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7 power tools every Motherland Mogul needs in her purse to SLAY 2019

What is in your purse? Every day we see Motherland Moguls go about their bizness in stylish purses and handbags. However, no matter how pretty the bag looks or what the label says, the content of a woman’s purse is a sum of how she takes charge of her day. The content of a woman’s […]

Three hacks to help you beat procrastination

[bctt tweet=”Serial procrastinator? You’ll need these 3 hacks to help you out when procrastination hits” via=”no”] We’ve all had those days. Ones where we just can’t seem to get our fingers moving on our keyboards or can’t find the words for that e-mail. Here are three hacks to helping you save time when procrastination hits. […]

How you can use your Samsung phone to reach your goals faster

Procrastination got you down? Can’t stop scrolling 30 weeks back on your friend’s brother’s University friend’s girlfriend’s Instagram profile? Know every single pose Beyonce has done during pregnancy? Have you seen every single comedy skit on every single Nigerian comedy page and now you’re looking for new countries to laugh at? If this is you, […]