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Lessons from Chenesai: How to be authentic organic entrepreneur


[bctt tweet=”Entrepreneurship is not just an activity, it is a lifestyle committed to the development of the dream” via=”no”] Being a successful female entrepreneur in Africa’s current economic and cultural context is an arduous journey. Calling organic entrepreneurship impossible Despite being a marginalised group, women entrepreneurs in Africa have great potential to positively impact the […]

Personal branding takeaways from Adenike Oyetunde

[bctt tweet=”We share lessons from Adenike Oyetunde’s successful personal brand story, which is inspiring audiences.” via=”no”] Personal branding expert, and Forbes contributor Glenn Llopis says; “A personal brand is the total experience of someone having a relationship with who you are and what you represent as an individual”. The boom of social media has also […]

5 lessons learnt from Solange Knowles

[bctt tweet=”Get a healthy dose of motivation courtesy of Solange Knowles ” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Solange Knowles’ recent album, “A Seat at the Table”, provides commentary on her experiences as a black woman in America and places her amongst the most talented artists of this generation. I’ve played the album over and over again since it came […]

Career Lessons from Toolz

Tolu Oniru (popularly known as Toolz) is a big name in the Nigerian media industry. She was born into the royal Oniru family. Toolz is an on-air personality, talk show host and radio presenter. Currently, Toolz hosts The Midday Show on Beats 99.9 Fm and anchors her show called The Juice. Everyone knows she is […]

8 markings of a strong #MotherlandMogul, as told by Mary J. Blige

[bctt tweet=”Does Mary J Blige teach us that strong business women remain authentic? Find out how here” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] I have been a fan of Mary J. Blige since my childhood in the early 90s and have taken great inspiration from watching the way that she has blazed trails, set trends and overcome adversity, both in her career and personal life, from then even up till now. This, in addition […]

6 ways to remain calm under tight deadlines

shehive accra deadlines she leads africa

[bctt tweet=”How do you keep your cool under stressful deadlines? ” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Even if you’re lucky to have a job that doesn’t entail working with deadlines, one thing for certain is there will be a time in your life where you will find yourself under an intense pressure situation, that can either make or break […]

Looking back at 2016’s lessons

barbara mckenzie kendi sapepa lessons

[bctt tweet=”It’s crazy to think what a difference a year can make, @Kendibone_S shares her lessons” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] As we stroll into 2017, I wanted to take a look back at it, and see what has stood out as really important lessons learned in 2016. First up, we have; Listen to your inner voice As cliché […]

Lessons we can learn about building a social brand from Seatbelts&Openspaces

thuto sekate seatbelts&openspaces being lizzie

[bctt tweet=”It is important to incorporate a social issue that can be part and parcel of the story behind your brand” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Social branding is important in trying to build enterprises that are btoh sustainable and socially responsible. We can learn a few lessons from Seatbelts&Openspaces CEO, Thuto Sekate. Seatbelts&Openspaces is an ethically social brand […]

A Day at #SheHiveJoburg: True SheHive fashion is epic

10:00: As a Joburger for the past few years, it was my first time experiencing Maboneng, where SheHive Joburg is taking place. Driving into Maboneng, which is known for it’s eccentric culture and vibe, you forget that you are in Joburg. SheHive Joburg was held at the OPEN Collaborative City Workspaces on the 4th floor. […]

#BossingFromBirth: Lessons you can learn for your career/entrepreneurial journeys from #SheHiveJoburg

lessons #bossingfrombirth shehive joburg she leads africa

[bctt tweet=”Lessons on #BossingFromBirth from Linda Mabhena-Olagunji and Vere Shaba #SheHiveJoburg” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] The final #SheHive tour was in Joburg this November. The Motherland Moguls in Joburg got a chance to hear inspirational talks from women making strides in their respective industries, giving us lessons on #BossingFromBirth. Two of the women were Vere Shaba of Shaba […]