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Gugu Sithole-Tyali Shows Us How to Take Over the World of PR

As you know, we’re always so incredibly proud when we see amazing women who are not only succeeding in their respective careers but uplift other young women for success too! With over 10 years’ experience, Gugu Sithole-Tyali took her once small side hustle and turned it into one of the most respected PR companies in […]

Sharon Moatshe: A PR Business Must Not Over-Promise and Under-Deliver

From the dusty streets of Kagiso township in Gauteng, South Africa, Sharon Moatshe has  tapped into the world of entrepreneurship at a young age, and believes that she can create whatever door she wants to open. After many months of looking for a job after graduating, the solution was simple, start a business with the […]

Public Relations vs. Advertising

[bctt tweet=”In PR, The “public” is anyone who ever has/will form an opinion about the client” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] What is Public Relations? Public Relations is a strategic communication process that builds and manages mutually beneficial relationships between Organizations and the Public. The “public” is anyone who ever has or ever will form an opinion about the […]

Mary Njoki: Glowing from the inside out

Mary Njoki

[bctt tweet=”I had an idea of starting a company that embraced clear communication with its clients & employees” via=”no”] Mary Njoki is a young leader in the entrepreneurship industry in Kenya. Unemployment is a major challenge faced by Kenyan youth but Mary Njoki defied the odds and began her own company. Glass House PR was […]

Mbali Zondo: Surround yourself with people who you admire

Mbali Zondo

[bctt tweet=”Do your homework before networking. Make sure you have introduced yourself to the host if you can” via=”no”] PR doyenne turned award-winning director Ava Duvernay famously said: “when you’re in your lane there’s no traffic”. Mbali Zondo’s remarkable career journey is a testament to this truth. She continues to cement her place in the […]

Mahlodi Legodi: I manage the business, God owns it

Mahlodi Legodi

Public relations is basically free advertising. The thing is, it is important to be able to relate with the people on which your business relies. It is those relationships that will make people support your vision by choosing your product or services over your competitors. As a client I’d want some transparency, I mean who […]

The art of public relations

[bctt tweet=”A degree isn’t enough to be a PR specialist, we share insider tools and tricks to the industry” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds and manages mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and the public. This article breaks down public relations for those considering a career in the industry. Who is the […]

How to use media platforms to grow your business

[bctt tweet=”Build your public presence and reach new customers with these tips” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Public relations can be used to protect, enhance or build reputations through the media. The world of business is characterised by fierce competition. In order to win new customers and retain the existing ones, companies not only have to distinguish themselves from […]

Phumeza Langa: I’m a serial opportunity sharer, I cannot help myself

[bctt tweet=”People have powerful stories to share and @phumezamzai encounters them as a freelance writer” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Phumeza Langa is a communications consultant and freelance writer from Jo’burg with a passion for uplifting women through her work and life. By day, she is a part of the marketing and communications team at ADT Security, and evenings […]

Anyiko Owoko: It starts with you

[bctt tweet=”Anyiko Owoko is a writer and PR maven who has worked with many Kenyan & African stars” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] A celebrity publicist, a Public Relations maven, journalist, blogger and all round music and entertainment aficionado -Anyiko Owoko is the perfect definition of more than a triple threat. The young connoisseur is the publicist to award […]