5 Ways to Improve your Reproductive Health

As women, we take our reproductive health seriously. With our periods coming in every month, a lot of us are faced with a lot of discomfort and irritation. In the long run, this paves the way for disruptions to our daily lives.

While taking a painkiller and/or using a hot water bottle may work for many women, it is not as simple for some of us because we may suffer from the following disorders:

  • Endometriosis
  • Ovarian cysts
  • Gynecologic cancer
  • Uterine fibroids
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

Depending on the severity of the disorder, we can experience symptoms before, during and after our monthly menstrual cycles. This makes it hard for us to function optimally in our daily lives and careers.

If you suffer from a reproductive health disorder, here are some tips to help improve your reproductive health so it doesn’t affect the world:

Consult a doctor

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), sexual and reproductive health problems are responsible for one-third of health issues for women between the ages of 15 and 44 years.

The first step in taking charge of your sexual and reproductive health is to consult a medical doctor and get professional help. This will help you diagnose and find a solution for your disorder.

Learn as much as you can

The best way to achieve better reproductive health is to learn as much as you can about your disorder. Click To Tweet

A healthy you can only make you more productive and successful. The best way to achieve better reproductive health is to learn as much as you can about your disorder. This includes knowing all the do’s and don’ts and what short term and long-term treatments are most advisable.

Consult your doctor and also do some in-depth research on the best diets, treatment, herbal remedies and exercise regiments. The more you know, the better.

Use an ovulation calendar app

An ovulation calendar helps you track your period. Knowing when your period starts, helps you plan your work in time and meet deadlines.

With an ovulation calendar, you are able to take note of inconsistencies with your monthly period, note your symptoms, the heaviness of your menstruation flow, mood and the kind of vaginal discharge at different times.

Ovulation calendar apps are available on the Android and IOS App stores.

Talk about your disorder with your manager or co-workers

This may seem rather daunting and uncomfortable, but disclosing your disorder to your manager or co-worker(s) benefits you. Through discussion with your team and disclosing your symptoms, you can discuss available options such as working from home on certain days, negotiating your hours for certain days of the month or moving your deadlines to earlier days so that your work does not suffer.

This may seem daunting, but disclosing your disorder to your manager or co-worker(s) benefits you. Click To Tweet

Talking about menstruation and reproductive health should not be a taboo. The more women talk about reproductive health, the more people get to know about the different issues they face.

Don’t be hard on yourself

A healthy you is a productive and successful you. It’s okay to rest when you need to. It’s also okay to ask for help from your co-workers and/or business partners when your health impacts your work.

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Ever had to go to work after being dumped or signing your divorce papers. It sucks!

You have no time to be in your feelings or listen to songs that help you cry because you still have to do your job. The worst part is that the world carries on as if your heart hasn’t just been broken!

Since you can’t use up your sick days to nurse your broken heart, how do you resume work and stay focused?

I’m Nike Folagbade, a life coach and therapist who has helped many broken hearts mend and even survived my own heartbreak. Here are some tips you can use to heal and not lose your job after a breakup:

Don’t deny your pain

This is the first place to start. Don’t try to drink, eat or curse away your pain. Accept that it has happened but you will get through it. This will help you to process the experience better. It is okay to cry, so hold a lot of tissue and excuse yourself to have private grieving moments.

Change your perception

This is not the time to wallow in past mistakes. Don’t dwell on blaming yourself or your ex.

Focus on having a healthy outlook. If your ex is at fault, accept that you can’t change them. If you bear some of the responsibility, focus on forgiving yourself and moving on. Take your lessons and focus on building stronger relationships in the future.

Stay in a circle of positive and funny people

When you are in the office, pay attention to other colleagues who make you smile and help you forget your break up. Spend some time with them during your break time and laugh away your pain by getting involved.

Find someone you feel safe with to talk to

Silence never helped anyone. When you need to let things out, speak to a mature friend around you or over the phone. You can also connect quickly with a therapist online, prioritising your mental health is self love.

If you are not ready to talk about it, let your manager know you are going through something personal.

Watch something funny between your breaks

It’s very tempting to immerse yourself in sadness after a breakup.

However, continued misery will not give you the energy you need to be effective at work. Higher dopamine levels have been associated with happiness.

