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TV Role Models Every Motherland Mogul Needs

T.V. has become more than a pastime after work, recently shows have moved from solely entertaining to also providing commentary on key social issues. Shows that are brave enough to address race, gender, family and relationship issues have sparked conversation that we so need in today’s society. Women are leading more t.v. shows, especially women of […]

Hyjiah Mariam Conde: Low self-esteem is not given enough attention

I’m  inspired by a girl who goes by the name, Hyjiah Mariam Conde, as young as she is, she has  learnt the art of self love. She was bullied in school for her ethnic background, skin color & unique body image, but instead she decided to do empower herself.   Hyjiah started her own nonprofit […]

Flo Awolaja: Don’t take your talent for granted

Flo Awolaja

[bctt tweet=”Flo Awolaja represents a lot of things in one, as a writer, poet, and photographer” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Growing up in a household rich in colour, born to parents of Nigerian heritage and a culture that inspired her artistic talents, it’s no surprise that Flo Awolaja grew to become an incredible burst of creativity. Flo is […]

Webinar with Tafadzwa Bete-Sasa: Creating routines to maximize productivity (July 4)

[bctt tweet=”Sign up for this webinar with @taffybete and learn how to get more done in less time (July 4th)” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Where is your time really going? Time they say is money! But it’s also one mysterious thing that can creep up on you, and pass you without your noticing.  As a Motherland Mogul who […]

Webinar with Ehime Akindele: Expanding your business and sustaining growth (Apr 22)

As an entrepreneur, having the funding and knowledge you need to get your business rolling is one thing, surviving the fierce competition and unpredictable economy is another. But as a true #MotherlandMogul, when the going gets good, you know it’s time to expand. Now what’s your game plan? Relax, we gon’ show you the way. […]

Jennifer Onwumere: I never take on any project just for the money!

[bctt tweet=”The most fulfilling aspect has been the dynamic nature of entrepreneurship” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] A vibrant and exceptionally hardworking public relations expert, Nigerian-American, Jennifer Onwumere, is the brainchild behind the Dallas, Texas, based Jen-gerbread Marketing. A young woman who painstakingly proves that the business hustle starts and ends with hard work, Jennifer is graciously African, proudly […]

Chinonye Akunne: My purpose is to help people and save lives

Chinonye Akunne

[bctt tweet=”Chinonye Akunne had unknowingly been practicing the craft of making products for years” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Chinonye Akunne is a Nigerian, born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. In partnership with her sister, Chinonye owns personal care company ILERA Apothecary. The company utilizes mostly organic materials, educates on health with relation to the skin and focuses on […]