Cynthia Jones: From Banker to Baker

Cynthia Jones born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. She worked as a banker at some of the most reputable banks in Zimbabwe, some of which are Banc Abc and Nedbank, until she found her passion in 2006, which is baking.

She never took qualifications in baking or culinary art, rather, she studied Marketing at the University of South Africa. Cynthia is a mother of 2 boys, and she holds 2 awards with Megafest Business Awards held in Zimbabwe.

In this article, she shares her experience switching careers and learning to manage a diverse team.

How you did manage to switch careers?

It was hard moving from full-time employment as it meant without fail I had to succeed or my family wouldn’t eat.

I started off with part-time baking after work and weekends, and because I love baking, I wanted to do give my all, and I gave myself 5 years to make it work and if it didn’t I would go back to full-time employment.

It’s 6 years to the day I left employment and I am happy I did. Now I do what I am passionate about and get paid for it too. I bake for all occasions and have also started teaching baking as well and specialize in cake art.

What are the Dos and Donts’ of transitioning

To do: 

  • Do what you are passionate about and give it your all.
  • Do a SWAT analysis of the business you want to do first.

I knew baking was for me because it calms me. I can wake up a 3 am and still enjoy doing what I do

Not to do:

  • Don’t just jump into a business because it worked for someone else
  • Don’t expect someone to do it for you. You have to be there 24/7 for the business to work. Not just delegating.

How did your prior work experience help in building your brand?

My experience as an employee helped me understand and appreciate the team that I have. Also, working in a bank was definitely an advantage as it has helped me understand my business and be able to manage and multi-task.

I am where I am because of the experience I got from there.

How have you managed to work with diverse teams?

I have grown up in a diverse community learning with people from all walks of life so it has been easy for me to deal with diverse culture.

My husband is Welsh (England). Which made me appreciate people from all over which helps me to able to deal with my clients and their cultural differences by doing so they appreciate my efforts.

Having worked in different sectors and finally finding passion in baking, what are your major tips to managing a diverse team?

Managing a diverse team is all about understanding the unique attributes that individuals respectively possess.

It is about taking note and recognizing contributions made by different people and understanding the different backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs, once a leader understands this, the work environment becomes conducive.

Here are some steps you can take to managing a diverse team: 

1. Make sure that your employees feel valued and included in planning which in turn leads to more contributions from them.

2. Getting to know each of your employees as an individual. Recognize each person’s unique talents and abilities.

3. Communicate with each employee and always giving back feedback.

4. Treat each of your employees fairly and equally.

5. Make sure that each person is participating equally on the team.

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Remi Owadokun: Before you write a book, determine what success means to you

Remi Owadokun is a Certified Health Coach, Life Coach and Founder of the Total Makeover Program. The Total Makeover Program is a lifestyle brand dedicated to equipping individuals to live healthy, happy and better lives.

She has written not just one, but four bestsellers. In this interview with SLA, she shares her experience as a best selling author.

 What made you decide to write a book? 

 Well, I was indecisive. I was not sure anyone really wanted to read my story. In fact, I felt it was too ordinary and way too familiar but I had gotten a few requests from people who were interested in reading my book if I wrote it and so I started writing and stopped in chapter 3 or 4.
I had never written a book and wasn’t sure what I was I doing. My mentor found out about my book and he served as an accountability partner until it was completed.
I was not thinking of the bestseller status at all at the time, just writing the book and holding it in my hand was such a big deal that I did not realize that they were much bigger things to aspire to.
So, once I published my hard copy, I put up a new goal. I wanted it to be a bestseller.
That your book is an Amazon bestseller does not necessarily mean that your book is a good book. It - @remiowadokun Click To Tweet

As a 4 time best selling author,  how did you feel when your books achieved bestseller status? 

The first time was a very huge deal for me as I held best-seller status for about a week. On Amazon, bestsellers are announced on an hourly basis.

The highest number of downloads made per hour determines who is a bestseller. So for me to have this for almost a week was massive.

I had set a high standard for myself, I couldn’t go below my first book. If the first book became a bestseller, all my books would be so and that determined how I approached the entire process.

How has this benefited your brand and business?

I would say for my brand, it gives a nice ring to it when I say I have 4 best selling books. It has also helped position myself as a Thought Leader on the topics I have written about.

