Started from #SheHiveLagos now we here: Tolu & Jade’s partnership story

jade tolu travelotus partnership
Tolu & Jade met at #SheHiveLagos, now they have joined forces to start Travelotus Click To Tweet

It started with a fleeting meeting in a restroom and now two SLAyers have a budding tourism enterprise set to take over Africa and the world.

While in the university, Tolulope Balogun’s entrepreneurial mind-set blossomed; she sold several items ranging from clothes, shoes and perfumes. During NYSC, Tolulope figured out what her heart was drawn to —travel, geography, and how airlines tick. She went on to get the required expertise and training to become the Trusted Travel Agent that she is now.

For Jadesola Odujole, writing, exploring and meeting new people are the best ways to keep her happy. In school, she joined press organizations to hone her skills. Now in 2016, after interviewing several celebrities —including Empire stars Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard, Jadesola knows she has made the right choice by choosing to tell stories with words.

Jadesola’s experience at SheHive Lagos

“As a writer and content creator I was super excited by the SheHive Lagos atmosphere. Seeing all those amazing ladies who are ready to take on great responsibilities to change the world was inspiring.
One thing that has always scared me in business has been going into a partnership.

Prior to SLA, I had not met someone to share my passion, drive and willingness to take on challenges. I knew I was in the right environment when SLA co-founder Afua came up and spoke about not being afraid to go into partnerships.

From that point, there were two things on my mind. How to use my strengths and how best to leverage on the contacts I was sure to make at the event.”

Prior to SLA I had not met someone to share my passion & drive - Jade Click To Tweet

How the winning partnership was formed

“Remembering how we met still makes me laugh and I am glad we met. I was rushing out after the programme as I didn’t want my seaties to leave me behind when I went to use the restroom. I said hi and we exchanged our basic details when she was like she needed a content creator for her website.

Fast forward to our first meeting, we started talking about some of our interests and we found a middle spot. Thankfully, Travelotus is going on her maiden tour to Badagry on December 26th, 2016 and we hope to show that Africans are more than what has been scripted about us.”

Tolulope’s starting Travelotus Limited

“I wasn’t so sure of what I’d do after graduating from university but I was sure I wanted to own my business. I had a picture of where I was headed. That kept me up at night, has been my biggest inspiration and it hasn’t given me room to give up.

It is tough being tiny and trying to make an impact but with God, every setback will seem like a hurdle crossed. My key business ethics have always been integrity and honesty. Once people can trust you and vouch for you, doors will just keep opening.

We officially registered Travelotus luxury tours a travel, tour and concierge company in May 2016, and we’ve been growing steadily ever since.

My key business ethics have always been integrity and honesty - Tolu Click To Tweet

What a difference SheHive Lagos made and advice to aspiring #MotherlandMoguls

Tolulope: SLA brought Jade and I together in this partnership and it’s been opening doors for us both. I am certain a lot of people at the #SheHiveLagos can say the same for their lives and businesses. The networking is amazeballs and there is a support group too so we can keep in touch. Attending SheHive opens you up to new friends, and sometimes that is all you need. The people I sit and chat with at such events are always golden.

Jadesola: One thing we will say to every SLAyer out there —past and present, do not be afraid to speak up. Your idea might sound weird to those around you but it is most likely because they are not right for the dream. Eventually you will meet those who are willing to put their backs into it. One thing that’s stuck in my mind was, ‘Your 20s is not the time for you to find a balance, go out and do stuff’. Look at me now!



Announcing Travelotus’ first trip!

We have a great outdoors trip ‘Lotus Tours Wellness Daycation’ planned for the 26th of December 2016 at Whispering Palms in Badagry, Lagos state. It promises to be fun times with lots of activities, comfortable transportation to and from the venue and much more.

Travelotus' Wellness Daycation is planned for the 26th of December 2016 at Whispering Palms Click To Tweet

The aim is to promote longevity among Nigerians and explore new places. We have identified this period as reboot time to chill, as well as set health, mind, business and life goals for the coming year. It will also be an opportunity to interact with new people and make friends.

One of the highlights, an aerobic session is going to be hosted by one of our sponsors Ejiro Oyeneye of Team Fitness who’s also a SheHive Lagos 2016 participant!

For enquiries about the tour, email us at or call 08031872636.