Spend a few minutes in the office watching a funny skit on your phone. Laughing helps increase your dopamine levels which will boost your mood and energy for work

Write down your thoughts

Whether you keep a journal, use a notepad or app on your phone, write down your thoughts. Having an outlet for your emotions is an important part of healing that will help you quickly deal and keep you focused on reaching your goals.

Ultimately, you have to believe that there’s a better future, give yourself some time to heal gradually. While you might feel that the hurt will last forever, it won’t. Focus on building a future that is brighter, get some rest and engage in activities that make you feel alive again.

STEM WOMEN: 5 Reasons To Be Proud according to Black Panther

We need more STEM Women in Africa.

In 2018, Black Panther solidified its place in pop culture as one of the greatest movies of all time. In addition to highlighting #blackexcellence, the movie also normalizes African women’s place in STEM.

This representation in popular culture is especially important considering WEF reports a 47% global gender gap in STEM.

If you are an African STEM woman, here are 5 reasons you should be proud of according to Black Panther.

1. You are Ingenious

Wakanda is nothing without its Vibranium, and no one knows how to leverage this special resource better that Shuri – the Black Panther’s sister.

Throughout the movie, we can see how Shuri’s inventions have helped the Wakanda’s advancement in technology. From Blank Panther’s nanotechnology suit to the sound-absorbing sneakers, Shuri’s inventions solved a lot of problems for both Wakanda and her brother.

Shuri should remind you of why you are a STEM Woman – to create, invent, innovate and deliver life-transforming solutions to the world. The next solution the world needs is in you!

2. You are Important

While the movie is not called “The STEM Women of Wakanda” (Marvel, we wouldn’t mind a spin-off), if you take away Shuri’s inventions, the Black Panther would be a very different film.

As a STEM professional, you may never get billboard-sized recognition you deserve, but that doesn’t make your work any less important. Your solutions behind the great things your organization speaks volumes about how valuable you are.

3. You are Emotionally Strong

For those of us, especially in engineering, we see ourselves in positions to exercise physical strength but how about emotionally? Angela Bassett was the perfect actor for the mother of our superhero. Queen Ramonda was an embodiment of strength!

Sometimes, we see our products or solutions come to life only to die a few months or years later. Many times, we even see our ideas die before they see the light of day. No matter the odds, we are wired to stay strong and not give up.

4. You Know Your Stuff

Shuri, the STEM Gem of Wakanda, knew her stuff. She could explain anything to you and knew the workings behind everything powered by Vibranium. You could never catch her off guard.

Women continuously have to prove themselves in every professional field. It’s a much tougher battle in male-dominated STEM fields. As a But for you, you prove this wrong every day you step into the office and do what you do.

As a STEM woman, you prove your worth every day by dazzling all with the depth of knowledge you have. Take pride in your investments to improve yourself every day!

5. You are Multi-Talented

Not only was Shuri a tech guru, she was also a warrior. She did not opt to stick to her lab but got involved in what made her work valuable.

As an African STEM woman, you have a unique perspective the world needs. You have been blessed to do so much, you should never feel streamlined to stereotyped functions. You can always step into new vacant shoes and know what to do – because you can!

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Contributing Editor: Judith Abani

SLAYing your productivity from the inside out

In a world flooded with so much negativity here, it’s high time we realized that in order for us not to become like lost balls in the high weeds, we have to maintain certain personal standards and values to keep afloat.

Yes! It is true that teamwork will always create room for a deeper level of productivity. But most times, we tend to forget that there is no great team without great individuals within.

And the level of productivity of any team will be determined by the level of value within each team member. 

All these bring us back to the importance of building ourselves as individuals, whether in our business, our career or even our personal lives.

Following the guidelines below, from John C. Maxwell in his book ‘The 360° Leader’, we can be able to determine where we belong in this pursuit for productivity.

“These seem to be the two main paths for people to get ahead in an organization”.

People who rely on production…

  • Depend on how they grow
  • Focus on what they do
  • Become better than they appear
  • Provide Substance
  • Do what’s necessary
  • Work to control their own destiny
  • Grow into the next level
  • Base decisions on principles

People who rely on politics…

  • Depend on who they know
  • Focus on what they say
  • Appear better than they are
  • Take shortcuts
  • Do what’s popular
  • Let others control their destiny
  • Hope to be given the next level
  • Base decisions on opinions

The big question now is, having looked inside out, where do you think you belong?The Rush!

