, we have to maintain certain personal standards and values to keep afloat. Yes! It is true that teamwork will always create room for a deeper level […]


For as long as we’ve known, politics has been viewed as ‘a big boys thing’ and not for women. Well, guess what world? It’s time to take a step back because ladies wanna play too! From leading political organisations to being at the centre of political movements across the continent, women are increasingly taking charge of […]


44 African leaders made history in Kigali, Rwanda on 21 March 2018, when they signed up for the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA). The agreement will create one of the world’s largest free trade areas – a single market for goods and services for a population of over 1.2 million people – if all […]

4 helpful tips from Angela Ochello in ‘The Governor’

helpful tips

There’s just something incredibly beautiful about undertakings that require us to literally break our own glass ceiling. So many women are told to forget about venturing into active politics. And the appeal of this sector, especially in Africa has been generally zilch. At least this can be spiced up in our imaginations. EbonyLife TV’s series […]

“Your natural hair makes you look unkempt”

natural hair

In case you haven’t heard, something amazing happened in South Africa. Just recently, the pupils of Pretoria Girls High protested over subliminal racist rules at the school. Apparently, the school basically told these young girls that their natural hair and Afros make their uniform look “unkempt”. In a world where black women and girls continue […]

Will Nigeria’s president ever be a woman?

There is this palpable level of excitement all around the world as we all watch in to see if the USA will have its first woman president. This got me thinking about my country, Nigeria. What will it take for Nigeria to get to that stage? When will our president be a woman? Hold off […]

5 ways to start building your political career


Today more women are taking charge and running the show in different capacities as businesswomen, captains of industries, CEOs, academics, and professionals. Yasss! Salute to all the Motherland Moguls making it happen. For the longest time, politics all around the world has been referred to as the big boys’ game. Well, hold the door fellas […]