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I’m  inspired by a girl who goes by the name, Hyjiah Mariam Conde, as young as she is, she has  learnt the art of self love. She was bullied in school for her ethnic background, skin color & unique body image, but instead she decided to do empower herself.  

Hyjiah started her own nonprofit organization called SuperGirlzland. The purpose was for Hyjiah to be the voice to all the girls who have been emotionally and mentally bruised by being bullied. I had the opportunity to interview Hyjiah and this is what she had to share.


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Hyjiah you are an inspiration, you have been bold enough to stand up and be the voice of the youth. Is there anything you are afraid of?

Thank you so much for your kind words. I would have to say the only thing that I’m afraid of would be GOD, as I feel that’s the only one I need to fear.
Hyjiah Mariam Conde

Is there a reason you chose South Africa in particular, to kick start your charity?

I actually kick started my charity in the USA where I’m from and expanded to South Africa and now West Africa, Guinea. I chose South Africa because I have a few connections there who are a part of my charity. Most importantly, I noticed that girls there were not allowing their confidence to shine through.

So Hyjiah you are all about making other girls happy and special. What makes you happy?

What makes me happy is being of service to others through my charity work. Seeing others filled with joy makes me happy.

I saw an interview of you and you were talking about how you have become popular. How has that popularity changed you as a person?

I don’t really see myself as popular. As a leader I believe that popularity isn’t important.  Leadership and being compassionate are very important. I never changed. I’m the same person from 4 years ago when I started my vision.

Can you share with us how far you are with the other interests you want to pursue like choreography, singing and maybe writing.

I’m still working on recording my single which I wrote with my big brother. My dancing I do that mainly on the weekends. I love to dance it helps me to express myself. As for my writing I love to write. My book is set to launch  soon and I’m already working on book number two.

Do you have a plan in place of how you are going to achieve all your goals?

My plan is to take it step- by- step. I keep notes on what’s next for me. So much of what I want to do is stored in my brain, so I have to keep notes of it all and GOD will help me achieve it all.

I am just stunned! Honestly, with all these activities going on you are also an Ambassador and a member of a couple of groups. How do you manage your  time?

I prioritize really well, so I never burn myself out.  I love staying busy, I’m very energetic and love to participate in so many things.  I do take time for myself because I am still a kid. My mother, who is my manager, helps me prioritize things.
Hyjiah Mariam Conde

Can you give a brief pitch to potential sponsors telling them why they should assist Supergirlz Land.

Low self-esteem is not given enough attention. It’s a disease like any other sickness, which needs direct attention & support. Low self-esteem can be caused by bullying, poverty and lack of education; which at times result in suicide. Help me help them as we help one another to save our young girls, one at a time.

Fun question! Would you rather be able to whisper or only able to shout? Pick one.

I want to shout so that the whole world may hear my vision and voice!

Have you overcome a low self esteem? Share with us how you did it.

If you’d like to share your story with She Leads Africa, let us know more about you and your story here.


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