6 tips for successful networking in the big city

The question now is, What are you doing to increase the size of your network? Click To Tweet

You have probably heard the saying that “your network is your net worth”. In this article’s context, net worth is not limited to finances alone but includes knowledge, skills, and access to opportunities as a result of your network’s size. The question now is, “What are you doing to increase the size of your network?”

Networking simply means to form personal or working relationships with people in your industry as a means of knowledge acquisition or landing deals. We are officially in Quarter 3 of 2017 and if you have not already started, now is the time to build your network. Here are six tips for successful networking in a big city:

Step outside your comfort zone

Dreams are not fulfilled by staying in your comfort zone but by stepping out and engaging in new activities, attending events and meeting new people.

For example, you can’t expect to be the best entertainment lawyer if you don’t network with people in the media and entertainment industry with a view to growing your clientele and offering the best services to them. Stepping outside your comfort zone paves a way for your career growth and development.

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Stepping outside your comfort zone paves a way for your career growth and development. Click To Tweet

Be the master of your craft

In whatever industry you work in, you should aim to be the master of your craft. Strive to perfect your knowledge in a certain industry by keeping up on current affairs so that you will be able to engage in thought-provoking discourse with the people you choose to network with. Having a view on a current issue in your industry that’s different from most views usually sparks interest and will have people willing to know more about your philosophy on that issue.

Working in the creative industry will force you to practice your craft regularly so that you may gain more knowledge and an appreciation for your skills that will not be influenced by anyone. If your networking goals include getting a mentor, then honing your creativity by a schedule of practice will be a catalyst to your progress; experienced people would rather mentor people that have a resilience for hard work. Is ‘hard work’ your middle name?

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Introduce yourself first

There will be times that you will be in a room full of people unknown to you. Imagine you’re an introvert that made it this far to an industry conference, your instinct may be to grab a coffee and sit down at the nearest table. Networking in the big city involves taking a plunge, so rather than following your instinct, you should join a table full of people who are not yet deep in conversation and introduce yourself or walk over to someone standing alone and find common ground.

Using an icebreaker to soften the atmosphere may get people smiling and will create a perfect opportunity to say, “Hi, my name is Rachel and I work for 1 Media Ltd. It’s nice to meet you, what’s your name?”.

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Communicate with body language

There are many ways you can show courtesy and attentiveness from your body language. Unresponsive body language while networking with other industry professionals can be a deal breaker. This may give off a vibe of having a short concentration span or succumbing to distractions from passers-by, implying that you may have the same attitude towards a particular job.

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Shaking hands, smiling, and maintaining eye contact with someone you have just met shows your confidence and eagerness to partake in a serious discussion. This sort of body language will be reciprocated when delivered properly and not aggressively. Try not to scare your business targets away by being overly expressive or not expressive enough!

Never forget your business card

Networking with your business card is a recipe for success. At corporate or private events, many people may be able to introduce themselves and speak for a couple minutes but not engage in a full conversation. Sell your personality and your business but solidify this with a card that clearly states the name of your business, nature of the business, your role in that business and your current contact information.

Talking about a business or representing a company with nothing to signify your affiliation may not be convincing to other people and may prompt people to perform extra due diligence to ascertain your true identity.

Follow up

After all the hard work involved in attending seminars or making connections at a meeting you followed your boss to, don’t take a step back by not following up on the conversations you’ve had with colleagues and seniors in your industry. Follow up on your networking attempts by sending a short email, setting up a meeting or a friendly phone call (with a purpose) to inquire an opinion.

Networking can either be impulsive or very strategic but whatever the case, ensure that you are using your network to achieve your net worth!

Revolutionise your business cards with these 6 easy-peasy tips

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One of the smartest things to do upon meeting a potential customer, client or partner is to hand over a business card. However, I’ve noticed more than 80% of the business cards I have collected over the years have one thing in common- a blank space at the back.

