6 key points to consider when writing an elevator pitch

In this day and era of being an entrepreneur, you may find yourself writing an elevator pitch over and over again. They say collaborations are the best way to engage in business. There will be different organizations, brands and personalities you would like to collaborate or work together with on a particular project. It’s key to identify a brand/organisation that is in line with what you believe in and shares similar values, and goals with you.

Today, we will be sharing 5 key factors to take into consideration while crafting your elevator pitch. This does not only work for business owners, entrepreneurs. Even those in employment looking to partner with other companies on different projects may find this useful.

Keep it short and simple

An elevator pitch shouldn’t be too long.  You want to pass your message almost immediately in the first few sentences. So keep things short, clear and precise.

State who you are, what you want from them, what you are offering, why you chose them and how you can work together moving forward.

Get down to the nitty-gritty 

This is your introduction, where you sell your brand and yourself or what you do.

At this point try to be very specific with the information that is required to get to know you better. Sell yourself and/or your product/ brand.

Emphasize the value you offer

After introducing yourself, you now need to explain or reveal more on how you do what you, and why they should work with you.

This is where you clearly define your qualities, strength and your passion for your career. Also show the value it comes with.

Include links and Photos

This is quite important especially if you are using your products as a selling point. Have the images attached where necessary.

You can even links to your website where more of what you do can be seen and assessed.

Mention any huge achievements

Here is where you state all that you have achieved in relation to what you are proposing to offer. The value will then be easily aligned with your achievements, depending on the person receiving your pitch.

Follow up

After sending in your elevator pitch, give 3-5 days before you send a quick email to touch base. They may missed your mail or are holding back on their response. This can happen easily as they receive many emails, and depending on schedules, emails can be overlooked.

A kind reminder to check your mail is necessary. You can even forward your initial email again so they don’t have to search too hard and can see you sent it earlier on in the week.

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Annesofie Achera is the founder and Creative Director at ACHERA, a fashion house based in Nairobi, Kenya.In addition she offers style consultation services, both persona l& with organisations. Before that , she worked as a programme assistant in the HIV/AIDS department at Food For The Hungry International NGO based in Nairobi. Also worked as fashion writer, & stylist at both True Love & Drum East East Africa Magazine. She has earned a Masters in International Law and Diplomacy, England. Currently residing in Nairobi, and being quite passionate about business start -ups, empowerment, it led to her contribution here at SLA , and recently got awarded as a Creative Visionary by Couture Africa Magazine & Crevit Mullier, a networking club in East Africa. She enjoys to read, travel, bake, style and more so design clothes for her brand!

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