A day at SheHive Lagos: SLAYing Sunday

slaying shehive lagos she leads africa

10:35am: It’s the final day of SheHive and despite the heavy rain, #MotherlandMoguls still came out to slay.

I grabbed a SLA-branded popcorn and a drink and immediately started connection with some of the moguls I met yesterday.

We chatted about the first two days of SheHive Lagos (the Thursday and Friday intensive workshop led by the SLA team) which one of them had attended.

She said it was an intimate session with Afua, who gave business counsel unique to each of the ladies. To her, it was a fantastic learning experience and I began to pinch myself for missing out.

11.17am: To kick off the day, there was an instant give away and I won! I was super excited when I saw the cool things in the goody bag.

11.30am: Afua gave us a chance to get creative. Paired in groups, we were to come up with a 30-second ad for SLA. The idea was to get people to attend the next SheHive which would be in Johannesburg in November.

Mehn, SLA does bring out the talent in us all! Kudos to #TeamStompTheYard, they really got the crowd cheering with their stomping moves.

161009shehivesat36812.07pm: The next session was for the women who wear the pants, as Adepeju Adebajo took us into the world of women in non-traditional industries.

Being the CEO of one of the big players in the cement industry Lafarge Africa, Adepeju gave us the 411 on how to become a boss in a man’s world.

One key advice from her was that the most important career decision you will ever make is who you marry.  My fellow moguls take note on that one, if you want to keep slaying then choose bae wisely!

1.20pm: Adepeju’s talk was over and it was time for lunch. I always enjoy lunch time ‘cos not only do I get to feed but I get the chance to catch up with even more #MotherlandMoguls.

Yesterday, I didn’t take so many pictures and after seeing lovely pictures from SheHive Lagos on Instagram, I knew better not to slack today. I posed with SLA props, took some group pictures and even photo bombed a couple of snaps. Biko no time to dull!

2.10pm: We were coached on “getting your products to your customers”, by Toyin Odulate. She shared her blessing in disguise story of how a hair-dye job gone wrong left her with bad hair loss.

With her mum’s secret recipe she was able to bring her hair back to life and that’s when it struck her that she could sell this magic portion as a side hustle.

The Olori Cosmetics founder shed light on how she was able to get her products to her customers as a startup and as the MD/CEO of Danone Nutricia. The latter gave us insight into the distribution process adopted by bigger companies.

I really enjoyed Toyin’s presentation especially because she was able to give very typical Naija scenarios to buttress her points. She also promised #MotherlandMoguls in the house some Olori goodies..Now that’s what’s up!

3.15pm: Bunmi Lawson, MD Accion Microfinance bank gave us some insight on achieving business growth and how she kicked off a business from one room and grew it to forty-four offices in 5 states in Nigeria. Now that’s some #MotherlandMogul move right there!

Bunmi explained that the people who surround you and your business are a major key to its growth.

Invest in the right people, share your vision with them and together you will build an empire.

161009shehivesun0274.20pm: At this point, my mind had already been conditioned for ShopTheHive. I heard there were going to be a lot of cool outlets selling stuff and I had also spread the word to a couple of my shopaholic friends to attend.

Just before we got off our seats, we had some vendors talk to us about their products and services. This just whet my appetite even more, as I was itching to see what else was in stock at ShopTheHive.

4.40pm: Off we went to the ground floor where the shopping party was going down. They had everything FAB from sunglasses, clothes, accessories and bags to throw-pillows, wall decorations and scents.

There were also stands for refreshments. I was really feeling cool with myself; I was able to #EatShopMingle all at the same time.

My best part was the photo booth. It was the last chance to capture my SheHive Lagos moments in four clicks of the camera. Very cool stuffz!

161009shehivesun0336.00pm: I hugged my new friends good bye and headed to the parking lot. Thankfully, I succeeded in not breaking my bank account at ShopTheHive.

I had such an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G weekend. SheHive Lagos totally worth my time and more! You probably can’t understand the hype of SheHive until you have attended one yourself.

”Stake almost everything”: Go for growth with Bunmi Lawson #SheHive Lagos

bunmi lawson go for growth shehive lagos

With a beautiful combination of effortless grace and muted seriousness, Bunmi Lawson, the CEO of Accion Microfinance Bank spoke to the #MotherlandMoguls at SheHive Lagos.