No doubt the year is sprinting to an end, the clock is ticking endlessly, yet, many personal and corporate goals lie unachieved.

At this point, there seem to be many pointless reasons not to double our hard work, and see to it that no stone is left unturned, but really??

Do you really think productivity is about those who sweat the most?

“It is not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about?”. – Henry David Thoreau

Take a deep breath!

The breath here goes beyond taking out Carbon dioxide and taking in Oxygen.

It’s more about taking deep reflections on not just what we are yet to achieve these past eleven months, but most importantly who we have been, who we have become.

This is the beginning of our ‘inside out journey’.

The Inside Out Journey

This will help us restructure our lives in all ramifications. Taking a deep breath will give us a cue to the direction of our paths the past eleven months.

It will help us see the loopholes within which may include laxity in a particular area or even too much concentration in another. This journey will help us balance our lives.

No one is saying this is the time to start setting new goals and objectives. (although that wouldn’t be a bad idea, at all). However, what is paramount here is that, we already have targets and set goals that are yet to be actualized. The inside-out journey…

  • Give us  a sense of focus and direction
  • Help us set our priorities right.

Yes! It may be called a journey, but its unbelievably right and  quick too!

This journey to productivity is quite different from the others we mat have been through these past months; chasing success and leaving behind every other aspect of our lives, forgetting that even exhaustion reduces the quality of our productivity.

Therefore, this is not the time to keep running in the usual circles. The only circle we should run within at this point is inside of us.

Productivity should not just be something we strive to go through but rather, it should flow through us - Eden Benibo Click To Tweet

That’s the true success!

Like Lisa Nicholas rightly advised “make sure you measure success by the right barometer. Success is a holistic experience. It’s not partial. It’s not compartmental. It’s an entire experience.”

So! Focus on the real deal at this point. Grow into your next level, do not hop into it and watch ‘you glow before your own eyes’!

Slay on!!

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How to Stay Sane While Being Young and Ambitious

Being a millennial can be exciting and challenging at the same time. We are driven and motivated.

The prevalence of media outlets has created opportunities and avenues for us to go after our goals and passions and share our experiences with everyone.

We can thus feel as though we constantly need to be on the go. We want to fulfill all our dreams and we also want to live our best lives.

Going after our dreams and seeking to live a truly happy life can be an arduous task. It can leave us feeling overwhelmed, burned-out or drained. The key is constantly trying to have some form of balance.

You can and should go after your ambitions yet be receptive to enjoying the moment.

Here are some tips on how to go about that.

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Get a Planner or NotePad

There can be a million and one things that you want to do at almost any time. A great way to keep track of your goals and responsibilities is to have a planner or notepad.

You can even use your phone to jot things down if you prefer. Getting a planner or notepad keeps your organized. It helps you to remember what it is you aim to do.

It’s also a great way to help you be accountable because you are the individual who put down the list of goals and objectives to accomplish.

Do Some Form of Physical Activity

The misconception around physical activity is that it is only needed for those that want to lose weight and be fit. However, the benefits of physical activity expand further.

Physical activity helps to give you focus, clarity and most importantly, it gives you energy.

If you consider yourself to be a go-getter and very ambitious, you could easily get burned out from all the things you’re trying to achieve. That’s why having a form of exercise matters the most.

It serves as a platform to release stress and fatigue. It boosts your mood and productivity by fueling your energy.

Now you don’t have to take in an extreme sport. Research proves that simple activities such as just walking outside for thirty minutes are good exercise. You can find the best thing that works for you.

Maybe you like to dance, or swim or cycle? Taking up these activities will keep you energized and of course, healthy and fit. It’s a win-win.

Making time for activities you enjoy doing serves as an outlet for you to breathe, enjoy and relax - @isireflectdaily Click To Tweet

Make Time for Activities You Enjoy

I understand you want to be your own boss and get on the path to making that six-figure salary. It’s great to aim high but that doesn’t mean you have to neglect to have some fun in your life.

Making time for activities you enjoy doing serves as an outlet for you to breathe, enjoy and relax. This will help you to prevent a burnout because if you are working yourself hard 24/7, you become drained and exhausted.

You have to make time for the things you like doing. Make time for the movies. Make time to socialize. Make time for self-care activities such as a spa day or a manicure and pedicure.

