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Anyone who knows even a little about Dyslexia knows the journey isn’t without certain challenges but Sade Salami overcame it and excelled in her studies.  The Media Arts, Music & Sound Recording graduate and Founder, Fresh Strawberry Management is committed to taking control of her own destiny.  Fresh Strawberry, an events company has worked with reputable names in the media, fashion and entertainment industries.

We caught up with a brave and passionate Sade to get the scoop on some invaluable business advice, her mentoring activities, other projects and plans for the future.

Leaving home with no plan or money at the age of 16 is a brave choice, how did you survive?

It definitely wasn’t easy and was a major challenge, so I had to take it one day at a time.

Back then making sure my basic needs (such as food and shelter) were taken care of, was my main and sometimes my only concern.

As I got older, I survived by setting goals and planning. This kept me ready and focused at all time.

What’s the secret behind Fresh Strawberry’s growth?

I would say knowing when to adapt and move in our market and being consistently good, has been a major key to Fresh Strawberry’s growth. Trying to beat one’s personal best, is also another factor in our growth. We always push ourselves to do the best we can.

Another contributing factor to our growth, would be that we have had good people working in our team over the years, people who buy into the vision and who have drive. I don’t think we could have done it all without them.

I’ll also add that it’s very important to be prepared. Opportunity happens all the time, however the difference in being successful and not, is being prepared and knowing how and when to maneuver in all situations.


Tell us about Status London, why did you decide to venture into reality TV?

Status London came to fruition from a conversation I had with my younger brother. We noticed that there are not many UK-based reality shows, which focus on black people. I also felt it was important to tell a different story, as to what is already out there and to show the range of personalities in our community.

I’ll also be honest in saying that reality TV is a guilty pleasure of mine. So I wanted to see if this is something my production team could do, if so let’s do it.

As a mentor, what are four things you look for in young people before mentoring them?

The first thing would be see if they are willing to help themselves, you have to have self motivation.

Secondly all my mentee have been curious about life, and have a strong passion for finding their place in the world.

All of my mentees have also been open to trying different things.

And lastly a positive attitude is a must, if they can teach me something too I also appreciate that. It not just about me showing or advising them, as I like to learn too.


What other steps will you take to inspire the next generation and change the negative perception of black people in the media?

Keep doing what I do, as I can’t say right now what’s my next steps are.

I’m passionate about black people in the media, so I believe my products and businesses will always be in line with trying to change the negative, singular stereotypes and narratives that currently exist of black people.

What can we expect from Fresh Strawberry and Sade in the next year?

For Fresh Strawberry, you can expect expansion.

We know there will be huge growth within the company and with regards to our presence within the events industry.

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