Her advice on growing a business was practical and actionable —it felt more like talking to a very logical, knowledgeable and completely objective friend.

The secrets for growth

When we think of growth, we often think of it in terms of money. Bunmi defines growth as knowing your passion, how to drive it and what sector you would be most required in.

What that boils down to is, to have a vision.

– Stake almost everything

At some point, if you’re really serious about growing that business, you have to stake it all and make a decision. No one can predict what the “right” decision is, we know.

What Bunmi learned in business is that waiting for everything to fall in place does nothing but prolong the inevitable. Eventually, you have to call the shots.

No option of going back

The best growth decisions are made with knowledge, skills, and intelligence. These decisions should be solid enough and touch your core values.

The moment you know what is most important and you are clear about your priorities, you know there is no turning back.

Get a great team

A great team may consist of staff, directors, mentors and shareholders. Whatever you do, be sure to surround yourself with the right supporters.

Partnerships are good and never compromise on the quality of staff.

bunmi lawson shehive lagos go for growthBunmi also shared information on some big breaks, particularly on going to banks for funding, seeking help for your business and making money.

Capital call

It may seem crazy to you but banks shouldn’t be your first point of call in raising funds for your small business. Funding a business is always very challenging, but personal savings and support from family and friends should come first.

You’ll learn as you go, that this is definitely a lot stronger than getting a bank loan you may never be able to pay back!

Technical Assistance

Before you can achieve the perfect business, you absolutely must get the right ”help”. The key to maximizing the effectiveness of any venture is to know how things work.

A well-planned business can also instantly move from drab to fab. Don’t underestimate the power of really knowing what to do.

Economic growth

At the end of the day, you’re in business to make money, right?

Then, start making some, no matter how little or scarce your resources are.

Bunmi’s final words to young #MotherlandMoguls was this. Your business may be growing super fast but if you don’t manage growth well, you’d spread yourself too thin and burn out. Always keep this in mind as you continue on your way to business success.

If you enjoyed reading this article then the next best thing is to be there in person for #SheHive Joburg!

A day at SheHive Lagos: #MotherlandMoguls stand up!

shehive lagos she leads africa

10:am: I drove into this building that made me forget I was in Naija for a minute. I knew for sure my snapchat fam were going to get back to back snaps of all corners of this beautiful building, Heritage Place.

I go up to the 9th floor and get in the room to realize I wasn’t the only one eager to attend SheHive Lagos. A bunch of ladies were already seated, mingling, and taking selfies at different spots with SLA props.

What are SLA props? There were name tags with SLA, #MotherlandMogul and other power slogans inscripted on them, which was super cool.

Trust me, even before the event kicked off, I already got the feeling I was in bombass territory!

11.01am: The MC welcomed everyone to SheHive. Say what?? No African time ke?I actually thought she was testing out the mic but I was proved wrong. I was really impressed!

Anyways back to my story, FK our MC told us to write down two things we were expecting from SheHive and then share what we wrote with the person beside us.

After that, it was time for “Nigerian’s Next Group idol”! We were divided into groups and had to rap to the beat of Phyno and Olamide’s “Fada Fada” song. We came up with lyrics centered on SheHive Lagos and SLA.

I thought my group came up with some decent lyrics (give it up for #TeamAwesome!) but it wasn’t until I heard other groups like Gingerbabes, Queen Bees of SheHive and Teamslay perform, that I knew the rap battle was on!

Thanks to SLA, some ladies discovered their inner Nicki Minaj that morning.

TeamAwesome gearing up for the #MotherlandMogul rap battle
TeamAwesome gearing up for the #MotherlandMogul rap battle

11:58am: Afua, co-founder of SLA spoke to us on building winning partnerships, using the SLA experience. She paired us in groups and we had to come up with a name of a company, its signature product, and a partnership that will help the business strategy.

We also had to create a pitch for our chosen partner. This was so much fun and it helped me get a better understanding of all what Afua had earlier schooled us on.

I also discovered there were #Mmotherlandmoguls that came to SheHive Lagos from different parts of Nigeria. We had people in the audience from states like Benue, Ogun, Delta and Ibadan. There were even women from other countries like Cameroon, South Africa, and Ghana.

Wow! So much #BlackGirlPower in one room!

1.00pm: Lunch time! As a foodie, I didn’t waste a second grabbing my pack of jollof rice and chicken.

