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When it comes to keeping it real, Adelle Onyango is the true definition of just that. A successful radio personality, a poet, an actress, a social activist and all round advocate for youth and women empowerment, this young Kenyan is a woman of many talents but manages to remain her true self despite the fame.

Adelle’s humble yet infectious nature has millions tuned in everyday and she has used this platform to give a voice to the voiceless, initiating projects targeting the youth who she believes have the power to change the world.

Get a glimpse of life according to Adelle Onyango in the interview below, conducted by SLA contributor, Diana Odero.

Why did you decide to join radio? Was it always something you wanted to do?

I guess it was subconsciously. I’d record myself speaking over my sister’s cassettes. I studied journalism but my concentration was public relations.

I really though that’s what I wanted to do but since day 1 of being on radio, I think I’ve found my home.

In light of your new position as host of the Breakfast Show on Kiss FM Nairobi, how did you prepare for such an important yet challenging role? What lessons can you share with us on taking risks?

Well I didn’t know I was preparing for it, but all my days in radio have prepared me for this.

Even the challenges I thought were unnecessary have proved necessary now. I think we should all strive to live our best lives and take each opportunity that lands on your path. Because that’s how you learn and that’s how you grow.

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As a radio presenter and social media influencer, you have made your name into a full blown brand – #TeamAdelle. How do you keep your audience engaged and ensure the growth of your brand?

This is going to sound cliché but honestly I keep it REAL. There’s no real formula to being you. You just BE YOU.

I meet up with members of team Adelle and we even have leaders and various departments. I’m passionate about the youth and getting them to work with each other in changing the world and so I try and work with them towards that.

What does team Adelle have to look forward to in the coming new year?

Intimate mentorship sessions and a brilliant fashion collaboration that I’m so excited about!

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You recently launched the ProjectSHE campaign. Can you tell us about it and what inspired you to start this movement?

I wanted to share stories of conquests. So many times, we get stuck in an abyss of negativity thinking the issues we’re battling are unique to us. But when you hear that someone faced the same issue and overcame it –it’s inspiring!

So, my team and I gathered stories of conquests from Kenya, France, Australia, South Africa and shared them with the world online.

Your journey to where you are now has not been a walk in the park but you have managed to come out stronger and better. How do you find strength to face difficult days and/or overcome difficult situations?

After losing my mother, I am very aware of how fleeting life is. So, everyday I just want to live life to the fullest but also live my best life. That motivates me.

What has been the proudest moment of your career?

Honestly, I do not think I’ve achieved half of what I want to achieve in life. When that happens I will have a proudest moment. Until then, I’ll keep mastering my craft.

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What are 3 things about you that most people wouldn’t know?

  1. I’m extremely shy –quite the introvert really.
  2. I love baking.
  3. My fave pastime ever is reading and analyzing poetry. A little strange but that’s me!

Lastly, what mantra do you live by?

Live your best life.

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