Build a social media strategy for your brand with these 7 tips

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Just the way an architect always has a well-drawn out plan for a house before it is built, putting together a “strategy” before getting on social media should be top on the list for any brand/business.

We’ve put seven tips to help you put together a social media strategy for your business.

Start with a good strategy

Every brand or individual who decides to use the social media platform as a tool for either personal branding or brand management must have a “good strategy” on how they intend to play in that space. The first step is to think through what you intend to achieve and how you intend to go about it.

Clear and engaging content

Having clear and engaging content will provide brand awareness & daily consumer interaction with your brand. Find content that resonates with your target group.

For instance; if your target group is young people, research and discover what most young people are doing online. Then craft your strategy to provide content they would be interested in whether it is music, football, videos, games, etc.

Two-way communication

Social media is a two-way communication. If your audience/consumers take out time to visit your social media page and interact with your content either by commenting, liking or sharing, please respond to them.

No matter how flimsy or irrelevant their suggestions may be, the least you can say is “Thank you for your comment”. You would be amazed how much trust you would gain from your audience.

Ask for feedback

Always ask your audience/consumers for feedback on your products. This would help the brand position itself in the right direction.

Social media gives you the opportunity to reach as many people as possible, through one medium, all at the same time!

Find your tone of voice

If your brand has a “serious tone of voice” offline and you decide to get on social media, find a social media tone of voice to increase your online presence & engagement.

Use high-quality images

On social media, sometimes images speak louder than words! Use images that are sharp, clear and attractive to the user.

Your brand logo must always accompany your images as well. Images would serve as an advertising vehicle for your brand.

Always be sincere

No matter what you do, be sincere. Sincerity equals believability and credibility for your brand.

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