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Khumo Kgwaadira is an entrepreneur, radio presenter, a sought-after host, fashion designer and #MotherlandMogul in Botswana. Having studied IT in Malaysia, she still managed to dominate the entertainment industry working for Radio Botswana under the RB2.

Khumo has been a television presenter on various television shows. She also runs a community organization called WHO AM I which is helping young individuals self-actualize and realize their true potential.

What would you say led you to radio and entertainment?

It is something that has always been in my heart. As a little girl I used to love watching television and imitating presenters as they did their job. I would always tell my parents and sisters that one day I would be a superstar…they thought I was kidding.

As for radio, it’s a thought that came to mind while I was in college. When I have an idea I write it down and revisit all my ideas time and again but funny enough the radio idea, I put it on social media. I updated my twitter profile in college and wrote: student, upcoming radio presenter. I don’t know why I did but that was the beginning of my journey.

Can you tell us more about your brand as a radio host and what challenges you faced?

I work at RB2 FM and have worked there since October 2013. I currently host the breakfast show called Breakfast n’ Bold with T.H.A.B.O Weekdays 6-9 a.m. On Fridays, I read the 3pm news bulletin and on Saturday I host the TOP40 with Zandile Bawe.

Radio is one of the highlights of my life and working for a national radio station truly is a blessing. I have learnt to connect to a wide listenership of different cultures, races and backgrounds. I have learnt to grow up funny enough, to be mature, to invest in my craft through reading, and to be better every single day. Also, I have had to overcome not letting the noise from outside shift my focus.

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What four skills have you found yourself using/learning frequently since starting in the business?

  1. Patience: I am the least patient person in the world I must confess but working with a team has helped me understand that not everyone is like me. More than that not everything or everyone will work as hard as I do so I leaned into being enduring with the people around me.
  2. Focus: I believe this is the greatest weapon everyone should have. Sometimes I fall, I rise up , fall and rise up again, I am learning every day to focus on what is important. This entertainment industry is unkind, complicated and harsh…focus is what has gotten me through.
  3. Hard work: I don’t sleep. I see the need to put in work and take advantage of my position in the industry because in the next 3 years there will someone better and more relevant in the industry.
  4. Commitment: I have learnt this early on in college, to stay committed to my work because I know for sure at the end of the day I will be reaping the rewards of the work I put in.

What challenges have you faced working in a male-dominated industry and also being on television?

Unfortunately, people take you for granted thinking you cannot deliver, that is the nature of the game.

I have had to constantly prove myself that I can actually deliver. That has been and still is one of the challenges I face.


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You expanded recently to clothing with Faddic, what inspired that and what do you hope to achieve?

My love for fashion started in college after I was exposed to the Asian fashion scene. The lifestyle in Asia is completely different from what we see in Botswana. I was especially drawn to Malaysia which is so diverse and the fusion of different cultures sparked my interest.

I am one person who is always interested in knowing more, I gravitated towards fashion and being chic. I said to myself that one day when I am a powerhouse I would have my own fashion label and it would really be cool to have people wear “ME”.. and I didn’t want do it alone. I waited for the right time and One Motlhabane was the right person to work with together and our collaboration is black girl magic MISSGEEKAYSxFADDIC.

We hope to change the fashion industry in Africa and take it by storm.

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What led you to start WHO AM I and what do you want to accomplish through it?

This came from a tough place. A place of pain.. a place of self-doubt. It got to a point and a time in my life where I felt there was no reason to live. The stigma and insecurity was overwhelming.

One evening in 2011 I wrote a proposal down and titled it WHO AM I and prayed about. I asked God to guide me and help me launch a powerful movement that will tackle issues of “self”. In 2015 we launched and now WHO AM I is changing the lives of many in a positive way. I’m thrilled to be part of that movement.

How would you advice someone who looks up to you?

Love and believe in yourself a little bit more.

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Do you have any regrets?

I don’t believe in regrets …instead what I draw from that is my biggest achievement, living my dream. Everything I am doing now is what I have always wanted to do since I was young.

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