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I have had some weird conversations and some downright crazy ones but the ones that strike me the most are business conversations. Be it my business or other’s. I have heard people say, “They are selling a packaged lie”, about an amazing idea. I just  smile and concur but deep inside I just say to myself, “You can’t fool me”  The drive behind that talk is usually just pure surprise that you managed to pull that one off.

Now here are some reasons you shouldn’t let haters or literally anyone talk smack about your gig and why you should be damn proud of what you do.

tumblr_lh98203yv71qesepao1_5001. It is YOUR idea.

Whether it’s an original idea or a modification of an already existing one. It is YOUR idea. You probably sat down for hours or days building on that initial eureka or tinkering out a solution to a problem. This is your brainchild! I have had sleepless nights restructuring an idea and I spend days, zoning out, calculating, researching, trying to find the problem to which I have the solution.

Motherland Moguls with start up businesses know this phase. It’s the Eureka phase. Even when you drew the idea from something already existing; you spent so much time turning it this way and that way, doubting the whole thing, coming back to it and doing it all over again.

Frankly even before you invest a dime into it, you have invested your brain power. That costs a lot. This alone is more than enough reason for you to take a step back and appreciate what you have built with your hands and your mind.

2. So they call it packaging…

Honey, so you know it’s called BRANDING! When people accuse you of overpricing your goods or ‘feeling’ yourself just smile and say; “This is a brand and we are unlimited”… Or say something polite but true.

Every business man or woman knows that what sells is your packaging. So if competitors   criticise your packaging, don’t worry. As long as your customers love it, you are on the right track. Don’t be afraid to do things your way.  Your product/service just has to be worth it and your brand has to be attractive. Let your packaging sell something awesome that people will fall in love with .

3. You took the step

Give yourself a pat on the back love.

A lot of people would have been successful today if they weren’t too scared to take the first step. You did. That fear of potential losses, bad reaction from target market, lack of support or funds or whatever issues you had, you still took the risk and you conquered. That alone is good enough reason for you to be proud of yourself. Ain’t nobody gonna tell you otherwise.

And when you look back (hopefully, your business is doing good. Amen), you will probably laugh at all the hysterical and hilarious moves you pulled at the beginning! You did good.

kenya-yas4. You are still there

And not going anywhere. Yea? So what we broke even this month or didn’t even get to? We are going forward. Take a huge gulp of coffee and pedal on. Honey you are already on the bike, a lot of people haven’t even climbed on and some have stepped off. Yet you are there, pedalling, eating up miles and going forward.

Each day brings a new challenge and for the record you’re not just surviving. No ways, girl you are thriving! Going strong. Look up at your name in gold letters. Be proud of you.

5. Attitude? What is that?

I only speak BOSSlese (the Boss Lady Language). I laugh when people want to smear strong, hard working Motherland Moguls out there by saying they have “attitude”. Frankly,  they are scared you are getting too big, and they  can’t get to the level you are going to. they want you earth bound like them so they throw shade! Let it go baby! Dust it off.

Check yourself, then go on. Your slayage watt should pop every time you check it. A lot of people will try to put you down when they see you climbing up, doing things and breaking grounds. Turn that shade to BOSSlese, why? Because you are the boss and nothing is changing that!

This is my go to mindset. I am proud of what I do. I have my hands in so many pies. I strive each day to get my brand right. So even when it is not going as planned, hold your head up, be proud of what you have achieved so far. Bask in the euphoria of your success.

“I am a Motherland Mogul , and I am damn proud”.

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