The easiest way to improve your life: Positive thinking

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Picture it: Monday morning. You sit in traffic for 45 minutes just to go 10 miles. You pass your  work place as you head to a parking lot which is 5 blocks south of your office block because the usual lot  is full. As you pull up, you glance at the clock and you are now 3 minutes late; despite waking up early and leaving your house 10 minutes ahead of schedule.

As you walk out your heel gets stuck and as you try to save the Jimmy Choo, the heel breaks. On your walk into work, you’re reminded that the country you live in just elected a cartoon character to be its next president (I live in the U.S., if you couldn’t tell). You walk into work, someone looks at you and allows the door to slam in your face. As if that was not enough for one morning,  you get to your desk and your co-worker calls you by the wrong name.

Now, as your irritation increases, you need to sit yourself down and breath it all out. Then you fix your attitude because someone didn’t have the opportunity to see this same Monday, although it just tried to steal your shine. Positivity is something so simple, yet overlooked when it comes to our lives. In The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho  the author writes, “…when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Imagine after you didn’t receive the promotion you wanted or life went unplanned, you were able to move forward because you kept a positive outlook. There’s a reason why countless essays and books have been written about it, an entire field of study  is dedicated to it, and the most successful figures in history swear by it. So why don’t you?


These 5 simple steps will upgrade you from basic to a positive thinking boss in no time.


There is truth in the Science of Smiling. Research has shown that by simply forcing yourself to smile naturally increases happiness.

Any time you are getting in a bad mood, immediately work up a smile; even if it’s forced. If you look in the mirror at how ridiculous you look faking a smile, chances are you’ll laugh at yourself and boost endorphins. It’s a win, win!


Choose a mantra

Everyone needs a go-to statement on deck to fight off bad vibes. Once you’ve decided what works best for you, write it down and make it visible. Write out your personal mantra in lipstick on your mirror so you can start your day off right.

I personally have a reminder set every day on my phone to love others. Mantras can be simple or extremely detailed, as long as it’s positive you’ll be good to go.

Everyone needs an all time statement to fight off bad vibes, use yours to remain positive Click To Tweet

Give back

When I was in college, just like  other students in their twenties, I went back and forth with feelings of depression. Therefore, to get out of my funk I started volunteering at The Homeless Children’s Playtime Project. Once a week, I went to a women and children’s shelter and played with babies while their mothers took classes.

It was one of the best experiences of my life and it instantly lifted my spirits. There is always  someone that could use your help in the world, someone who will need you to be their voice so get to lookin’!

Count your blessings

Every night before you go to sleep, identify and list all the amazing things that  you have to be thankful for. When you wake up, read that list.

Keep in mind that you always have something to be positive about. Simply taking your next breath is plenty to be thankful for. It’s those little things we think we have a right to that we should be grateful for.


Eliminate negative people from your life

You know that ‘friend’ who doesn’t clap when you win? The one that always has someone to talk about? That friend who leaves you feeling emotionally drained after hanging out with her? It’s time for her to go.

As harsh as it sounds, NO negative energy is better for your life. It’s unhealthy and counteractive for you and your new positive lifestyle.


About Noelle Bailey

Noelle Bailey is a Los Angeles native and Howard University graduate with a degree in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Electronic Studio. What’s that mean? I love asking questions, telling you about it, and making it look nice at the end.

When I'm not working I love to blog, film, and edit my YouTube series. My favourite subject to document is YOU! Yes, you! I love understanding what motivates people, what discourages them and everything in between.

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