By handing over a business card to a potential client/customer you are handing your business name in their hands; quite literally. This is your chance to capture their attention by making use of that awkward blank space at the back of your business card, (you know they will turn it over to explore, right?) or for some that repetitive business logo that does nothing.

Think of your business card like having two billboards on the roadside whereby you opted to use only one simply because all your information could fit in there and leave the other one empty. What a waste right?

If you are not using the back of business card, you are definitely wasting one of the most effective budget friendly marketing resources at your disposal.

I have searched the web and found some examples of how creative entrepreneurs are using the back their business cards. Here are some useful and easy ideas to you get you started.

Boost your credibility

Every person, brand or company can quickly tell a story of why they are relevant by adding one of the following to the back of their business cards;

  • Customer testimonials
  • Brand promise or a statement quote
  • Career achievements, or honorary degrees
  • A short list of important media features
  • A translation of your business card will make a great first impression on your foreign clients and customers.
  • Names or logos of your major clients or customers.
  • Charities you support
  • Titles or cover photos of any books you have published.
  • The hours you are open for business
An example of a business card with a strong personal statement

2. Give a special offer

Use your business card to give your potential clients offers they can’t refuse. The important thing is to make offers depending on your business model and clarify in your wording that the offer is exclusively available to those holding your business card when they walk into your shop and not otherwise.

Such offers can be:

  • Free consultation offers for client attraction
  • Offering discounts for your client first purchase or first project together
  • “Buy one get one free” deal to incentivize customers to purchase
  • Offer a free recipe or great tip relating to one of your products.
An example of a business card with a special offer

3. Add a QR CODE to your paper business card

Another great option is to print a QR code on the back of your card to generate leads for your business. A variety of QR code scanners are available as smartphone applications and when a client scans a code, it will bring up anything you choose to link to such as your website, links to social media profiles, email subscriptions page, adding to their phonebook etc.

You can learn how to make your personal QR code online very easily. Important to make sure you have a call to action on your business card. Don’t just print the QR code, write something with it; for example, “Scan this QR code to know more about me”.

You can also use the back of business cards to show a short description of what you do Click To Tweet

4. Showcase your skills and services

You can also use the back of business cards to show a short description of what you do/who you do it for. You could opt for one of the following:

  • If you are a restaurant, you could put a small menu with a best selling dish especially for takeout customers.
  • Titles of courses and the number of people you have trained in your career are great for teachers.
  • Public speakers can include the titles of their talks.
  • A before/after photo can be very persuasive for professional services providers such as fitness coaches, event decorators, and furniture repair or restoration services.
  • If you are an artist, you can add one of your favorite artworks.
  • Price menu including prices of your best services or products.
Example of the back of spa business card showing the prices of treatments and spa location.

5. Choose a meaningful background

There might be times you don’t want to add any text on the back of your business card. Instead of selecting a coloured background, which is no better than a blank white space even if they are pretty to look at, how about adding an icon, a symbol or a photo that describes your brand? This particular style can work great for creative professionals in the visual arts, such as architects, photographers, graphic designers and many others.

An example of a makeup artist business card with an eye catching background
Whatever you decide to add to the back of your card, make it something valuable Click To Tweet


There are limitless possibilities for the back of your business card to add additional information beyond the basic and showcasing your unique personality and brand. Whatever you decide to add to the back of your card, make it something valuable and favorable to your customers or prospects.

#LiftAsYouClimb-Takeaways from SheHive DC

shehive dc 2017
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In my junior year of college, I sat in the White House. I sat at the edge of my seat as I listened to women of color ranging from Chief of Staff members to representatives from economic policy and public engagement. These powerful women talked about experiences and lessons that they had learnt as White House Staffers, and as I took in everything, I appreciated the opportunity to sit, listen and learn.