These activities that might seem little compared to your big goals are truly essential because it fuels you to keep moving. Have you heard the saying ‘work hard and play hard.” You’re putting in all that good work so don’t deny yourself the fun and relaxation you deserve.

Have a Good Tribe Around You

No one makes it all on their own. We all have some form of help and support that makes it possible for us to get to where we want to go.

We have mentors who provide us with their valuable time and resources. We have our girlfriends who give us that emotional support and motivation to be our best selves. We have groups and organizations that give us the tools and community we need to better ourselves and take our hustle to great heights.

You need to have a good tribe around you in order to achieve your goals and also stay sane in the process. The tribe of people you surround yourself with matters because they can have a truly significant impact on your life.

If you don’t have a tribe, you have to consider ways to make this happen. Get involved in organizations and groups that cater to your interests, hobbies, and passions.

What helps you to keep going after your goals while living a life that truly feels good? 

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Living Life with a Full-Time Job and multiple Side Gigs: 4 Commandments to adopt

6 months ago, I decided I needed to get a day job.

The decision came after I had run my fashion design business and realized I needed firsthand experience running the kind of business I wanted. I got a job as a Personal Assistant in a big manufacturing company. The role is combined with several other unofficial roles.

6 months down the line, I can safely say I am not so over my head as was 2 months ago.

Between this full-time job, running my fashion design business on a small scale and freelance writing, it is safe to say I had no “me” time. I had no life outside of work.

I had finally done two things I dreaded: living for the weekend and working hard without being productive.

Two months ago, I told myself that this had to stop.

I finally came up with a routine that helped me do all I wanted realistically and still have a life.

Here are my four quick tips for having a life with a full job and side gigs.

Balancing two or more responsibilities with self-care is hard but not impossible. Here are the 4 commandments to follow: Click To Tweet

1. Thou shall keep a To-Do list and use it.

I found out that having a to-do list keeps me organized. With so much to do at work and in my side jobs, I find myself running around a lot and doing nothing much.

My daily To-do list is organized the night before. I factor prayer, working out, my main job, my writing, my sewing in the evening into the list.

I make sure I leave blocks of time to accommodate the unforeseen jobs that will come up at work. This is a daily occurrence.

The To-Do list increased my productivity by 50%.

2. Thou shall set realistic targets

3 months into the job I developed stress belly and added weight. My face broke out and I started to wear wigs, leaving my natural hair matted under the wigs. Forget mani-pedi.  That was gone.

When I took the decision to get my life together, the first thing I did was set goals.

Safe to say the targets were pretty high and I gave up.

I went back to the board and re-drew the plan.

Work out thrice a week as opposed to every day. Drink water, get my nails done bi-monthly. Braid my hair once a month and wear wigs for the other days of the month.

2 months in, my stress belly has reduced and I still maintain my hair and nails routine.

3. Thou shall factor in “You” time

I love going to the movies, green tea, and red wines. One of the first things I stopped doing was going to the movies. Weekends were tight. No more tea time and wine time.

I now find time on Sundays to savor a cup of tea or a glass of wine. Most importantly I fix movie dates so I will have to make time for them. This means I must close out official work by Friday and put extra time into the writing.  It is worth it.

Relate each work experience to your business. This way your work and life is balanced emotionally. Click To Tweet

4. Thou shall find a purpose in what you do.

If your job pays a bit low like mine, you might grow resentful over time. This will definitely affect your work-life balance. For someone who wants the experience, this will make a terrible experience.

One way I have managed to balance myself emotionally is to relate each work experience to my business.

One thing I have learned to do is to be grateful and positive. It gives more light to the work I do. I make the choice to cut back when I can.

Balancing two or more responsibilities with self-care is hard but not impossible and we are getting there.

Till next time. For now, drink a glass of wine or cradle a cup of tea and take care of you!

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Stress what??? Here are 4 ways to practice Self-Care

“Wake up, hustle and grind. The hustle never stops. I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

Few words make me tremble like the ones above. Back when I was a Bachelors’ student in university, I had colleagues who spoke that way. Every time I hear such words, I would panic.

Surely, if others were ready to put off sleep until when they died, I didn’t want it bad enough. I definitely was not willing or able to sacrifice my sleep for my academic success? This was bad.