During lunch, I sat beside a Cameroonian woman and we had the debate on whose jollof rice is the best. As much as she tried to convince me Cameroon jollof rice was better, we all know Naija jollof no dey they carry last!

We had a mini runway show of SLA couture right after lunch. Tuke and Ada modeled cool T-shirts branded with SLA lingo. I made sure I got one for myself, to complete my #MotherlandMogul swag!

2:05pm: For the next session, we had a panel of four Motherland Moguls discuss the act of balancing work with life. Arese Ugwu, Nibi Lawson, Nimi Akinkugbe and Foluso Gbadamosi all chipped in on how they have been able to some kind of balance between the work they do and their family/social lives.

After the panel, we had a group selfie with the panelists. I’ll bet my face didn’t show up in the selfie and I’m sure I speak for other “height challenged” moguls like myself. 😂

selfie time shehive lagos she leads africa 3.20pm: Idorenyen Enang told us his Lego story, illustrating his colorful career path from Guinness to Coca Cola to Fanta to Cadbury to Samsung to L’Oreal before starting his own business, Corporate Shepherds.

The man is on fire! One valid point from him was that we shouldn’t dump traditional marketing tools just because of the famous Instagram.

4.50pm: We dived into the world of digital marketing with Ibukun Onitiju, Head of Sales and Online Marketing at Ringier Nigeria.

Do you feel bad because you haven’t found your passion? Or you don’t seem to know what you’re passionate about? Well don’t feel bad. It’s not always love at first sight for what you do.

Ibukun said he grew to love digital marketing. There was no passion, it was something he learnt, got good at, got paid to do and then he stuck with it! Now he is slaying in everything digital marketing.

He taught us extensively on how to profile your customers and the different sales funnel for each type of customer. I gained so much from his presentation, he seemed to get what I was trying to achieve career-wise.

Trust me, I cornered him backstage where we chatted more on sharpening a career path in digital marketing.

6.00pm: It was time for some cocktails and networking! Woohoo!

Ever heard of speed networking? I certainly hadn’t until SheHive Lagos! It’s just like speed dating but without the dating of course. You get 5 minutes to chat with the person in front of you and then move on to the next person.

161008shehivesat305Event planners plenty for Lagos sha! I met four event planners, two lawyers (one of the lawyers is also an event planner), a jewellery designer, and ladies in hospitality, travel, and PR.

It was nice to meet so many #MotherlandMoguls from different sectors.

6.50pm: I took a couple of pictures with the SLA props and then it was time to head home. I still had a lot of #awesomeness waiting to be explored at Sunday’s event.

“You need guts and discipline”: Finding new customers with Idonrenyen Enang #SheHive Lagos

idonrenyen enang shehive lagos finding new customers

SheHive Lagos brought together the best of the bunch and of course, our speakers were just as awesome. The distinguished marketing practitioner and former Managing Director of L’Oreal West Africa and Samsung West Africa, Idonrenyen Enang was one of them.

With a career spanning almost three decades in several key positions, Idonrenyen has a wealth of experience in several areas. This includes brand management, marketing management, strategic planning, organizational redesign and more.

He showed us how to take the headache out of finding new customers and never lack them again. And we just couldn’t resist sharing some of these lessons with you!

What marketing really is

You see, marketing isn’t about sponsorship and advertising. The whole essence of this shouldn’t be lost on you. Marketing is actually about identifying a need and making money out of it. In between this, is the supply chain.

Of course, you’re an entrepreneur and out to make money. But there are so many different things to do in order to get people to actually cough out money for that product or service, no matter how good. There has to be some transfer of value and that’s where profit comes in.

Here’s the thing; there’s no way to handle this except by really knowing how. And even if you could, you would drive yourself crazy trying to keep up with everything, wouldn’t you? So, how do you snake around such a problem?

Go to the shrine

Start-ups typically have short menus at their disposal but you need to broaden your scope. Your menu should include advertising, strategy, branding, research and internet.

Everyday should be research day. Why didn’t she/he come for a purchase today? Why did they not like our product/service? That’s how the mind of a marketer should work.

It may feel a little overwhelming getting people to patronize your products or services in the current recession but it is the best time for creativity and innovation. In fact, this is the best time to launch a business.

Understanding consumption and purchase occasions is the basis of a successful sales strategy.

