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Great people are willing to do what a majority of people are not most likely to do. Every great achievement in history came from exceptional thinking and perseverance. Every start up to ever rise to the pinnacle of the business world exhibited some exceptional qualities that propelled them to where they are.

To attain such heights of glory and acclaim, there are certain characteristics you may want to consider adopting straight away. Say good bye to the old days of laxity, procrastination and disorganization, its time to embrace focus, doggedness and persistence. Without further ceremony, here are 6 qualities you should exhibit if you want to see your nameplate next to Mark Zuckerberg’s and Dangote’s.



Outstanding business people do not rely on others for their drive for success. They continue to operate with a sense of composure and self-confidence when tough challenges spring up, they are willing to take calculated risks. That’s because they believe in their worth, their objectives and never they forget the importance of their business quest.



Outstanding business people are self-driven, confident and in control of their emotions. To them  rejection is an opportunity to be better and view risk as a rewarding attempt. Therefore they don’t back down in any difficult situation. They remain sanguine about prospects of their nation’s economy and are passionate about their dreams in the business realm.


Great business persons are conscious of the company they keep and try to shrug off any form of negativity. They surround themselves with positive and forward thinking minds and only associate with those who build them up. And create time for leisure, exercise and fun. These people have a mindset development routine and maintain personal relationships to achieve their business pursuits.


According to Ward Cunningham (2004), “Simplicity is the shortest path to a solution”. This denotes that outstanding business people find straightforward means of solving problems, by creating products and rendering services which would seem understandable to nearer society. There is beauty in simplifying innovative ideas. Sometimes, its not about providing multiple solutions, it could just be about providing “the” solution to a “specific” but “nagging” problem.



Generous business people do whatever it takes to rise in the morning to feed and nurture their children, pets, partners, career and themselves. They display the great power of giving and always carry out giving-oriented CSR in some communities. Giving back to the public is of utmost importance to them.



Interview 5 successful people and they would all tell you the same thing – They kept at it. It’s not about how many times you got turned back, but more about how many more doors you knocked on. Powerful business people are sharp-witted, focused and determined. They keep their eyes on the prize regardless of the competition and distance required to travel to fulfill them.


Feeling inspired already? then get cracking. No one says the change is going to take place over night, it could take quite some time. Like the saying goes, “make a conscious decision to be that change you wish to see.”

Do you have any more tips about being an exceptional business person?

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