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Ayodotun Rotimi-Akinfenwa is a Brand Manager turned Writer, Blogger,  Brand/Social Media Consultant, Content creator, and founder of Lifestyle Hues; a fun, lifestyle and inspirational platform where she shares inspiring personality interviews/stories and today’s issues from a slightly eccentric perspective.

She has built 8 years worth of experience in Brand Building, Strategy, and Events for international brands across Nigeria and parts of West Africa. Ayodotun holds a BSc in Mass Communication and MSc in Marketing from the University of Lagos. 


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What inspired your decision to start a lifestyle blog?

I wanted to able to talk about and showcase matters I’m passionate about, which happened to be a myriad of things. I wanted to lend my voice to subjects like life and lifestyle choices, money, fashion, marriage, faith and more. I also wanted to curate material to add value to readers at all times.

The material on the blog is guaranteed to inspire, motivate, inform, educate, remind or entertain readers.  I conduct personal interviews with achievers from all walks of life. Blogging isn’t all I do though. I run an SME Brand consultancy to help small businesses build their brands from scratch; on social media, websites and offline.


What are the three key things you consider while trying to promote your brand online?

I remind myself at all times that Social Media is my PR Machine and every post, article or whatever I put out there, is a seed towards building my image and my credibility. Content Marketing is everything.


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How has social media  helped to increase your productivity?

It has generated inquiries towards the brand and consulting arm of my business. It is the mainstay of my blog’s promotional activities. A huge percentage of my readers have found me via social media

What was the major social media campaign or experience which put you into the limelight?

For my blog, I would say it was the Nathaniel Bassey interview that I conducted at the height of the Hallelujah Challenge. I wanted to tell his story to encourage people, he hasn’t always been in the spotlight, but had been hard at work for decades.

The blog was inundated with so many visits that it shut down for some minutes and I had to work frantically with my website administrator to fix that. I’m just glad people were inspired. A lot of interviews have with people such as Timi Dakolo, Lanre Olusola, Lala Akindoju, Adenike Oyetunde etc, have drawn people to the site.

On the social media consulting part, we are still evolving, as most of my clients are small businesses. I simply manage their social media and website content.


How have you been able to cope with social media fraud?

To be honest, I haven’t had any issue in that area because I always seek to put a face to the clients and prospects I meet on social media. I am not unaware that it has its dark side and I will urge everyone to embrace the verification checks provided by the different platforms like: phone number verifications on Facebook etc, 2-factor verification on Instagram etc.


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Apart from social media, are there any online methods you use for promotions?

Just my website, for now, I also make time to contribute to more prominent platforms – blogs and sites to expand my horizon.


How would you encourage young females who want to build a brand using social media?

Social media is your PR Machine, be consistent with sharing your business story and adding value; the only way to go is up.

How has social media helped you grow and build a positive brand image, personally and professionally?

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