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Big Company Strategies for Start-ups/Small Businesses to adapt

Running a small business has its pros and cons, the same as running a large corporation. Large corporations may have endless resources to implement and execute elaborate and detailed strategies as they have hundreds of great minds constantly devising new ways to grow their business. Whereas in a small company, you have to keep overheads […]

9 Business Lessons from My First Year of Business

Like many people, I was faced with the dilemma of deciding whether or not I needed to attend business school to start my business as I had no experience. However, I finally decided to be brave and start my business without any experience. In my one year since starting, I have learned the following lessons. […]

5 Work-Life Balance Tips For New Entrepreneurs

You know that popular quote that says that the first year of business for any entrepreneur particularly a solopreneur is usually the hardest? Well, nothing can be further from the truth. What they also didn’t tell you is that in that first year, in order to get things rolling, you might lose yourself to your […]

5 tips on how to handle difficult clients as a startup business owner

As someone in the business of cloth making and operating a business which is barely a year old, I have had to deal with some clients who are the human versions of ‘bitter pills’. If I did not absolutely love my business, I would have closed shop the first time a client made me cry. […]

Are children the enemies of progress?

[bctt tweet=”How do you balance the priorities of having a child and building an empire? ” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Being a woman is one of the greatest privileges I feel I have been given in this life. We are all aware of the history of oppression that women have suffered in the past and the many women […]

Lessons from Chenesai: How to be authentic organic entrepreneur


[bctt tweet=”Entrepreneurship is not just an activity, it is a lifestyle committed to the development of the dream” via=”no”] Being a successful female entrepreneur in Africa’s current economic and cultural context is an arduous journey. Calling organic entrepreneurship impossible Despite being a marginalised group, women entrepreneurs in Africa have great potential to positively impact the […]

Public Relations vs. Advertising

[bctt tweet=”In PR, The “public” is anyone who ever has/will form an opinion about the client” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] What is Public Relations? Public Relations is a strategic communication process that builds and manages mutually beneficial relationships between Organizations and the Public. The “public” is anyone who ever has or ever will form an opinion about the […]

Master the art of the side hustle in school

[bctt tweet=”If you are an active person in school you probably have 2-3 things going on at the same time” via=”no”] In university, it becomes important to effectively balance the primary purpose of being on campus (school) with every (and I mean every) other activity you have going on. From my first year in school, […]

13 questions to ask before starting a business

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[bctt tweet=”Do I need a business plan? and other common business questions answered by @BiznessVirgins” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Q&A time! There’s no perfect way to start a business, the key is to arm yourself with the right knowledge and set the ball rolling. And to help you set the ball rolling, we’ve answered 13 questions we’ve come […]