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11 Traits to have in your single years – while waiting for a life partner

The single years can be fun and productive, but in some societies, the stigma that arises when you start getting close to a certain age can become overwhelming. Beyond that, how can you make your single years transformational and fruitful before settling down? Here are some tips to help you: 1. Give more than you […]


What’s it like being a girl? There are a whole bunch of things women go through, our emotional and physical kit bags are always filled up and frankly, we all need a sister to talk to. It’s funny how we live in the century of the millennials where almost everyone is very open-minded but women […]

Your boo, your woe


You’ve heard it said that one of the most important career decisions you can make is the choice of a boo. Your bae could be a nightmare for your career goals, hence the need to choose wisely. Unhealthy relationships can and will affect both your career and personal growth. As a matter of fact, it is an […]

What Jhene Aiko showed us about divorce in Nigeria

Remember the not-so-shocking end of Jhene Aiko’s marriage to her Nigerian husband, DotdaGenius? It really brought to the forefront how most Nigerians view divorce. The lessons to learn from this bitter and public divorce are numerous. Let’s look at what not to do when a relationship goes sour. Don’t ever feel the need to air […]