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She Leads Africa believes in the power of young African women to build amazing careers and businesses, serve as community leaders and influencers, and eventually take over the world.

Our MotherlandMoguls, as we affectionately call them, are the reason we exist – to provide them with more inspiring and educational content to help them live their best lives.
We’re looking for a Digital Marketing Growth Intern to ensure that all our MotherlandMoguls around the globe know about us, and have access to all our inspiring content and FREE resources.

About the Marketing Outreach Intern Role:

The Marketing Outreach intern will help grow the SLA community in both Abuja and Kaduna in preparation for our Lafiya Lifestyle Expo event on June 30, 2018.

What Digital Marketing Growth Interns do:

  1. Manage Influencer and Organisation Outreach 
  2. Manage Participant Outreach
  3. Help to manage content creation alongside the Marketing Manager


  • Curate a list of up to 50+ influencers in the Abuja and Kaduna;
  • Create communications to send to influencers with proposals for post swaps, promotion and ticket giveaways – target at least 10+ post swaps;
  • Curate a list of up to 20+ media companies in Abuja and Kaduna;
  • Curate a list of up to 20+ relevant women’s organisations and universities in Abuja and Kaduna;
  • Create communications to send to groups with proposals for sponsored social media and/or radio and television promotion and ticket giveaways – target at least 5+ giveaways/promotions
  • Draft 20+ Facebook and twitter posts to promote Lafiya Lifestyle expo weekly;
  • Coordinate with the content team to have posts about Lafiya Lifestyle scheduled across all social media platforms
  • Draft, send and track WhatsApp messages and emails to interest leads;
  • Perform other similar tasks to help the Marketing Manager for Lafiya Lifestyle Expo, and;
  • Assist the Program Manager on the ground on the day of Lafiya Lifestyle Expo


  • Based in Abuja
  • Research skills
  • Written communication skills

Reporting Structure

The Marketing Outreach Intern will report directly to a Marketing Manager through a check-in and check-out process.

Submit your application here:

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Please note only those successful will be contacted for interviews.

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