I experienced a similar feeling of respect and gratitude as I sat surrounded by amazing black women at the SheHive DC conference this past weekend. There is something powerful about hearing from people who wield successful and influential positions, people who see themselves in you and who you can see yourself in. That being said, here are three key takeaways from the conference centered on your value proposition and how you can learn from others. The takeaways are: track your data, don’t be afraid to ask for informational interviews and lift as you climb. I hope you learn something concrete that you can apply to your career, business, and life just as I did!

There is something powerful about hearing from people who wield successful & influential positions Click To Tweet

How you can provide value

In the “Building Partnerships” workshop with Afua Osei (co-founder of SheLeadsAfrica), Afua talked about one of the ways that her organization proved their value proposition effectively. In their proposals and potential partnerships, they were able to collect and measure relevant data. They could pinpoint exactly how much value they added to potential partners and sponsors based on data that they tracked including statistics like how many more followers they could bring to an organization’s social media presence.

Our world is increasingly becoming a more data-driven one, and the ability to measure data and showcase it in digestible ways will open doors to building partnerships and attracting sponsors in your business. A cool resource I want to share from a YouTube channel that I follow(shout out to TechChange!) that looks at everyday datasets and visualizes it is Piktochart. Piktochart is an easy way to visually represent data that you collect and it can help you start thinking more about collecting and representing your data!

The ability to measure data and showcase it will open doors to attracting sponsors in your business Click To Tweet

Learning from the people around you

Another valuable tool, that should come in handy is the informational interview. I first learnt the concept of informational interviews through one of my mentors (shout out to Davia!) Informational interviews are essentially interviews where you seek out and ask for an opportunity to meet people you admire and want to learn from.

At SheHive, Denise Horn, who is currently head of corporate communications at Turner Broadcasting, also emphasized the importance of connecting with people through informational interviews. A tip was to also ask these people for two other people within their circle that you can connect with!

During my job search, my mentor connected me to so many people doing amazing work in various sectors in her circle. These interviews gave me clarity on what I wanted to pursue career wise and the things that I was passionate about. It was amazing how people I didn’t know were eager to help me learn from them. I hope that you too will also seek out people that you want to learn from. Don’t be shy when it comes to asking questions and asking for informational interviews!

And finally one of my favorite takeaways from the conference: “There is a seat at the table for you and me. Lift as you climb.” My friend, Adoley, and I coined this quote as our takeaway from the conference. (And won a bottle of wine for it too ayee)

I am a product of the people who invested in me. The people who made time and shared their knowledge and experiences with me. Recently, I have been reflecting about the kind of footprint I want my life to leave as I transition from my undergraduate experience. And it’s one that embodies the theme of #liftasyouclimb.

The idea of trying to be a woman who actively encourages women around you. Someone who willingly shares tips, advice, and experiences, and connects people to others within your network when necessary. A lot of times, in our attempt to achieve success, we forget about other people that we can carve out time for and support to reach similar successes that we have had. We all have experiences that others can learn from and it’s important that, when we are able to, we share our experiences with others in a way that is constructive and beneficial.

We all have experiences that others can learn from & it's important to we share them with others Click To Tweet

Thanks to SheHive DC for that reminder. Track your data, don’t be afraid to ask for informational interviews and lift as you climb.

Union Bank celebrates its rich heritage of women in banking at International Women’s Day 2017

Union Bank, one of Nigeria’s longest standing and innovative banks, celebrated International Women’s Day 2017 themed Be Bold for Change, with an event held at the bank’s Head Office in Marina, Lagos.

Union Bank IWD CelebrationThe event featured a panel discussion which was moderated by Dr. Anino Emuwa, with participants such as Ifeoma Fafunwa, Chief Creative Director, iOpenEye Ltd., Achenyo Adachaba, Head, MitiMeth, Tayo Oviosu, Founder, Paga, Temie Giwa-Tubosun, Founder, Life Bank and Adenrele Sonariwo, Director, Rele Gallery.

