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There is no career without challenges, regardless of who you are.  The only difference between a career that glows; radiating success at all ends and a career that blows; experiencing failures back- to- back, is the intensity of ‘fuel’ used for both the latter and the former.  Here, the ‘fuel’ needed is the passion, the zeal and the will to either glow or blow.

slay-passionIt takes more!

It’s not enough to only have dreams and visions for your career, it’s pertinent to also have a driving force which will lead you to those goals in the long run. In other words, It’s not enough to know what you want to do, you’ve got to know what makes you do what you do because this is what will keep you going when the heat gets hotter.

According to Chika Akinwale, founder of Cambridge Leadership Academy, “A vision is fueled by a deep desire or conviction within”. This is where passion comes in.


Passion keeps you going…

The fact is, challenges will come at every stage of one’s career, but, the truth is that, you have the power to either be burned by the heat or go through that heat and come out refined.

Going through the heat is definitely not an easy task in any career; this is why you need to be constantly fueled by passion. The awesome truth about it is that it is not static. It drives you to thrive, even in stagnant times.

Passion is like a stronghold, when the heat burns at whatever stage in your career, you will gradually rise above the ashes of your fears.


…the language of go-getters

Look through the tunnel of time past, you’ll see stories of great men and women who failed countless times in their various careers, yet, in the long run; they became world champions.

These achievers were definitely not of the same age, race or gender; they only spoke a common language; the language of passion. The fact is, they failed at one point or the other. But, the beautiful truth is that, they went through the heat from the kiln and came out stronger, with well baked triumphs!


The big picture

Here’s the big picture: the same heat that makes gold out of a career; can fold that same career. People go through the same challenges and come out with different results. The big question here is: what makes the difference?

Passion!The difference between those who come out with solid results and others who are left with melted goals.

It takes passion to not just keep holding on, but to keep taking positive steps inspite of the heat, until you get your desired results.


It’s all on you!

Despite popular belief, the main hindrance to career success is not necessarily financial setbacks or a lack of resources. The main hindrance is you. ‘The you’ with little or no passion for what you do.

The driving force to your career goals can be achieved efficaciously when your ‘fuel tank’ is filled with passion. This will only come effortlessly when you love what you do. When you love what you do, failure won’t be an option. Your passion will keep your eyes on what lies beyond the heat.


Your passion may not prevent challenges, but it won’t let challenges stop you either.

Even with passion, you’ll still ‘sweat’ (that’s why challenges can be synonymous with ‘heat’). It’s high time we understood that without passion, one will definitely be discouraged when the heat in any career starts to burn.

You need not be afraid of challenges, only be alarmed when you have a dwindling passion. With passion, you may fall on your face, but you will have the energy to keep rising.

At the end of it all, the choice is yours!  To either glow or blow, to either be refined or burnt; but, always remember, beyond the heat lies a stronger, more fulfilled and refined you!

How do you keep the passion burning in your career?

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