How to plan your finances and investments – The Worksheet

What would you like your income statement to look like?

We don’t need to tell you to stop spending and start saving, you already know that. Whenever you go an a spending spree, you’ll definitely feel a pang of purchasing remorse, and even feel much worse when your bank statement arrives at the end of the month.

 You don’t necessarily need a banker to help you manage your expenses, it is impossible to save and invest, if you don’t have the surplus to save and invest.

So how do you create capacity,  manage your obligations, and achieve your financial goals?

This worksheet will inform you of your funding needs and help you reach your investment goals.

Topics this guide will cover:

  • Identifying your investment goals
  • Financial questions every woman asks themselves
  • Personal income statement

With the aid of this worksheet generated from our  webinar with Samke on managing your personal finance and investments you’ll be able to identify your financial inflows and outflows and also strategize towards planning your finances.

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