Union Bank celebrates its 100th year anniversary this year and this was for them a celebration of all the women who have contributed to its rich heritage in banking in Nigeria, and all the women building the legacy for the next 100.

Other guests were Emeka Emuwa, CEO, Union Bank, Simi Nwogugu, Executive Director, Junior Achievement Nigeria, Oyinkan Adewale, Chief Financial Officer, Union Bank, Bikiye Graham Douglas, Spoken Word Artist, Lola Cardoso, Head, Group Corporate Strategy, Ogochukwu Ekezie-Ekaidem, Head, Corporate Affairs and Corporate Communication, Omotola Oyebanjo, Head Communications and Media, Union Bank among others.

Union Bank IWD CelebrationThe event was also held to commemorate the first-year anniversary of the Women Empowerment Hub (WEHUB) an initiative created by Union Bank to motivate, connect and provide support to its women. The initiative was born out of specific internal needs identified which include mentoring and networking opportunities.

Union Bank IWD CelebrationUnion Bank IWD CelebrationUnion Bank IWD Celebration

Union Bank IWD CelebrationUnion Bank IWD Celebration

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SLA Networking Brunch in Cape Town

slaying shehive lagos she leads africa

Cape Town we’re coming for you! We are so excited to be hosting our first event in Cape Town, South Africa on 15 November,  2016.

We love connecting with our community and helping young women build the skills they need for successful careers and businesses. We’re excited to host an intimate and engaging brunch for young women who are ready to turn their creative passions into sustainable businesses.

Join SLA cofounder Afua Osei for an intimate and engaging conversation around how we can turn our creative passion into sustainable and profitable businesses.


Afua Osei is a co-founder and digital guru of She Leads Africa, a community that helps young African women achieve their professional dreams.

Shes been all over the world with her career serving as a Fulbright Scholar in Malaysia, working in the Office of First Lady Michelle Obama in the White House, and working on more than 6 different political campaigns as a strategy and communications consultant.

She moved to Nigeria in 2012 to serve as a business and operations consultant at McKinsey & Company, advising large corporations and multinationals across 3 continents. She has a masters in public policy (MPP) and business administration (MBA) from the University of Chicago.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to identify the right customers for you (hint: it’s not everyone)
  • How to understand what your potential customers are thinking and give to them what they want
  • What you should be doing to get bigger brands and partners interested in you
  • How to create a roadmap to grow your influence and revenue strategies for 2017

Not sure if you should attend a She Leads Africa event?

You must be crazy! But in any case, this is what you can expect from a She Leads Africa experience:

  • Fun and engaging content: We aren’t boring and strive to deliver business content in a fun and relatable way.
  • Young women like yourself looking to make an impact: Our community is full of smart and ambitious young women who want to live their best professional lives.
  • Access to real business experts: At our events we always have exceptional speakers who have been there and can show you how to do that
SheHive Lagos
SheHive Lagos
SheHive Lagos

Find your way to Workshop17


The SheHiveTour is back and better than ever. Scroll down to see when we’re coming to your city.

Look back at #SheHiveTour2016.

What to expect:

  • Expert led sessions that will teach you tangible business and career skills
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to senior business leaders
  • Turn up moments and explosions of #AfricanGirlMagic

Our Joburg ladies gave us love as usual. Click on the image below to relive the fun from SheHiveJoburg (February 2017).


Our sold out SheHive Kaduna (April 2017) was an incredible experience. Check it out by clicking below.

We’re coming to Toronto July 2017 to enjoy the summer weather with you! Click the image below to join us.


Cape Town was fire!!! Reminisce on the fun from SheHive Cape Town by clicking the image below (February 2017).


Of course we have to come to Washington DC to pay homage to the city of Olivia Pope. Click the image below to join us (June 2017.


Don’t see your city on the list? Then let us know that we’re crazy for skipping your hood. Sign up below and get your entire squad to do the same. We come where our community calls.

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Not sure if you should care about attending a SheHive?

