Why your ‘I Can’ is more important than your IQ

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In the journey of entrepreneurship, it’s important that you walk with three necessary companions. They are your Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ), and the skill of I Can.

IQ, which is a measure of intelligence, will tell you how to navigate this interesting but challenging journey. EQ, which deals with the understanding of our feelings and those of others, will make your journey less challenging. It will make your business that ‘person’ whom people are endeared to and are willing to be with no matter what.

But you can have a high level of Intelligence as well as Emotional Intelligence Quotient and still find it difficult to turn your business ideas into tangible results. And this happens when you don’t have the skill of I Can. We call it a skill but I Can is a strong inner feeling that you can make anything possible. In running a successful business or building an enviable career, you can only go as far as your inner voice takes you.

In fact, you can have an average level of intelligence but with the skill of I Can, you can go on to become a successful entrepreneur. How is this possible? For a very long time, many of us have been made to wrongly believe that having only business knowledge, skills and intelligence can make us become successful entrepreneurs. This article is about getting things right.


Entrepreneurs don’t have two heads

Entrepreneurs are often portrayed as distinctive individuals who are set apart from the rest of humanity. Not true. As long as you can employ the use of I Can to turn that good idea which you are passionate about into an enterprise, you can become a successful entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship goes hand in hand with failure and risk taking. You cannot hope to run a successful commercial enterprise without failing. In fact, the more you fail the better you become. Each time you fail, you have to pick yourself up. You need more than just intelligence to pick yourself up, you have to turn to the inner strength that you possess —and that’s your I Can.

To challenge the status quo with your idea, to change the narrative of the market you’re willing to transform, you must take risk. In reality, the more risk you take as an entrepreneur, the more successful you’re likely to be.

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Without self-confidence, you’re going nowhere

When you have self-confidence, things begin to take shape. To rise each time you fail, to take risk in order to transform your dreams into tangible products and services, you have to have self-confidence.

Making the choice of becoming an entrepreneur, as challenging as it is, is an opportunity of a lifetime to make a huge difference. It means you now have the chance of building a great legacy. You’re telling the world that your potential is not a waste. Each time you remind yourself of all these, your self-confidence jumps to a new level.i-can-see-where-im-going

Until you develop the skill of I Can and constantly say to yourself with a strong conviction that you can do it, your self-confidence might be just disappear.

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Keep your eyes fixed on the ball

To be successful at running a business or social enterprise, you have to be focused. Know what you want and where you’re going; set your eyes on the goal. No one understands your business goals more than you, so keep moving in the direction of your set goals.

When you take a risk and probably fail, your self-confidence tends to wane. So you have to go back to the drawing board, dwelling on your ultimate goals, saying directly to your challenges that of course I Can.

eyes-focusIn the face of challenges, which are inevitable if you would become a successful entrepreneur anyway, your intelligence crumbles, your self-confidence is shaken to its foundation; however, holding on to the belief that you can still turn your dreams into tangible results is the only way to go.

Nonetheless, having the inner strength and conviction that you can succeed as an entrepreneur will take you nowhere. Turning this conviction into a habit that is used on a daily basis will no doubt take you somewhere. And that’s what the skill of I Can is all about.

Your I Can will help you break barriers

The journey of entrepreneurship is a tough and long one, no doubt. But having the requisite skills, knowledge and intelligence can make it easy and short. However, having the skill of I Can will make it even easier and shorter.

Downplaying the hype about entrepreneurship, building your self-confidence, and of course having focus can help you build the all important skill of I Can. And with it, you can go on to break barriers and build that business or career of your dreams.

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