Fast forward four years later, and I am thinking about these words, as I write this article on self-care.

What comes to mind is this:

  1. Self-care should come before anything else.
  2. How can one produce the best of themselves, if they are tired, both emotionally and physically

The world around us seems to frown upon downtime. We need to go and go fast, in everything we do. It is our duty, however, not to forget our health and well-being.

Here are a few ways to do so.


Sleep is not laziness. It is one of the most important and basic acts to take care of one’s self. Any attempt to simply dismiss sleep as laziness feels like a statement that seems to say, I am putting well-being second and success (whatever that may be) first.

Society hasn’t always taught us how to take care of ourselves, but you gotta start now! 

Accept your emotions

Back in 2015, during one of the heights of my frustrations and social anxiety, I started practicing yoga. Yoga with Adrienne, on YouTube, to be precise.

If I learned anything, it is this: Let yourself be. What we often do, when we are sad, overwhelmed, tired, angry, is judge ourselves about feeling a certain way, thus adding an extra layer of discomfort and unhappiness without even realizing it. Self-care is letting yourself be.  

Self-care is being gentle with yourself, feeling an emotion, and not judging yourself for feeling a certain way.

In a Supersoul Conversation with Oprah, Caroline Myss, American writer, added that a critical step to finding a purpose was letting go of the judgment we hold of our lives.

Do what you need to do to preserve your peace

While Instagram and social media are highly criticized in general, it has some amazing uses, one of which is finding your self-care/uplifting girl gang! That’s how I discovered Alex Elle.

Through her “Hey, girl!” podcast and Instagram posts, author and storyteller, Alex Elle encourages us to take care of ourselves first.

On several occasions, I felt like she was talking directly to me, giving me a piece of advice I needed to conquer the day. This week the message was this one:

Loving yourself fully may require loving people from a distance - Alex Elle Click To Tweet

Do what is necessary to take care of yourself first. Throughout her exchanges with us, Alex asks an important question: What does self-care look like to you? What does it look like to YOU?

Be full of yourself – its okay!

Yes, my beautiful ladies, Oprah reminds us that it’s not a bad thing to be full of yourself! She says “I’m full, I’m flowing, my cup runneth over” with love, for herself.

It is important here to note that loving yourself is a self-care ritual that doesn’t happen overnight. It is also one of the hardest and worthiest of causes. If not the worthiest.

Self-care can also be, learning to love yourself every single day, flaws and all, and forgiving yourself when things don’t go according to “plan”.

What does self-care look like to you? Asking for help? Taking a bath? Sleep? Super Soul Conversations? Therapy? Blogging?

For me, it is a combination of many things, one of which is therapy, as I maneuver around being a socially anxious black girl.

Bisous xx

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7 Personal Productivity Tools for every woman

With so much to do in your daily lives, you need some productivity tools that can make you better organized, work smarter, become more effective, and achieve optimal results.

Here are a few personal productivity tools that can help you do better in your personal life, work and business.

Google Drive

Google drive is a cloud storage service by google with which you can back up the files on your various devices in the cloud and access them on any other device across various locations using your gmail ID.

You are also able to share files and collaborate with others on projects across different locations. Google drive also helps you create various folders for files to save your files. 

When devices synced with the google drive app are low on storage space, you can easily save the files on the application and delete them from the device to free storage space.

The google drive application gives 15GB free storage space, if you need to use more than this amount of storage space , you can upgrade to the paid plans.


Evernote is an application that lets you collect your thoughts, track them, share them (when you want to) and organize your day to day activities and yearlong goals.

With Evernote, you are able share notes with team mates as you brainstorm or work on a project, you can manage team access to your Evernote account. You can also access the app from any device connected to the internet and notes saved on it can be easily searched.

The Evernote app has a scanning feature that can be used to capture and register business cards as well as search documents. This app comes with virtual post it notes which can be used to organize and set reminders.


Monefy is a personal finance app that’s useful for money management. This app helps you track your spending habits and create charts that clearly show your spending pattern.

You can even customize some features on the app to suit your lifestyle – expenses, currency and language. It is easy to create and update detailed transaction lists on this platform (daily, weekly, monthly).

The app puts together reports of your transactions at intervals (decided by you); it lets you set monthly budgets, share access with others, back up and export data as required.