You must be crazy! But in any case, this is what you can expect from a She Leads Africa experience:

  • Fun and engaging content: We aren’t boring and strive to deliver business content in a fun and relatable way.
  • Young women like yourself looking to make an impact: Our community is full of smart and ambitious young women who want to live their best professional lives.
  • Access to real business experts: At our events we always have exceptional speakers who have been there and can show you how to do that

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Lanji Ouko: I believe in second chances

Lanji Ouko she leads africa
Our objective is to build strong, independent, empowered and self-driven women Click To Tweet

Crevit Mulier is derived from a Greek word ‘Creverit Mulier’ which means grown woman. Here at SLA, we take pride in celebrating grown women being the best version of themselves and Lanji Ouko is a perfect example of just that.

A published author, legal consultant and entrepreneur, her company Crevit Mulier, is just one of the very many achievements she has under her belt at the tender age of 25.

SLA contributor Diana had a quick chat with Lanji about the come up of her networking society.

What is the inspiration behind Crevit Mulier?

A rough patch in my life inspired it actually. I dropped out of law school in 2012 after failing a series of modules.

After failing contract law again, during my re-sit, my degree was downgraded to a BA in Legal Studies. Being the go-getter I am, I quickly acknowledged my mistakes in the past and dropping out was the only way to continue the story about my journey as a lawyer.

Between the period I dropped out and graduated from a totally different institution, a harsh reality hit me. Friends stopped talking to me, there were a lot of whispers within my family and generally a lot of voices in my head causing a lot of personal conflict.

By not having a strong group of women surrounding me, to uplift me, root for me, I felt lost and lacked motivation. The idea came about exactly two months after graduation. I thought I should try a one-off event in Nairobi and see what would come out of women below the age of 25 coming together to root for each other.

Upon it being a success and noticing a few pitfalls here and there, I decided to make it a members-only club, in order to ensure women involved are on the same wavelength and are equally thirsty for success and to better themselves and their community.

How has it contributed to young women’s lives in Kenya?

Crevit Mulier has positioned itself as the only ladies club that provides a safe haven for women to brainstorm, think critically and nurture healthy female relationships, which tends to be quite difficult the older we get. The members have become more confident, more powerful, more ambitious.

It is a safe haven where people openly discuss rape, bad relationships, financial issues and much more. The goal-friend aspect in the membership has encouraged women to start a number of projects they were procrastinating on.

Women have started charities and businesses thanks to the message within the open sessions we have.

What sort of activities do you get up to within the group?

We pride ourselves in giving women a vibrant and friendly atmosphere. Here, they meet ladies of all ages and from all walks of life, for formal or informal talks on day to day life issues.

We recently introduced a co-working space at very affordable rates. This is for young ladies who cannot afford the expensive market rates of hiring meeting rooms or having monthly office space.

In addition, we offer a diverse programme of events which has helped established a valuable means of access to top institutions, museums, colleges, corporations and well known retailers.

The ladies enjoy spa treats, hair and beauty services from our very own door to door spa company. We also provide wine and cheese tasting, flower arrangement parties, cooking classes, financial classes, mentorship from investors among many more.

The club-owned owns an academy, The William Hobsons Academy: School Of Etiquette, Social Protocol and Culture. The academy aims at empowering both boys and girls and training them on African culture and language too.

Crevit Mulier believes in empowering the boy child too. This is to have  a generation of men who can co-exist with the empowered woman, without feeling threatened.

What do you want to ultimately achieve with Crevit?

Our objective is to build strong, independent, empowered and self-driven women. We enable ladies to identify, address and resolve certain issues in their day to day lives. We want to position a new example of women for generations to come.

This club will soon expand across the continent to work towards giving second chances to women of different tribes and backgrounds. I believe there are more important things in life than just being a beautiful woman. We therefore want to recreate and redefine the renaissance woman.

In the future, I hope to establish a second-chances institution in partnership with various safe houses. This is in order for women fleeing from gender-based abuse to have a place to start over.