In addition to this, you need to determine the following.

idonrenyen enang shehive lagos finding new customersThe who of marketing —discipline

This is about you. You simply need to be a rebel. Lots of guts and discipline are needed to increase patronage of your brand.

The what of marketing

Basically, the what is about metrics —numbers. If you can’t triangulate numbers and make them speak to you, then your investments might just go down the drain.

For example, the reason why you use a particular brand of toothpaste is the physical satisfaction you get from it. After this stage, comes the emotional attachment. The whole experience is where that brand gets a hold of you and that’s brand equity metrics.

The why of marketing —the essence

The idea is to market the essence. You need money and every stakeholder needs value and satisfaction. You’ve got to meet somewhere between the two.

The how of marketing

Now, you may have the best product or service there is in town but marketing doesn’t stop there. You’ll need to rightly position yourself by consistently improving on your customer experience.

There’s an art and science to delivering to the end user. Positioning tells you what type of product to innovate, how to improve on it and what sponsorship to ask for.

Finally, Idonrenyen shared 5 keys to tracking performance, remember them.

  • Availability
  • Merchandising
  • Space/equipment
  • Price to value
  • Quality

And there here you have it, ladies. Entrepreneurship may seem hard but knowing what to do is essential to finding new customers. When building a business,  give yourself every advantage that you can. Try these ideas by Idonrenyen and we bet, business will be easier!

What could possibly be better than participating in the #SheHive action? Actually attending the next one, obviously. See you in Joburg!

”There’s nothing like being too ambitious”: Women in non-traditional industries with Adepeju Adebajo #SheHiveLagos

adepeju adebajo shehive lagos sla

According to one of the speakers at #SheHiveLagos, Adepeju Adebajo, CEO, Lafarge Cement, it’s actually better to go through the road less travelled. Here, that road leads to non-traditional industries.

Adepeju has experience in strategic planning, brand management, product development and management consulting. She believes that by challenging the status quo, you eventually create a new and fresh perspective to things you never thought of.

This is where we get curious. And if you’re like us, don’t worry, here are 4 things you can do to nurture your curiosity.

Do your research

Explore the opportunities available in the market. Utilize them to nurture your curiosity and try new things.

This can be anything really, it doesn’t matter what. Just ensure that you’re doing something different from your norm. This is what stokes curiosity.

Set goals and priorities

This may come off basic. I mean, who doesn’t know you need to set goals? It’s a simple yet effective way to shift from your usual comfort zone and actually get to doing something.

Be focused. Plan things out and don’t allow anyone or anything heap unrealistic expectations on you and your goals.

Intelligence. Diligence. Hard work

Contrary to the mistaken assumption, education can give you that job you want.

What it takes to keep that job is the right attitude, tenacity,  discipline and a political antenna. If you have all these, you’re good to go.

Quality education

This might not be all it takes, but it’s a pretty well-known fact that quality education (especially in your area of interest) and creativity are interrelated.

161009shehivesat387Adepeju has successfully moved across different industries, so of course we were excited to hear about the mantra she lives by. They are to kill for (well, kind of).

Create your own future

You are no more likely than the next generation to seek group consensus when making decisions.

You simply shouldn’t be bashful about making decisions that people don’t agree with.

Train a successor

There’s a simple way to ensure that knowledge never stops but continues in your workplace or industry. Mentor people and raise a successor. Never be afraid to share what you’ve learned with other promising women.

When you have a mentee, constantly find out what they know. It may likely be a far cry from what you’d expect. Find out if their skills are as strong as they could be and if they are not, help them in their weak areas.

Be a good follower

You can’t become a great leader if you weren’t a good follower and even as a leader, you’ve got mentors to learn from too.

Learning from the right people, in the right ways is important. In hindsight, actions that feel right in the moment can wind up as obvious no-nos.

The trick is to learn from other people’s experiences before you cross that line, because once you do, you’ll be doing away with avoidable mistakes.

Treat others the way you’d want to be treated

If I were to go back to the organizations I’ve worked, they would welcome me with a red carpet. That alone says a lot – treat people well.

Once you reveal through your actions that people are important to you, there’s the chance that your work will be a lot easier and you will be successful.


Some things have to take the back seat: Balancing work + life #SheHiveLagos

shehive lagos she leads africa the balancing act

Although undoubtedly one of the most fun events of the year, SLA’s SheHive is also one of the most informative gatherings for smart African women. This weekend, the city of Lagos pretty much exploded thanks to #SheHiveLagos.

