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New Year starter-pack for every business owner

For the umpteenth time – Happy new year all! We are still super excited about 2023, and all the dopeness its about to bring all of us! Before business activities get into full gear, It’s important to decide how you will be doing business this year. [bctt tweet=”Look back at where you have been, where […]

Dear Entrepreneur. It’s time to develop a Global Perspective

I’ve called 2019 the year of global distinction, and I believe we are in the most exciting period in recent history. In fact, I’ve called this the era of creative distinction knowing to birth and leading with your innovation is a key to global distinction. One of the things which distinguish the likes of Apple, […]


Late November last year, I spent time at Aunt Olivia’s vineyard. After a week of living in luxury, I was forced to review my life and identify opportunities for change. I was on a mission. I narrowed down my goals for 2018 and subconsciously carved out life just like Cindy’s, Aunt Olivia’s daughter. Prioritized on […]

Adedoyin Omotara: I tapped into resources that the Government made available to immigrants

Adedoyin Omotara is a Beauty Entrepreneur, Women’s empowerment advocate, Speaker, Life Coach, Business Coach and the leader of the unmask your beauty movement. Born in Manchester, UK to Nigerian parents, her passion to live a fuller and more expressive life made her leave her successful Corporate Engineering career to become an entrepreneur. Seeking the spiritually […]

African Women Entrepreneurs – A Different Perspective

I recently came across a TED talk by  Natalie Case and Freya Estreller. They are co-founders of CoolHaus, a company that creates architecturally designed Ice cream in the U.S.A I found their passion and drive for their business fascinating. They started their business with an old postal van, which they converted to an Ice cream […]

9 personality traits for guaranteed success

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Ever seen the look of surprise when certain men hear that you are the Managing Director or CEO? Most women are generally content and more likely to take a back-seat when it comes to leadership roles. However, being a woman shouldn’t hold you back or alter your chances of success. It all comes down to […]

6 ways to turn your business dream into a reality

Chasing a business dream requires a deliberate and focused sense of concentration on set goals. Don’t you hate-love those successful people who make success seem so easy? Wouldn’t it be great if you could bring their magic to your own life? Imagine walking into a multi-million dollar event to a standing ovation. Everyone is clapping and the spotlight is […]

You don’t have a career strategy? Seriously?

I completed another course in leadership & management earlier this year (boooyar!) Much of the work involved researching and understanding the purpose of business and decision-making strategies. I won’t lie, some of it was boring as hell and I found myself browsing Facebook when my assignments were due in. But in true fashion, I slayed that […]