What #MotherlandMoguls can learn from the Rio Olympics

cameroon rio olympics opening ceremony

The Olympics this year had us glued to our seats, rooting for our countries and supporting our favorites for gold. You can’t deny the emotions and sheer excitement that came about this Olympic season. They had us distracted from our everyday hustle!

If you’ve been following, you’ll know that there are some awe-inspiring stuff we can pick up from the recently ended Olympics.

Do you!

From Ibtihaj Muhmmed winning a medal in a hijab, to China’s Fu Yuanhui being candid about her menstrual cycle, it’s pretty clear that women aren’t really conforming to a set standard of doing things. Sometimes we get caught trying to fit in to a mold about what we can do or say.

Women in #Rio2016 proved and shattering so many stereotypes and boundaries. They unified even in competition and showed strong bonds of sisterhood.

So forget trying to be like someone else, own your hustle in your own way and people will definitely notice.kudos_to_you

You are never too old or too young to kick butt!

What was really amazing to me was seeing that age is no limit to passion, determination and just being on fleek. Uzbekistani gymnast Oksana Chusovitina, is 41 years old and wowed us with her gutsy performances. Meanwhile, Simone Biles the 19 year old gymnast, was snatching edges and gold medals dominating the Olympics and winning hearts.

Both women show that you have absolutely no reason put a limit to achieving your goals.

simon bilesSometimes we get caught up looking at the impossibilities, but when you start looking past them and pushing for your goals, you unlock your ability to start slaying.

Be different

Seriously, you don’t have to fit in. If the Egypt vs Germany beach volleyball game taught me one thing, it’s that you don’t have to do the same thing the same way.

Cookie cutter solutions in business or your career will not always work for you. You have to find something that is unique and that will ultimately help you grow your craft and dominate the grind.

Shaunae Miller’s controversial dive for the 400 meter race shows that you won’t always win the usual way. Having out of the box ideas to accomplish your goals and targets is necessary to get you that gold.tumblr_oasczrGmBz1r0bhwho1_400

There might be times that it will be risky and you do have to look at the cost, but the payoff might also worth it.

So, start thinking about those opportunities that might set you apart, look beyond the difficulties, and be your awesome self while at it!

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