Quick Maths (4): How to build up an emergency fund for yourself with FSDH Asset Management

By She Leads Africa

Save for the rainy day… it might take a little longer for the sun to shine! Welcome to the final part of our Quick Maths series by FSDH Asset Management, where we’re giving you simple personal finance tips you can master, to achieve your financial goals. In the last three series, we showed you how […]

Quick Maths (3): How to use your salary/business net income with FSDH Asset Management

By She Leads Africa

Having a money moves mindset means thinking big when it comes to your finances. Welcome to the third part of our Quick Maths series where we’ll be giving you the lowdown of how to master your personal finances in simple ways. We’ve talked about how to generate income to start your business, and how to […]

Quick Maths (2): How to diversify your funds with FSDH Asset Management

By She Leads Africa

Money is a tool…Use it wisely! Welcome to the second part of our Quick Maths series. We’ll be sharing with you financial terms, tips, and tricks to get you ahead of your financial game. In the first part, we discussed various ways for you to generate capital to start your business. In this downloadable guide, […]

Quick Maths (1): How to generate income to start a business with FDSH Asset Management

By She Leads Africa

Smart moves early in life can pay BIG long-term….. Now, what’s the point in looking good and slaying when your bank account isn’t smiling back at you? Listen. This is the year to SLAY 100%, and we’re ready to show you how to make money moves the right way. So, are you ready to cash […]

The GoalGetter’s guide to creating schedules for productivity

By Hilda Awomolo

Where does your time really go?  The goalgetter’s guide is here to change your life! Whether you are a full-time student, employed, a small business owner or you’re juggling all three, we are all bound to have moments of wishing for more time. If you watched our webinar on personal efficiency and time management,  with Tafadzwa Bete-Sasa, […]

Peace Hyde’s 10 Tips to fighting against the odds – The guide

By Hilda Awomolo

Success doesn’t appear overnight, you have to put in a good amount of hard work and also work hard to overcome any challenges that arise. You work for it by fighting against the odds. Award-winning TV host and Forbes West Africa correspondent – Peace Hyde,  is on a mission to encourage young African women to […]

Tight Money: The Cash Flow Guide

By Rafeeat Aliyu

First goal in the quest to being a #MoneyMakingMogul? Master your cash flow. How you handle your cash flow could make or break your business. But if you aren’t sure exactly what “cash flow” means, this guide is where to get started. Before we reached out to the financial whizzes at Standard Chartered Bank Kenya […]

Show Me The Money: The Cash Flow Guide

By Rafeeat Aliyu

Balance and position…your cash flow of course 😉 Now you know what the cash flow is and understand the intricacies of the whole process, so what next? Strategies to manage it of course. In this guide brought to you by Standard Chartered Bank Kenya, we’ll reveal strategies for managing your cash flow. After reading this […]

How to plan your finances and investments – The Worksheet

By Hilda Awomolo

What would you like your income statement to look like? We don’t need to tell you to stop spending and start saving, you already know that. Whenever you go an a spending spree, you’ll definitely feel a pang of purchasing remorse, and even feel much worse when your bank statement arrives at the end of […]

Make the most of yearly sales: The Guide

By Rumbie Muzawazi

Ready to have the best sales year ever? “There is only one boss: the customer. And he can fire everyone in the company, simply by spending his money somewhere else”. This statement by Sam Walton is so true and clearly shows the importance of customers. To make the most sales, you should be able to […]