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T.V. has become more than a pastime after work, recently shows have moved from solely entertaining to also providing commentary on key social issues. Shows that are brave enough to address race, gender, family and relationship issues have sparked conversation that we so need in today’s society. Women are leading more t.v. shows, especially women of colour which is so important for representation. So here’s my list of  T.V Role Models who inspire me to be a flawsome, hardworking and yet still witty Motherland Mogul.


Oprah Winfrey, the Oprah Winfrey Show and her own television network HARPO


We all grew up watching Oprah. Seeing her ask the hard questions, share her story and watch her rise as one of the most powerful figures in television history. When in doubt, I always ask myself ‘What would Oprah do?’ If there is any inspirational figure to look up to, it’s her. She shows the power of determination, hardwork and most importantly not leaving anyone behind. Her dedication to telling the stories of the marginalized and giving back shows that no matter how high you rise, you don’t have to do it alone.


Gina Torres, Jessica Pearson in Suits


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Where do we even start: her impeccable dressing, her sharp one liners, or maybe the fact that Jessica was the managing partner of her own law firm. Her confidence is calm and elegant, with a sharp sting when she is tested. Feel inspired by her ability to always be calm even when things are unraveling and how she always manages to rise above the mess.


Tracee Ellis Ross, Rainbow Johnson in Blackish

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I consider Rainbow the coolest and funniest mom on t.v. Blackish is one of the most intelligent shows, that deals with the dynamics of race, politics and society, in a way that isn’t lecturing but, rather starting the necessary conversations. She balances her work and home life, showing us that sometimes doing things the unconventional way may at times be the best way.


Yvonne Orji, Molly in Insecure

Now listen up, Motherland Moguls, if you have not watched Insecure you will be disowned. My love for this show aside, Molly is one of characters on t.v who is career driven and won’t let her hard work go unrecognised. When her bosses fail to show appreciation for her abilities, she doesn’t sit in a corner complaining, but instead, shows initiative by taking up more responsibilities; and when that still even is not enough, she seeks to have her talents appreciated elsewhere.

She pushes her own career boundaries and so should you. Don’t be afraid to ask for that raise or promotion when you know you deserve it. It also doesn’t hurt to take on more tasks and various projects, as this indicates you are a team player. The biggest lesson we can learn from Molly? Your career is in your hands, the choices you make, and how you react to adverse situations will determine how you’ll move forward and succeed in your journey to the top.


Naomi Campbell, The Face, Empire, Star

Naomi is well known for being one of the world’s most famous supermodels. So having her on this list may be confusing but, she’s also a t.v. diva. Naomi has an attitude and she owns it. A lot of people may see this as a questionable trait, but I believe that a little attitude ‘ain’t never hurt nobody’. Naomi is inspirational to the Motherland Mogul who is told her brazenness is intimidating or unfriendly. She also doesn’t sleep on herself; know your worth and make it work.


Kerry Washington, Olivia Pope in Scandal

This one is for the entrepreneurial Motherland Moguls because: let’s admire Olivia’s business acumen; she is smart, outspoken and when push comes to shove, she stands firm. Her loyalty to her team is admirable, the gladiators stick together and they know they can rely on Olivia. Questionable life choices aside, her white coat and hat are untouchable; her clients come first and she always goes the extra mile to get things done. Plus we all want a piece from her enviable wardrobe.


Gabrielle Union, Mary Jane Paul in Being Mary Jane


I think anyone who watches the show has a love hate relationship with Mary Jane. She tests our patience often but you cannot fault her ambition or her confidence. The show does not gloss over her complex relationships and friendships and navigates around the ideas of suicide, infidelity and infertility, topics that are taboo in black communities.

So how is Mary Jane inspirational? She takes risks at work showing that sometimes to propel yourself forward, you have to throw caution to the wind. It is completely okay to be invested to your career, set goals and be determined to make it work. Your professional ambitions are a character strength, and you have the right to make them your focus.

Who are your T.V Role Models and why?

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