The basic version of the app is free to use, however, there’s an upgraded version that comes with extra features and you can get access to it for as low as N500/month. Another personal finance app that can complement Monefy is Goodbudget – this app can be applied to help you save for big expenses.

Quality Time App

Quality Time App; this application lets you know how much time you spend on your phone (hourly, daily and weekly) and how you spend it.

With this app, you can easily identify applications on your device that you are addicted to. You can use this app to curb/manage excessive phone usage.

There are even features on this app you can activate to alert you (or someone else) when you are spending “too much” time on your phone.  

A Vision Board

A Vision board is built as a representation of where you are going (vision/goal) using images, picture, quotes.

It is a goal setting tool on which defined vision/goals are illustrated visually .In a world where there’s so much fighting for your attention, there’s need to define your dreams and focus on them and a vision board can help with that.

It is best to place this tool where it can be seen regularly; this lets you constantly feed your subconscious mind with what you want to achieve and how you want to feel. This tunes your mind in on your focus so that it constantly works to bring these dreams to life (whatever you focus on expands).

Famous people like Ellen Degeneres and Katy Perry have spoken about how they used vision boards at one time or the other to bring their dreams to life.

The process of creating a vision board is engaging; it connects you mentally to your dreams and there are no strict rules to it. You can inspire, motivate and affirm your way to your dreams using this tool.

Post It Notes

Post it notes are small sticky sheets of paper for taking notes and setting reminders; you can use it to track and organize thoughts by pasting these notes where they can be easily spotted for the required timely action, it comes in very handy when multitasking.

These notes are easily pasted or detached from surfaces and leave no stains or residue. Post it notes are visually invasive when compared to software applications but they help direct attention to where it is needed.

Virtual post it notes now exists, but I doubt they can take the place of the physical post it notes.

Adult coloring

Adult coloring is simply coloring for adults; sometimes we need to calm our young, active and energetic minds to prevent burnout and increase focus and concentration.

Research shows that coloring has therapeutic benefits for adults; It is said to improve mindfulness and reduce anxiety. This can translate to reduced stress levels as well as better focus and concentration on work. Consider this a good way to manage stress and increase productivity.

Adult coloring apps like ColorMe is a good place to start, you can also go for hard cover adult coloring books if that’s your preferred option.

Now, go and live your best life!

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Revealed: The Secret To Staying Motivated

The year is almost halfway done, and chances are, the energy you started with is most likely not as powerful as it is now. Being motivated for a whole year can be quite challenging when life is constantly throwing us different surprises. Even then, motivation can only take you so far when trying to achieve your goals. 

So, how do you stay motivated amidst all? The secret is – drum rolls please – ‘Find your Vision’! Your vision will guide you and keep you going on your journey to success. Vision ensures that you don’t go around in circles and get frustrated when things go left. 

But how do you find your vision? The following tips offer a few steps on how you can find your vision and stay motivated. 

1. Listen to your inner voice

To have a clear idea about your vision, you must look inside yourself. Vision comes from within, from the spirit or subconscious, whatever you choose to call it. Everyone has a vision that is unique to them, and you are no different.

When searching inside, you should yourself questions such as what stirs you? What is your greatest desire? What kind of dreams do you have? Once, you ask yourself these questions, chances are your vision will start become clearer for you.

2. Prepare yourself mentally

Your vision begins in your mind and heart. It is something that burns within your soul. it should be greater than your all of your past memories, mistakes, and accomplishments. If you know what your vision is, you will have a purpose and won’t get lost on your journey.

Sometimes, when you don’t have a distinct vision, it is easy to become distracted. If you don’t know where you’re going or how to get there, the journey will seem a lot longer and harder. To avoid this, make surer you prepare your mind for challenges ahead.

3. Surround yourself with people who have a clear purpose

Greatness breeds greatness, and it is for this reason that you should seek out the company of others who can appreciate and support your vision. Network with winners and it will keep your motivation high.

4. Develop your vision

Do you want to be the next Bill Gates but because of the way your bank account is wired it may seem impossible? The truth is, there are times when it is hard to understand how to apply your vision to your life in order to reach your goals. Don’t worry, all visions start from scratch!

Your vision will grow from your experiences, talents, dreams, and desires. So don’t worry if your bank account is not growing as fast as you would have wished. Great visions take time to develop and perfect. Allow your vision to slowly but surely reveal itself to you.