We could wax rhetoric about all the wonderful ways you can achieve some balance, but let’s be real. At the end of the day, you need a way out of those particularly uninspiring mornings where you just want to give up on everything.

To help Motherland Moguls shatter glass ceilings across all industries without breaking a sweat, Arese Ugwu, founder of Smart Money Africa, Nimi Akinkugbe, founder & CEO of Bestman Games and Nibi Lawson, founder of The Kinky Apothecary gave the best advice ever.

You’ll need to bookmark this!

What is balance to you? What does it mean to be able to balance work with life?

Arese: I believe in balance but not in the way most people view it. I spent a lot of time in my 20s trying to find balance. But you can’t have it all put together all the time and that’s fine.

You should be able to focus on your career and not feel guilty. Learn to live with it. Find out what best works for your lifestyle.

Nimi: I have never had total balance in my life. Some things have to take the back seat and that’s totally okay.

Don’t knock yourself out on everything. You can’t insist on micro-managing everything.

Nibi: Find out how things work with you. Compartmentalize them. Do things at the time you’re able to and when at your best.

As busy women, how do you cope with handling personal responsibilities?

Arese: There are times when my daughter says, “Mummy, you work too much”. I used to feel bad but I found a way to make her understand that my working hard is tied to the quality of life I am able to provide her.

Now, while she’s doing homework, I work. This works for us as we have a routine for homework, conversations and play dates.

Nimi: Guilt trips are real. Most times, I’m not able to do school runs but I’ve found a way around that. I decided on 3 days, a week.

Support systems are also critical. You need the help of friends, siblings and a spouse (if you have one). My mother-in-law is my greatest support. She kicks in just when I need her.

Nibi: I’m not married yet and I feel guilty about not having time for my friends (and weddings).

But I find ways around these things. Priority is key.

shehive lagos the balancing actHow do you decide on what to prioritize? What models do you make use of?

Arese:  I think everyone has to learn how to say, ”No”. It’s really that important. If you have to spend all day responding to emails, DMs and tweets, you will never get work done. How then do you pay your bills?

I remember being on a board where their expectations for my responsibilities were quite different from mine and of course,  I politely declined.

Figure out your priorities and focus on them.

Nimi: I have a broad picture of what I do. I don’t have idle time. And yes, even my thinking time is planned! I’m definitely not one to attend four weddings and a funeral on a Saturday.

It takes a lot to juggle family, friends, business and a career but you can’t sit and worry about how hard it is. You’ve simple got to prioritize.

Nibi: My hair business started as a hobby but even as a banker then, I had to decide between the two. You simply have to be courageous enough to decide what you need to do.

Looking back at your 20s, what would you have done differently if you knew better?

Arese: Maybe I would have gone harder on building my career.

Ladies, balance should not exist in your dictionary. Understand that this is a time to build yourself and go hard on yourself.

Nimi: Financial knowledge and discipline are very important as a lady in your 20s.

Also, develop yourself and don’t wait for things to happen.

Nibi: In my 20s, I waited for suggestions on what to do but now, I would say, do you and be focused.

shehive lagos the balancing actHow do you manage people’s expectations of who you are with who you really are? What drives your desire for success?

Arese: What drives me fundamentally is my child. I want to be successful so I can provide her a better life. And so, I don’t keep friends or people who question my drive and desire for success.

Nimi: It’s about purpose. That one thing you love and won’t mind doing for free. Gradually, you would make money out of it.

Nibi: I’m driven by success itself and I try to hang around smart and driven women who motivate me to great heights.

Final words to Motherland Moguls

Arese: If you haven’t found your purpose, that should be your priority right now. You know those issues that make you argue on end? That’s probably your passion. Start thinking of a way to make it work.

Your awesome, smart, and lucrative idea isn’t going to achieve itself if you don’t start doing something about how you’d make it happen.

Nimi: There is so much abuse of everything these days. So look after yourself, exercise and diet properly.

Give back. Have social empathy —think of that one thing you can do to change lives.

Nibi: Your health is very important. If you’re not healthy, you can’t be talking of success in business or career.

You can’t afford to be ill when there is money to be made. Taking a whole lot on yourself can make you flounder out somewhere along the way.