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How many of your friends are dissatisfied with their jobs and are always going on about quitting (even if they never do)? Achenyo Asimegbe is one of the few who have braved the resignation path. As with most things in life, it wasn’t easy.

Achenyo had to quit her job when a transfer request was rejected. First, she had to face family and friends who thought she was making a mistake and ruining her life. Then, came those months where the reality of no salary coming in hit home and Achenyo considered going back to the office life.

Yet since making the decision to become a #MotherlandMogul, Achenyo has grown to be a serial entrepreneur. She retails children’s clothing and accessories at Stylemark Mall and trains entrepreneurs and start-ups through Stylemark Pro Enterprise. Achenyo Asimegbe is also a mentor with the Cherie Blaire and Tony Elumelu foundations, supporting other women in businesses.

Why did you decide to leave banking?

I have worked with two commercial banks, Spring Bank PLC & Enterprise Bank Limited, for a total period of 5 years. I had so much passion for the job. However, one day I decided to request for a transfer. I was in Minna, Niger state and wanted to move to Abuja, where my husband just recently found a new job.

I had written formally and pleaded with my superior officers to simply transfer me on marital grounds. Yet, the transfer request was not granted. I was told there was no space at all, in any of the numerous branches the bank had in Abuja.

Prior to this time, I was gradually getting dissatisfied with the job. I realized that in all the 5 years I had put in, I had not really achieved anything great in life. I had already decided that I wanted to be my boss and set a goal to do so before I turned 30. When my transfer request was not granted, I was 29 years old.

After been told all the no’s and that the transfer will not be possible, I made up my mind to quit. And so, I resigned to fully pursue my passion and accomplish that dream of being my own boss before I turn 30.

Did you get any support from your friends or family when you made the decision to quit your job? How did you overcome that?

When I made up my mind and resigned, not too many people agreed with my decision. Getting friends and family to be on the same page with me was very tough. Everyone felt I was making a mistake that I may regret later.

But I kept telling them that I know my strengths, capabilities, and I have great skills. I knew I would be back on my feet very soon. Every day I would get calls from friends/family, telling me about job offers they saw on the net, newspaper and so on.

I knew that chapter of my life was over, but they were still tied to the career person I had been in the past. As days and months went by, they began to see the reality that I had moved on.

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What happened immediately after you resigned?

After resigning from my job, and staying 1-2 months without a salary coming in, I grew worried. Then I began considering going back to a paid job.

At this time, I had not really figured what exactly I wanted to do next. So, I began applying for jobs all over. I attended interviews but most of the organizations wrote back informing me that I wasn’t selected. This happened more than five times.

Then I had enough and said I wasn’t going to apply for jobs again. I decided to start a small business and become self-employed. So, I took a bold step and started business. I established Stylemark Mall, an enterprise that deals in children’s clothing and accessories. Our target audience ranges from new-born kids to 15-year-old teenagers.

I have recently become a serial entrepreneur adding a new line of business, Stylemark ProEnterprise, a capacity development centre. One of our products is the SME Springboard, a platform designed to assist Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises(MSMEs) realize their growth potentials.achenyo-5

What other projects are you currently involved in?

I have so much I’m working on. I am working on launching my clothing line for children, which is really exciting for me. Still, I’m taking it one step at a time.

I have over the last 3 months, been organizing trainings/skills and acquisition programmes for women, in Abuja. This is just as a way to give back to society and encourage women to start a small business.

I am also a mentor on Cherie Blaire Foundation for Women in Business, and Tony Elumelu Foundation for Entrepreneurs.

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If you could go back in time and change one thing in your journey, what will it be?

I most certainly wouldn’t have spent all those years in banking. I would have established my businesses earlier than now.

But in all, I am grateful to God for all the experiences and lessons as along the way.


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