4 helpful tips from Angela Ochello in ‘The Governor’

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There’s just something incredibly beautiful about undertakings that require us to literally break our own glass ceiling. So many women are told to forget about venturing into active politics. And the appeal of this sector, especially in Africa has been generally zilch.

At least this can be spiced up in our imaginations. EbonyLife TV’s series The Governor follows the ups and downs of Angela Ochello the Governor of Savannah state.

We don’t know about you but for us, The Governor is particularly inspiring. We’ve learned a lot about decking out our own spaces, whether in politics, business, career or whatever it is we do. Here’s what else we’re learning from The Governor.

Dress the part

The 42-year-old Governor has a signature style that’s all her own, one that features a pixie haircut, classic and figure-flattering dresses and yes, dark lipstick. Equal parts sweet and no-nonsense.

It’s a look that says any woman can easily be the boss and still look effortlessly sassy, no matter her age. And it’s no surprise that we love it!

Age like a pro!

We’re a little, okay very, excited about the revelation that Angela is 42! She looks so fabulous. Yeah, we know there’s the popular argument that good genes are responsible.

Still Motherland Moguls, you can be a busy smart woman and still look this good. The days of looking raggedy in the name of being ambitious are behind us. Armed with the right information and care, you too can age like a pro.

Multitasking…our turf

It will surprise you to know that highly successful women like the Governor of Savannah state, also run successful homes.

Applying multitasking skills to your business or job actually works. Imagine that in addition to a hectic career or business, most African women still do school runs, cook, clean and get other life errands done. If that’s not superwoman-ish, I wonder what is!

Politics actually looks good on women

Any woman who can endure the brutalities of politics deserves our respect. If you’re unsure over your plans to join politics, Angela Ochello makes it look like it’s not such a big deal.

Real life hasn’t yet determined if more women, especially of African descent can safely attain lofty political heights. Still, we think women should go for it. It’s possible, ladies!

You can watch the series on Thursdays at 9pm WAT on EbonyLife TV (DSTV Channel 165).

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