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Hello, millennials! You’ve probably received advice on how you can “build a more successful career” from a handful of people. However, very few people give a break down of how you can advance yourself, or what to do when you face a challenge, like when your boss is not paying you what you’re worth – sounds […]

The scramble to the top: 8 things overlooked in a fitness entrepreneur’s journey

[bctt tweet=”People have to see to believe that you are capable of transforming fitness goals into a physical reality” via=”no”] The hustle is real. Becoming a fitness entrepreneur may be one of the hardest career choices a person can make because of the required level of patience and discipline accorded to success in the fitness […]

Twitter Chat with Iman Mkwanazi: Building your brand while in school (Nov 10)

build your bran with iman

Your university years are an important time to lay the groundwork of your career and build your brand. Many people even choose to begin a side hustle while in school. This side hustle can become a full blown business or just work towards establishing your authority in a certain field. While the idea of building […]

How to tailor a career development plan to your personal development goals

In creating my own career development plan, I’ve realised the importance of aligning my career with personal development goals. Also, everyone should possess this skill. At the end of the day, we’re the masters of our own careers. We owe it to our future success to do this. Your company’s goals should align with yours Before […]

Three ways to build an awe-inspiring career

Within the past year, I have asked a number of young people in Nigeria about their career and the responses have been overwhelmingly similar; they hope to be successful at whatever they do. But beyond just being successful at what you do, leaving a legacy that stands the test of time in your chosen career […]