I am what I am today because my family and society gave me a second chance.

Inspire us with your story! Let us know how you’ve bounced back and done amazing things here.

5 tips to make the most of a slow day at work

When the big conference is over or the quarterly sales report is in, then comes the slow day. Everyone in today’s workplace has moments of downtime every now and then —as you probably do if you’re reading this. But forget #NetflixAndChill, it’s time to #HustleAndChill.

Even if you’re excelling at your job, now isn’t the time to rest on your laurels. Use these slow days as opportunities for self-improvement by checking in on your goals rather than your Facebook or Instagram.

Here are a few tips for what to do when you find yourself with a few extra hours on your hands:

Plan ahead

You know how your boss lovingly exclaims, “What would I do without you?”

Make sure he or she is prepared for the unexpected sick day or your departure for a new position by drafting a detailed list of your daily, weekly, and monthly activities to ensure that your successor will be well equipped to follow in your footsteps.

Image result for gifs beyonce plan ahead

It’ll also help you avoid forgetting the little things like sending a check for a vendor or drafting invitations to an annual event.

It’s never too early to start on hand-over notes —it’s easier to remember what you’re doing while you’re doing it rather than racking your brain as you’re headed out the door.

(You’ll also earn brownie points from your boss that will help you maintain a good relationship even after you’re gone).


As the saying goes, “good things come to those who hustle.”

Got your eye on a raise or promotion? Take this slow period as an opportunity to learn a new skill or hone a weak one. If you increase your value to your company, your employer will be more likely to reward your efforts. Sign up for a webinar, listen to a podcast, or take an online class from sites like Coursera, Skillshare, or edX.

Image result for beyonce gif if i was a boy

Interested in shifting to another role? Visit other departments and learn about their work. Even if your colleagues only need help with menial tasks, they’ll appreciate the favor (and be more likely to return it when you’re in a crunch).


To maximize your time when things are busy, set yourself up for success by organizing your paperwork.

Organize your online and offline space by saving those client emails that you took hours to draft, filing feedback on projects that you can reference during your next feedback session, and making sure your work space is tidy.

A clear space leads to a clear mind.


Having a good reputation in your field is part performance, part visibility. According to the Harvard Business Review, “workers are happiest in their jobs when they have friendships with co-workers.”Image result for gifs beyonce plan ahead


Take advantage of your free time, and follow up with other industry professionals as well as current and former colleagues. It’s an opportunity to build trust and camaraderie at work, but also learn more about what’s going on at your company and in your industry.

Grab lunch or coffee or simply spend time acknowledging the contributions of those around you with a handwritten note —old-fashioned gestures are always appreciated.


In today’s competitive global economy, people are being paid more to think than to manufacture. So along with your A-game, it’s time to bring your imagination to work if you’re gunning for that promotion.

After all, Archimedes had his “eureka” moment in the bathtub, Newton developed the theory of gravity while lounging in his mother’s garden, and J.K. Rowling came up with Harry Potter while staring out a train window.

Image result for gifs beyonce plan ahead


Now, imagine if those people had been new deep in the drudgery of paperwork or catching up on email.

Studies show that daydreaming indicates an active mind more open to creative breakthroughs. Creativity is about thinking outside the box, so put away the phone, turn off the monitor, and let your mind wander.

You might just come up with the next game changer.

The power of connections & community

edwina kulego she leads africa

At the beginning of 2016, I found myself in an unmotivated space filled with uncertainty and a lack of fulfillment. I knew that I needed a boost of encouragement and inspiration but I wasn’t sure where it would come from.

I wanted to feel empowered; like I was doing something impactful. Five months ago, I was scrolling through my Instagram timeline and came across the SheHive NYC event posted by one of my favorite African bloggers.

I did a little research on the organization and quickly decided to attend. I was impressed by the lineup of speakers and felt a strong need to connect with African women.