When I get invited to speak or participate in a panel, the audience is more willing to listen, and the organizers are more open to inviting me on their platforms.

Can you share some tips on how intending authors can make their books attain Bestseller status?

That your book is an Amazon bestseller does not necessarily mean that your book is a good book. It just means that people bought or downloaded the book on Amazon.

It doesn’t even mean that people read it. So I would implore that you invest the time to put out very good work, do your research and put your heart in whatever you are doing.

Build a community of people who love your work and be consistent in giving value.

If you don’t want to end up with boxes of books in storage, it is important that people are hungry for your book even before you decide to put it out.

So share, share and share until they can’t wait for you to write a book they can buy and read.

Find your authentic self and be true to it - @remiowadokun Click To Tweet

What would you say are the general worries of potential authors and how can they scale these hurdles as they attempt to write their own books?

 Everyone is different and so everyone has different brands of fear, so it is hard to call it one thing. It might be the fear that no one will buy the book, that no one will read it, that people will question your work, that people from your past might see it, that it might be a failure, that it might be a success.
It could be anything. My recommendations would be to pass the thoughts through the lenses of critical thinking.
Determine why you want to write the book and what success in that area means to you. For some people, they just want to complete a writing project, not necessarily put it out.
For some people, it is to get it into the hands of people without profit attached, for some they want to become famous or make money. So determine your why and let that guide your process, strategy.
When it comes to writing, no one really puts their best works at first, so don’t wait for it to feel perfect, even if it feels so in a few years you will look back and wonder who wrote it.

Who are your favorite authors?

Paulo Coelho, he is a remarkable storyteller and I love storytelling. Chimamanda Adichie is also a great storyteller and I love her style of writing.

Where do you see your work in the coming years?

I see my work developing into other expressions of art like plays, films, cartoons etc.

Final words for young African women in business and career

Find your authentic self and be true to it.

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Nnanke Essien: The Visibility Expert

Nnanke Essien is a visibility strategist and business transformation coach. She helps individuals with awesome ideas, products and services to get seen and found by their ideal clients.

She does this using a 5 step visibility building process to build an effective and efficient visibility roadmap. Nnanke believes that the path to success is littered with awesome but poorly marketed ideas, hence her mandate is to support businesses find this sure pathway.

She is a John Maxwell Certified coach, a HR professional and a visibility builder round the clock. She has been supporting start-ups and businesses since 2007 even through college.

Why is it important to stay visible?

If nobody knows you exist, nobody will buy from you. It’s really that simple, you must always find a way for your ideal clients to remember that you exist. We call it top of mind awareness. In other words, if at any point your client has a need, your brand name should be top of mind.

How can brands stay visible despite strong competition on social media? 

Truthfully, social media isn’t going anywhere and the earlier business owners understand this and take ownership the better for brands. Firstly, to stay visible, brands must adhere to a stellar mindset.

Beyond this, brands need clarity on why they are in the business. This is in terms of the business mission, vision, values, identifying their business playing field (niche), their core message and their brand positioning on the value chain.

Brands also need clarity on their ideal clients. Who are the people whose lives and businesses will be transformed by virtue of the fact that this business exists?

Understanding the client’s exact needs, desires, challenges, what they need to transform, lifestyle, spending power and motivation is key to business visibility success.Finally, brands can also stay visible by authenticating their authority in the market. Having consistent, attractive and meaningful bio’s on their social media platforms can contribute to this. Their bio must contain relevant information on who the brand is.

Also, nurturing communities i.e groups, leveraging on content and becoming an information reservoir for clients can be a great way of authenticating authority. In all of these, consistency and building revenue generating models, systems, processes and assets are key to success and visibility.

What are your top three tips for business owners to incorporate into their brands?

  1. Have a consistent brand voice and visual appeal that is easy for people to spot and recognize.
  2. Focus on building relationships using KLT (Know, Like and Trust) techniques like live videos, Instagram stories, guest appearances et al.
  3. Leverage on content that your ideal clients need.

How can women balance putting themselves out there while not appearing too forward?

Woman know what you want. Don’t do things out of compulsion or pressure. The woman you buy shoes from didn’t shy away from her calling, the woman who sells human hair didn’t shy away from her calling.
Recognize your hustle. Validate it! Look for a group of persons or coaches and mentors who can help you identify your hustle, find your sweet spot, stay there, flaunt it and own it.

