Three hacks to help you beat procrastination

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We’ve all had those days. Ones where we just can’t seem to get our fingers moving on our keyboards or can’t find the words for that e-mail.

Here are three hacks to helping you save time when procrastination hits.

tumblr_inline_mr2ursk2Ls1qz4rgpgif1. Create keyboard shortcuts

Spent all morning procrastinating? Save time by creating shortcuts when texting on your Samsung phone. Use a text snippet expander like the TextExpander custom keyboard to reduce time when sending those bulk e-mails.

What’s the tick? Set up shorthand to stand in for a longer text. For example, if you text “eml” your full personal email address would appear. Always signing off with the same sentences? Cut out all that time by setting up a snippet.

2. Scanning business cards and receipts

Make up for the time spent procrastinating by scanning your business cards, instead of manually inputting them into your Samsung phone.

Save the time you spend cleaning out those nasty receipts from the bottom of your purse and the time you would spend scanning and filing them. ScanBizCards is an app from the Galaxy Apps store that lets you scan business cards on the spot.

3. Download work-related podcasts

That procrastination time might as well be well spent. If you’re not going to type that e-mail, then you might as well be retaining some skills to keep you in the hustle.

Use your off time to listen to business-related podcasts. Take your time to listen to a few and then pick your favourite; listen to it while you’re scrolling through Instagram or taking that 3:00pm snack break.

We recommend the 500 Startups podcast; it’s filled with stories and lessons from entrepreneurs who have made that side hustle their full time hustle.

Keep these three tricks in hand to make up for yesterday’s binge watch of Big Little Lies.


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