4 easy steps to maintaining a positive attitude in the workplace

Emotional intelligence just like any skill can be learned and mastered. Negative attitudes, just like talent only develops when it is in use.

Ever heard the saying “practice makes perfect”? That goes without saying when it comes to maintaining a positive attitude in the workplace.

You worked endlessly on a project with your supervisor and the only feedback you receive from the same supervisor during the review was that “you should have put in more effort”.

Finding yourself in those shoes and sometimes losing it, feels like a right response at that moment. The last thing you need in your career path is to be associated with the “baby” who is not ready to climb a corporate ladder.

The following guidelines will assist you to slay it like a pro when you are tempted to lose it.

1. Acknowledge to address

The only good thing about the loss of emotional control is the fact that, it does not go unnoticed firstly by you. Secondly and negatively by everyone around you and once expressed cannot be taken back.

The worse thing you can do is ignore it, just like a balloon being inflated it grows bigger and bigger until it explodes. Although study associate women having hippocampus and a deeper limbic system bigger than men, which allows them to express emotions in detail than men.

That being said, when it happens do not beat yourself about it just acknowledge it. In this predicament something wonderful is that “women might be better prepared to physically react to negative stimuli than males” says Milnik.

That makes women better managers.

2. Excuse yourself

Walking away from the situation does not make one a coward, although society had taught us the opposite. Furthermore, postponing dealing with something does not mean avoiding it. When the edge to say or act according to the way you are actually feeling kicks in.

It is best to draw away from the situation strategically by suggesting a way out. That can be achieved by saying “how about we consider this aspect at a certain time?

3. Reaction time

Often the saying “I can’t deal with this right now” is associated with being rude but it is a technique used to buy time. Time is one of the most important factors and everyone needs it to maintain a positive attitude.

In order to effectively analyze all options and come up with an appropriate conclusion. Reacting at the very same moment might cause you to respond without considering all the facts.


4. Manage

“It is much more preferred to work with an unqualified person with a positive attitude rather than a qualified individual who lacks it, “says one manager. The are various ways which can be used to manage it which have been proven to work.

Different techniques work for different people, you just need to find the one that works for you and your circumstance. Amongst the many techniques available such as counting, breathing and walking.

Listening attentively to distinguish all sound and their connection without any thought is my personal favorite.


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Rosinah Mehala works as a Project Coordinator and is currently pursuing her honours degree with the University of South Africa in Environmental Monitoring and Modelling. Freelance writer and radio presenter. Actively involved in empowering youth through academic and career guidance. Passionate about baking, nature and travelling and strongly believe that “life is what you make it to be”.

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