What do you wish more entrepreneurs knew about today’s changing marketplace?

I wish they would spend more time actually researching than copying and wasting endless time doing idle and non-income generating activities. Behaviors are changing. The spending power of your ideal clients is changing. Algorithms on all the social platforms you are using are changing.

What is the next step for you in 2018?

I want to have intentional positioning. This will include focussing on my visibility cure show and collaborating with industry veterans.

Twitter Chat with Shade Ladipo: How consistent career development helped me become a better leader (Aug. 9)

In case you missed this Twitter chat, see the oh- so-good moments below!

Have you ever thought of starting a management company and growing it into a profitable business? Or becoming that Motherland Mogul in management with a six digit salary?

If you think it, act on it!

As young African women, you need to equip yourselves, plan for your future, and prepare to scale up that ladder of success, even when you’re starting from the bottom.

Join us on Wednesday, Aug. 9th for a Twitter chat with travel/media entrepreneur & the country director for WEConnect International  – Shade Ladipo, as she enlightens young African women interested in management, on how consistent career development has helped her grow and become a better leader.

Shade who founded a destination management company from nothing at age 25, believes that education and career development is the most important driving force for every aspiring Motherland Mogul.

Follow She Leads Africa on twitter and use the hashtag #SLAChats to ask your questions and participate in the discussion.

Topics that we’ll cover:

  • Why women in management need education and career development
  • Gender bias, feminism and gender roles in today’s society
  • 5 reasons why consistent career development is critical to leadership

Twitter chat details

  • Date:  Wednesday 9th August
  • Time: 12 pm NYC // 5 pm Lagos // 6 pm Joburg
  • Location: Follow She Leads Africa on twitter and use the hashtag #SLAChats

Here are some moments from the chat:


About Shade

Shade Ladipo is the Executive Director of WEConnect International  , a travel and media entrepreneur and a social activist.

At the age of 25, Shade founded Avienti Limited – a Destination Management company with three offices in Nigeria. She has also worked with the United Nations Volunteers Nigeria and several advertising agencies where she specialized in event management, account management, and client services and strategy.

Shade has been recognized by several platforms for her work as a change agent and businesswoman. She has been nominated for the Future Awards Africa Awards, chosen as 101 Young Achievers at the African Business Forum in Accra Ghana in 2008, and selected as a Goldman Sachs fellow.

Shade regularly appears on radio programs and at live events to talk about everything she is passionate about, including leading a successful business in Nigeria.

Lorraine Maphala Phiri: A brand for every woman who understands the importance of quality over quantity

We do more than just sell hair we educate our clients on the different types of hair Click To Tweet

Born 33 years ago, Lorraine Maphala Phiri has been nominated Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 at the Megafest Business Awards Southern Region. The former model is certainly making a mark in the business sector. Lorraine proves that she is a beauty with brains as she has established herself and booming business well.

Lorraine has exhibited exceptional modelling prowess both locally and internationally, distinguishing herself with a unique versatility that has seen her excel during the early stages of her career.  SLA contributor Neo Cheda got to chat with her, however,  about her career and her business venture: Real Hair By Lorraine.

Tell us about your modeling career, winning Miss Zimbabwe and going on to represent the country in Miss World.

Representing my country at Miss World had always been my dream. Since high school, I always had a desire to speak and be heard. Coming from a dusty suburb of Nketa 6 it was a dream I never imagined would come true.

Winning Miss  Zimbabwe 2005 was a life changing moment for me as it opened doors I never thought I could go through. It was fulfilling and rewarding and proved to be a great platform for me to establish my career and brand.

Tell us about your business, what product or service you provide and who your target audience is.

Since the end of my reign, I have been busy growing Lorraine as a brand. Real Hair by Lorraine (RHL) is a proudly Zimbabwean brand specializing in 100% human hair i.e. Indian hair, Mongolian hair lace wigs, and all things hair. Real Hair by Lorraine Studio was then birthed after the hair brand when I realized the gap in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe for a professional upmarket hair salon.

We offer beauty services as well, nails and mail art. Our target market is every woman who desires to look beautiful, feel beautiful and be treated like the Queen they are. It’s a brand for every woman who understands the importance of quality over quantity. We don’t just sell hair it’s a lifestyle.

