Started from #SheHiveLagos now we here: Tolu & Jade’s partnership story

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Tolu & Jade met at #SheHiveLagos, now they have joined forces to start Travelotus Click To Tweet

It started with a fleeting meeting in a restroom and now two SLAyers have a budding tourism enterprise set to take over Africa and the world.

While in the university, Tolulope Balogun’s entrepreneurial mind-set blossomed; she sold several items ranging from clothes, shoes and perfumes. During NYSC, Tolulope figured out what her heart was drawn to —travel, geography, and how airlines tick. She went on to get the required expertise and training to become the Trusted Travel Agent that she is now.

For Jadesola Odujole, writing, exploring and meeting new people are the best ways to keep her happy. In school, she joined press organizations to hone her skills. Now in 2016, after interviewing several celebrities —including Empire stars Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard, Jadesola knows she has made the right choice by choosing to tell stories with words.

Jadesola’s experience at SheHive Lagos

“As a writer and content creator I was super excited by the SheHive Lagos atmosphere. Seeing all those amazing ladies who are ready to take on great responsibilities to change the world was inspiring.
One thing that has always scared me in business has been going into a partnership.

Prior to SLA, I had not met someone to share my passion, drive and willingness to take on challenges. I knew I was in the right environment when SLA co-founder Afua came up and spoke about not being afraid to go into partnerships.

From that point, there were two things on my mind. How to use my strengths and how best to leverage on the contacts I was sure to make at the event.”

Prior to SLA I had not met someone to share my passion & drive - Jade Click To Tweet

How the winning partnership was formed

“Remembering how we met still makes me laugh and I am glad we met. I was rushing out after the programme as I didn’t want my seaties to leave me behind when I went to use the restroom. I said hi and we exchanged our basic details when she was like she needed a content creator for her website.

Fast forward to our first meeting, we started talking about some of our interests and we found a middle spot. Thankfully, Travelotus is going on her maiden tour to Badagry on December 26th, 2016 and we hope to show that Africans are more than what has been scripted about us.”

Tolulope’s starting Travelotus Limited

“I wasn’t so sure of what I’d do after graduating from university but I was sure I wanted to own my business. I had a picture of where I was headed. That kept me up at night, has been my biggest inspiration and it hasn’t given me room to give up.

It is tough being tiny and trying to make an impact but with God, every setback will seem like a hurdle crossed. My key business ethics have always been integrity and honesty. Once people can trust you and vouch for you, doors will just keep opening.

We officially registered Travelotus luxury tours a travel, tour and concierge company in May 2016, and we’ve been growing steadily ever since.

My key business ethics have always been integrity and honesty - Tolu Click To Tweet

What a difference SheHive Lagos made and advice to aspiring #MotherlandMoguls

Tolulope: SLA brought Jade and I together in this partnership and it’s been opening doors for us both. I am certain a lot of people at the #SheHiveLagos can say the same for their lives and businesses. The networking is amazeballs and there is a support group too so we can keep in touch. Attending SheHive opens you up to new friends, and sometimes that is all you need. The people I sit and chat with at such events are always golden.

Jadesola: One thing we will say to every SLAyer out there —past and present, do not be afraid to speak up. Your idea might sound weird to those around you but it is most likely because they are not right for the dream. Eventually you will meet those who are willing to put their backs into it. One thing that’s stuck in my mind was, ‘Your 20s is not the time for you to find a balance, go out and do stuff’. Look at me now!



Announcing Travelotus’ first trip!

We have a great outdoors trip ‘Lotus Tours Wellness Daycation’ planned for the 26th of December 2016 at Whispering Palms in Badagry, Lagos state. It promises to be fun times with lots of activities, comfortable transportation to and from the venue and much more.

Travelotus' Wellness Daycation is planned for the 26th of December 2016 at Whispering Palms Click To Tweet

The aim is to promote longevity among Nigerians and explore new places. We have identified this period as reboot time to chill, as well as set health, mind, business and life goals for the coming year. It will also be an opportunity to interact with new people and make friends.

One of the highlights, an aerobic session is going to be hosted by one of our sponsors Ejiro Oyeneye of Team Fitness who’s also a SheHive Lagos 2016 participant!

For enquiries about the tour, email us at or call 08031872636.

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