Being born and raised in Sweden to African parents, I always had a strong urge to get involved at some capacity in Africa and diaspora. As expected, so many inspiring and accomplished women spoke during the conference, but there was one talk in particular that struck me.

Bisila Bokoko took the stage and immediately caught my attention. All I kept thinking was…how can I get 20 minutes with this powerful woman? After she completed her presentation, the ladies at the event swarmed around her so I decided to approach her differently.

Connecting out of the box

The next day, I sent her a message through LinkedIn and asked if I could take her out to lunch. She agreed, and our lunch turned into an impactful two hours of sharing ideas, stories and goals.


After our meeting, Bisila invited me to collaborate on BB Knows Best ——her seminar series aiming to influence, empower and advise women to pursue their dreams and goals. Our true passion for empowering women of all ages led to this to this event which took place in New York City on October 19th, 2016.

There is immense power in connecting and communicating; especially for young women in business as we are a minority that is vastly growing. The need for building genuine connections and a meaningful network is imperative. A simple elevator conversation can turn into a successful collaboration or partnership.

Contrary to my state earlier this year, I am now on the path to achieving my personal and professional goals. That wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t take the opportunity to enter into an unknown space and connect with the wonderful women at SheHive NYC.

Bisila and I are looking forward to encouraging more women to step out confidently and connect.

4 genius business tricks to steal from Genevieve Nnaji

genevieve nnaji

It’s obvious to every Nigerian it-girl and our African sisters that ignoring Genevieve Nnaji’s pristine and effortless beauty is a bad idea. This is regardless of whether or not you watch her movies!

Luckily, there’s a lot to learn from her streamlined, hyper-organized disposition. Even if we never completely get it, as we’re mere mortals.

Have fancy dinners with a view

Yes, you heard right. Head to some trendy island, club or restaurant for dinner. It should have an amazing view and probably stocked with successful, inspiring, rich and maybe good-looking people too.

The food might be a little pricey, but it’s the connections you’re paying for. It’s called networking, girl!

Image result for genevieve nnaji dinner

Somehow, these celebrities seem immune to the business problems that the rest of us mortals are afflicted with.

From me to you, there’s a shameless networking routine that they follow. Don’t head on starting that business without connecting with the people who are going to be instrumental to your success.

Take it all off… the make-up I mean

This is debatable, but it feels even better to take the make-up all off sometimes. This is especially useful when the Nigerian heat perpetually threatens to melt it all off anyway.

Genevieve gives us the no-makeup look often enough to keep us envious and wanting for more.

Being a celebrity or even the owner of that unique start-up may be a good reason to have flapping eyelashes, gold-toned smoky eyes, and perfectly done nails… you know for the optics.

But how about you shake things up a bit and get us all confused by actually getting down to work? Like, if you’re not doing anything lucrative besides getting your face done, what are you even doing?

Be authentic. It’s all that matters.

I am really eager to know the stories behind movies with impossible titles —who decided that “Blackberry Babes” was a good name for a movie?

Okay, my argument is —why spend much money scouring for classics when you can watch an affordable ‘sub-standard’ movie?

Here’s the thing, as an aspiring or already established business woman, you’ve got to be authentic, otherwise, you’ll ruin your own magic in no time.

You’ve got no business copying every new or trending business idea. Be real, girl! Be unique!

Talk less, unless of course, you’re telling us about what you do

Traumatic consequences aside, being a little secretive is a necessity . Especially,  if you’re involved in ventures that don’t feature story-telling as a requirement for practical reasons (like being an OAP or writer).

If your business is not one of those, the least you can do is choose to give us short, simple, or playful dozes of your life every other time, just to add a little charm to your image.

Minimize that icky feeling that comes with people knowing too much, too often about your business.

In summary, all you need is to devote yourself to learning/mastering your craft, tirelessly networking, being authentic and a little tight-lipped when necessary. It’s pretty simple and practical.