Women have also shown us great support and at the moment we have one branch in Bulawayo and an online shop which helps us supply hair products to customers in Europe, Harare and South Africa. We are different from most people in the hair business because we do more than just sell the hair but we educate our clients on the different types of hair and how to take care of it.”

Please tell us what being a business owner means to you and why you became an entrepreneur in the first place?

Being a business owner for me means a lot of sacrifices, being able to change people’s lives through your work and empowering families by providing jobs. The fear of poverty and being ordinary inspired me to be an entrepreneur.

I became an entrepreneur because I love starting something totally new and seeing it come to life. I love challenging myself and I have always been a dreamer a big dreamer. From a young age I always knew that I would end up a businesswoman, I just didn’t know what kind of business I would venture into.

The fear of poverty and being ordinary inspired me to be an entrepreneur - Lorraine Maphala Phiri Click To Tweet

How do you achieve work-life balance?

It’s an art and I’m still learning. However, having a strong support system at home makes it a lot easier and with my ability to prioritize, everything just falls into place.

What or who has been your greatest influence in business and why? How did you get where you are today, and who/what helped you along the way?

My husband’s work ethic has been my greatest influence  in my business, however, I have always aspired to be a business woman to be reckoned with. I would never be where I am today without the sacrifice of my parents who continued to pick me up even when my businesses hit rock bottom. Their encouragement and faith in my dreams

Their encouragement and faith in my dreams are what has kept me going.  I am still work in progress I have not arrived yet lol. Maybe next time we speak I will be Dr. Lorraine.

What would you say is your greatest professional accomplishment to date?

Being founder and MD of Real Hair By Lorraine Studio.

What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass on to our readers?

Start where you are with what you have, the best time to start is now.

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Webinar with Wild Fusion: How to grow your business with digital marketing (Apr.11)

Are you wondering why your business is not getting the online attention it deserves? Or why Facebook and Instagram is not really working for you?

Hold up! Lets educate you a bit more on digital marketing!

 It has been proven by many successful businesses, that digital marketing is the way forward to boost and expand your business online. But what you need to know now is how to keep up its evolving and ever changing strategies.

Join us on Tuesday April 11th for a webinar with 2 professionals from Wild Fusion – Africa’s leading digital marketing agency, who have been in the digital marketing game for awhile. Agatha Emina – (General Manager) and Prashant Kirpalani – (Social Media Manager) of Wild Fusion, as they share with us fresh and unknown strategies of digital marketing every business owner must know of.

During this webinar, you’ll get direct answers from these professionals on any digital marketing related question you ask, so, you don’t want to miss it!

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Topics that we’ll cover:

  • Digital marketing for African start-ups
  • The top 4 mistakes you need to stop making on your business social media page
  • Strategies you can use to gain more customers without breaking your budget

Webinar details:

  • Date: Tuesday April. 11th, 2017
  • Time: 2pm Lagos // 3pm Johannesburg // 4pm Nairobi

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Watch this webinar:

About our experts:

Agatha Emina - wild fusion digital

Agatha Eminais an online enthusiast with over 7 years working experience in the digital industry from the client side and the agency side. She has worked as a Digital Strategist and Project Manager in the financial, e-business, online advertising and traditional advertising industries. With her strong understanding of digital marketing and project management skills, Agatha has executed award winning digital campaigns across various sectors including FMCG brands, Telecom, Finance and more. Some of her latest works includes taking Close Up and Knorr Nigeria online and enabling these brands succeed while increasing Returns on Marketing Spend.

Prashant Kirpalani

Prashant Kirpalani,  is a social media enthusiast who is certified in Google Analytics, Social Media and Digital Marketing. His work experience cuts across social media strategy, Google Analytics, Facebook and pay per click advertising, blogging, website management and forum management. He has a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering from the Maharashtra Institute of Technology where he created a social media network targeting students who wished to study abroad for his final year project.



Twitter Chat with Osayi Emokpae Lasisi: Finding Your Entrepreneurial passion as a new mom (Mar. 31)

Becoming a mother may be the most amazing experience ever. But that being said, what’s next for you? It’s about time you got your groove back and attain those future goals you’ve been dreaming of, by finding your entrepreneurial passion, and most importantly, making money from it.

Join us on Friday, Mar. 31st for a Twitter chat with money making mom and virtual summit queen, Osayi Emokpae Lasisi as we discuss ways young moms can find their entrepreneurial passion and be at the top of their game.