5. Keep a notebook and pen handy

All too often, we come up with great ideas and thoughts and by the time we want to write them down, they are forgotten. With that in mind, you never know when your vision is going to come to you, you have to keep a small notepad with you at all times. Even on your nightstand when you sleep. Write down whatever comes to mind, no matter how silly it seems at the time.

You may write down a hundred crazy ideas but number one hundred and one just might be the vision you were searching for. Don’t try to filter right now, just write down everything that comes to mind.

6. Follow your vision

The vision you are seeking will most likely come to you in ways that you won’t fully understand at the moment. That’s okay. Even your friends or family might not understand it. That too is fine. Just follow as much of your vision as you can right now, and more will be revealed to you as time goes on.

All truly successful people have a vision that they follow, no matter what challenges they may face. Begin following the above steps to seek your vision today and remember that true, lasting success will never come to you until you know what your vision is and how you will follow it.

And you will be unstoppable if you combine your personal vision with a healthy dose of motivation.

This article was originally written by Tariro.

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How to avoid The Masquerade of Multitasking

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The last time I wrote about our natural abilities to want to achieve more by doing more or taking more jobs, I had a number of people drop their comments. One particular one stood out. It read,  “I can relate to this Sewa. I have so many of them around me, especially at work, and I thought how is it that a number of us do the work of a computer and expect to achieve more”.

If there’s anything I know, it is that you can’t achieve more by doing more at the same time. Well, except you are prime in delegating duties accordingly. Before you misjudge me, you should know that I’m a fan of getting things done on time, however way I can.

Multitasking has saved me many times whether it is about a task or an appointment.

At least that’s about the most possible way to go around getting things done, especially if you live in a city like mine, where everything seems to be a competition. It just is not efficient.

So, for my business people, this is something we brag about, “I’m multitasking”.  It’s like a hard working to do. Cambridge Dictionary says this means “Multitasking is a person’s ability to do more than one thing at a time” but Merriam Webster captures my thought more by referring to it as “the concurrent performance of several jobs by a computer”.

Without seeming too stiff-necked about this, I’ll explain a personal situation. Although it delivers, my computer slows down each time I put it to do multiple things at the same time. Which tells me, that, it’s ability to multitask does not validate its ability to deliver at an expected prompt time.

This technically means also, that, even if you can take on so many things at the same time, you can be guaranteed that some other necessities are paying dearly for it.

In today’s world, however, multitasking is almost a necessary evil, and if you’re like me, you’ll almost beat yourself each time you realize one thing is stalling the other. So, here are two things I recommend you do when there’s so much to do at a given time:


Please don’t argue, just delegate. The major problem we have as humans are, we think nobody can do it like we can (especially detail-oriented people like me). We keep taking on more duties until we break down.

How about you pick one person at a time. Take them through your way of getting things done. Let them have access to you through questions. This way, you can breathe when you need to. There’s a reason the word TEAM exists. Someone says it means ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’.

Arianna Huffington of Huffington Post liked to do more work, but until her health was at stake, she didn’t realize her need to breathe or at least take a rest. I also watched some CEOs interviewed very recently.

One of them was asked what part of his job makes him lose his sleep, his answer was none.
The truth is, work has always existed and it would continue to exist with or without you. You gotta do it right – for yourself.


Even though some things need to be done at the same time, not everything needs your attention urgently. The difference between what’s urgent and what’s important is that one needs immediate attention while the other necessarily doesn’t.

According to The Eisenhower Decision Matrix, there are better ways to have a progressive life than feeling sapped and strained all the time. Hence the theory of the 4 Quadrants of productivity. He says, People who spend most of their time working on Urgent but Not Important tasks often suffer from the “Mr. Nice Guy Syndrome,” and want to constantly please others at the expense of their own happiness.

We all work at organizations and may be able to relate to this. The idea is to know what’s yours to do and do it right. Your ability to prioritize right would lead you to know what’s up for possible delegation and what truly needs your attention.

My question is this, would you continue to allow the masquerade of multitasking hunt you? Will you continue to live through the façade of doing different things at the same time when it really is not efficient?

Would you get out of the cloak of inefficient hard work to be more, by embracing efficient smart work?
Here’s hoping you’ll make one of your best decisions in 2018 to make working more fulfilling.


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