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Katsina is claimed to be the home of heritage and hospitality, so Delicious Naija went to go see what that was all about. A trip to the history-heavy Kusugu Well solidifies Bunmi’s place as a tourist and her ride on the significant horse had her feeling a little like royalty. Then it was food time! The real reason we’re here…

Lucky Bunmi got to share a meal of Tuwo Shinkafa & Miyan Kuka with the famous Northern musician, Sani Danja (Man, you should see that plate of Tuwo – salivating galore!) And then she was off to Hajara Sanni Lawal’s home, a young wife, mother, civil servant, teacher, MAGGI Star and all-round boss! She taught Bunmi how to make millet-based Fura & Nunu and a local cous cous based meal called Brabisco. So, if you’re on that healthy train, this Katsina episode was totally for you!

Hajara Sanni’s husband says he rushes home everyday and hardly eats outside… that’s #goals and we knew the recipe was going to be lit! Definitely going to get the family to eat dinner Daura-style soon. We really enjoyed this episode and you should catch up on Delicious Naija episodes on the Maggi YouTube channel.

The food journeys of Delicious Naija can always be watched at 7:30pm Saturday on Africa Magic (Family), at 5pm Sunday on NTA and at 5:30pm Friday on Arewa24.

Delicious Naija KatsinaBut if you can’t get to these, that’s okay – there’s  Facebook, Instagram & Youtube to keep you updated! Go watch!


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