Osayi helps moms gain the knowledge and experience they need to start and build a successful business through her blog

Follow She Leads Africa on twitter and use the hashtag #SLAChats to ask your questions and participate in the discussion.

Topics that we’ll cover:

  • Finding your entrepreneurial passion
  • Monetizing your passion
  • Overcoming challenges
  • Figuring out work/life transitions

Twitter chat details

  • Date:  Friday 31st March
  • Time: 12pm Lagos// 1pm Joburg// 3pm Nairobi
  • Location: Follow She Leads Africa on twitter and use the hashtag #SLAChats

Help us spread the word:

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Twitter chat with Osayi (1)


About Osayi

Osayi is the Queen of Virtual Summits (online conferences). She is the convener of the MoneyMaking series of Virtual Summits, MoneyMaking Transition, MoneyMaking Book, and the MoneyMaking Blog Virtual Summit.

Her book is one of the best resources for those interested in creating their first virtual summit- “Your First Virtual Summit: Everything you need to know.” You can find out more about her and get her free resources.

Osayi is also the mommy of the most amazing Toddler, Princess.


Twitter Chat with Tania Omotayo: You, Your 9-5, Your Side Hustle & Your Brand (Dec. 8)

side hustle your brand

Balancing your day job and your side side hustle is never easy. It’s even harder when your 9-5 is with a budding company in the entertainment industry and your side hustle is a modeling career, among other things. Top that all off with aspirations to start your own company and build your personal brand and you’ve got one busy schedule. How do you keep track of it all and how do you get the skills to do so many separate things?

Join us Thursday Dec. 8th for a twitter chat with the one and only Tania Omotayo. She is making a name for herself across the entertainment, marketing and modeling world and she is about to reveal some news about a fashion business she has been working on for a year. Don’t just wait and watch! Learn from this Motherland Mogul that is moving and shaking across the Nigerian sector and beyond.

Follow She Leads Africa on twitter and use the hashtag #SLAChats to ask your questions and participate in the discussion.

Topics that we’ll cover:

  • Breaking into the entertainment or fashion industry
  • What does it mean to be a Creative Analyst
  • How to start your own business in entertainment, marketing, or fashion
  • Staying on top of everything

Twitter chat details

  • Date: Thursday Dec. 8, 2016
  • Time: 7am NYC // 1pm Lagos  // 3pm Nairobi
  • Location: Follow She Leads Africa on twitter and use the hashtag #SLAChats

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side hustle twitter chat

About Tania Omotayo

Tania Omotayo is a versatile young lady born in Lagos to Austrian and Nigerian parents. From age 14, she studied in the UK and America, and graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta with honours in advertising, before returning to Nigeria to start a career in Brand Management.

She has over 4 years’ experience working in branding and media companies that have managed and worked with some of Nigeria’s biggest profile entertainers and corporate clients including MTN, Pepsi, and Nigerian Breweries.

She also runs her own company, a branding and digital marketing consultancy for small and medium size enterprises. She is passionate about midwifing the growth of brands.

Tania’s formal career as a model started in 2014 when she was the face of a leading Nigerian fashion house Jewel By Lisa’s ‘Print Party’ campaign for online retailer Fashpa.

In 2015, Tania became the face of fashion designer Maju’s ‘Rinnovo’ collection. In 2016 she became the face of Last Shot recovery drink as well as the face of Nigeria’s prestigious designer eyewear storehouse ‘House of Lunnettes’.

In the same year, she made her debut on the runway, closing for bespoke designer Mai Atafo at the Lagos Fashion and Design Week.

Twitter Chat with Iman Mkwanazi: Building your brand while in school (Nov 10)

build your bran with iman

Your university years are an important time to lay the groundwork of your career and build your brand. Many people even choose to begin a side hustle while in school. This side hustle can become a full blown business or just work towards establishing your authority in a certain field.

While the idea of building a brand is great in theory, the practicalities of doing so can be daunting. We assure you it’s not too complicated. Building a brand consists of not acting a fool, and planning your moves. Whether you are looking to be a blogger, a model, an entrepreneur or simply be an authority in your field even before you receive your diploma, building your brand while in school  is essential to all your future endeavors.

