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5 halal & budget-friendly ways to eat well during a busy week

Fatimah is a Motherland Mogul writer based in Nigeria. She has written over 6,500 minutes of television while working on African telenovelas like Battleground: The Final Showdown, Unbroken and EVE on Africa Magic. When she is not writing, she shares food recipes and tips on her Instagram page – @lazyhalalkitchen. In this article, she shares […]

Isioma Onyegikei: Social media has helped reach our target audience

Isioma Onyegikei

[bctt tweet=”It has not been so difficult to sell food online – Isioma Onyegikei” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] 24-year-old Isioma Onyegikei is the founder and head cook at Brelunds, a food service provider startup in Lagos, Nigeria. Her startup offers services which include the running of office cafeterias, breakfast, and lunch weekly subscription plans, events catering, bulk soup […]

Third Stop on the Delicious Naija Food Tour? Daura, Katsina

Katsina is claimed to be the home of heritage and hospitality, so Delicious Naija went to go see what that was all about. A trip to the history-heavy Kusugu Well solidifies Bunmi’s place as a tourist and her ride on the significant horse had her feeling a little like royalty. Then it was food time! […]

Second Stop on the Delicious Naija Food Tour? Ibadan

Delicious Naija is back with a trip to Ibadan, ‘the city at the edge of the savannah’ – capital of Oyo State. After a visit to Mapo Hall for a good dose of history, Bunmi is off to visit with her good friend Saka. Yes the very same warm and funny Nollywood actor & comedian […]

First Stop on the Delicious Naija Tour? Port Harcourt

Food is never just food. Our food represents generations of knowledge, health choices, livelihoods and culture! Delicious Naija is a new series from MAGGI that’s exploring food and culture from all parts of Nigeria; right from the Tuwo-eating North to the Periwinkle-crushing South. Everyone from the foodie to the lover of cooking to instagram hashtagger will enjoy this […]

Essie Bartels: I immerse myself wherever I am

Essie Bartels Essie Spice

[bctt tweet=” l told myself l was going to give 100% of my vision into the brand. Nothing was going to be half-baked – Essie Bartels” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Spices and sauces are what turn insipid ingredients into gourmet food. We all love food, well at least l do and there is nothing disappointing in the life […]

Hilda Mavhunga: I had no idea that one could become a food technologist

Hilda Mavhunga

[bctt tweet=”@didi_mamushka is a food technologist making a career out of her love for food” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] For Hilda Mavhunga, “food is passion, food is love.” But Hilda lives her passion for food in a way that is different from what you’d expect. She is a food technologist. Say what now? Yep, food technologist! It’s one […]

Habiba Wushishi: Food should not just be eaten but be enjoyed

habiba wushishi sydney's cuisine she leads africa

[bctt tweet=”It has always been my dream to be innovative with my cooking – Habiba Wushishi” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] You know a real foodie when she talks about food evoking emotions and cooking being a married of ingredients. We’re talking about Habiba Wushihi here, founder and spice-mixologist (yeah, we just made this up) behind Sydney’s Cuisine. Habiba […]

Victoria Mbabazi: I’ve learnt that age is no guarantee of maturity

victoria mbabazi she leads africa

Take a minute to consider that what you watch on TV could determine your future business. Growing up, Victoria Mbabazi spent a lot of time watching the Food Channel. She experimented with different recipes and wanted to study food production at university but was instead advised to study Software Engineering. It all turned out great […]