Join us Thursday Nov. 10th for a twitter chat with South African entrepreneur, blogger & model, Iman Mwkwanazi. While studying for her BSc Honours, Iman was also hustling to co-found a construction company, build her modeling and blogging careers and establish herself as a creative director. Needless to say, it took lots of branding and planning ahead. She will be sharing her advice and processes for establishing her thriving brand while completing her studies.

Whether you are in school or not, this webinar is one you will not want to miss.

Some of the topics we’ll cover:

  • What it means to have a brand
  • Balancing school & your side hustle
  • Finding and networking with people in the right industry
  • Establishing your voice & authority early one
  • What to do when your studies and the industry you are going into don’t align

Webinar Details:

  • Date: Thursday November 10, 2016
  • Time: 7:00am New York City // 12:00pm Lagos // 1:00pm Johannesburg
  • Location: Follow She Leads Africa on twitter and use the hashtag #SLAChats

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build your brand

About Iman Mkwanazi

Iman Mkwanazi is a busy girl. As a Bsc Graduate, entrepreneur, blogger, model, creative director, influencer and speaker, she works with companies and brands to optimise their brand awareness through digital, content and social media marketing. She is also the co-founder of Mkweni Groundwork.

Mkweni Groundwork was founded two years ago and they are contractors for City Parks and Studio Six interior design. In the short time that the company has been around, it has been featured in Forbes Woman Africa and Iman and her partner Nene Mboweni  are Levi Pioneers Nation speakers.

Iman is also the Creative Director and contributor for online magazine; MadMash, which focuses on lifestyle, health, wealth and fashion. She most recently covered Africa Fashion Week for MadMash.

Iman has collaborated with various brands on an array of projects, including Puma, Spitz, and Styling for Mr. Price. Iman has also modeled for companies such as Edgars, Legit, Cell C, Adidas, Nike, Samsung and Foschini.


4 steps to building your brand online

This is 2016, you have all the information on your fingertips. You can use this to effectively brand yourself and ensure that you stand out from the crowd. There can only be one you. Here’s what you can do to build your own brand from scratch.

Step 1 – Google yourself

You meet a stranger, get information about a competitor, receive a random email from a potential business partner…what is the first thing you do? You Google them! Now think about it. If you are testing your private investigating skills on Google, chances are someone else is doing the same thing for you. They are out there Googling your name. This begs the question; what will they find? Does Google even know you exist?

Once you have decided to type your name in Google’s search bar and hit enter, what you find out about yourself will determine how you begin to either start building or reshaping your brand.

Step 2 – Overhaul your Online Presence

  • When was the last time you checked your privacy settings? Make sure that what you allow the public to see is really what you want them to see.
  • What about your inactive social media pages? Sometimes, we follow trends and open social media accounts which we end up not using at all. If you are not active and it does not serve your personal or professional goals, delete these accounts quickly.
  • You know those pictures that your friends took at that party in 2009? The ones that you don’t want anyone to see? Where are they? Are they visible only to you and your besties or to the rest of us on Google? Remove any inappropriate photos or information that you don’t want attached to your professional image.
  • Have you been featured on any third party websites? Do those websites still represent your brand? Make sure that they reflect what your brand stands for. If not, consider asking them to get rid of those features or put up an update.

Step 3 – Your value proposition

Much like any service or product, you have to find out what you have to offer that is of unique value. This is your value proposition, to discover it ask yourself the following questions;

  • What makes you unique? What are your skills?
  • What pushes you to wake up in the morning?
  • What makes you better than the next person?
  • Who are you? What are your values? Are those values reflected in what the world sees?

The moment you find out who you are and what you want to achieve, you’ll know exactly how you want others to see you. This links back to the impression you want to leave on those who are checking you out on online.

Step 4 – Let Us Work

So, you have figured out what Google says about you, you have overhauled your online presence and you know what you have to offer. Now let’s get to work.

  • Which social media platforms do you have? Which ones are you going to use for personal and professional interests? Are you keeping up to date with what is happening in your industry and sharing it on your professional social media platforms?
  • Be consistent in your postings and in what you put out into the world. It’s easy to be consistent when your online presence is a reflection of who and what you are.
  • Live out your brand. Whether you are networking or in the way that you do business, embody your brand. Live it out in how you work and in how you present yourself. Your online presence should merely be an extension of your true self.

So? What are you waiting for? What have you got to lose? Try these steps and let us know when you’ve become a brand .