Makalela Mositsa: I am on a journey to create a powerful legacy through leadership empowerment

Makalela Mositsa, simply known to some as Kay, is an author, model and social entrepreneur with a passion for helping women realize their true essence.

She helps young women make the transition from being ordinary women to becoming future leaders with real impact and deal with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of starting a new business while still maintaining a healthy home.

Makalela started writing for She Leads Africa in early 2016. This year, she ventured into leadership empowerment where she coaches high school youth on topics like becoming leaders and starting their own businesses.

Makalela offers a wide range of programs and services – from individual coaching to seminars and keynote addresses.

Fellow SLAy queen Jeanette Nkwana had a chat with her and got to know a little more about this multi-faceted woman.


How did you go from social entrepreneurship to the runway?

Modeling has always been a passion for me. When I heard Miss Eagle SA was modeling and empowerment all wrapped in one, I knew that I had to be part of this amazing contest.

Miss Eagle SA is a great platform for me to reach out to and motivate as many individuals as I can. Women empowerment has always been my first love and modelling is just fantastic.

Getting to do the two simultaneously has been an exciting journey for me. I believe doing what you love is freedom but having everything in one package is indeed a blessing.


Why leadership empowerment?

Leadership empowerment is synonymous to transformation. Click To Tweet

It is the art of bringing out the best in others and encouraging them to lead and pay it forward by empowering others.

Realising that though a lot of people have dreams and great ideas but still need to be empowered so that they can fulfill their desires is what ultimately led me to this path.

Without empowerment, motivation, and encouragement, dreams of world change will remain just that, dreams.


What are the top 3 qualities you believe any leader should have?

  • Passion for what you do
  • Full of motivation
  • Aspiration to make a difference


You help young women transition into leaders, what is your approach to this?

A good coaching process sets the way forward, holds people accountable, enables them to take responsibility for their own direction, opens up the way for greater communication, increases competency, and expands innovative opportunities. 

These are all ingredients of leader-empowering behaviors, which has been shown to increase psychological empowerment also. 


If you could, would you travel back in time or into the future? 

Back in time. What I know now leads me to believe I could’ve been better and done more in the past. I don’t regret the past, but I do feel I could have made a better difference than I did.


Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from within. The intense passion that is burning within me always pushes me to reach for my dreams.

It inspires me to be limitless and driven, and ultimately be a better person than I was yesterday.

What are your top 3 hacks for dealing with school, entrepreneurship and work/family life?

  • Set time for each task- prepare a schedule at night for the tasks I’ll be doing the             following day.
  • Attend to tasks in accordance with their priority.
  • No matter how swamped I am with school work and meeting deadlines, I never take for granted the time I need to spend with my family.


How do you explain the complexity of entrepreneurship?

Everything originates from a thought, what you think you become. Click To Tweet

Many entrepreneurs who have achieved phenomenal things did it without being in possession of formal qualifications. They observed what was happening and lacking in society and thought implemented ideas that could eradicate such problems.

Entrepreneurs believe in their own thoughts and work hard to bring them to life, but they also never forget the importance of education, in whichever form.

When you are in business you need to understand the market, comprehend the business language and most importantly make others see and understand your brand narrative so they can invest their time and money in it. 


If you had to describe your life right now using a movie title, which would it be and why?

Journey. I’m on a journey to create a powerful legacy that will forever continue to empower others and have a positive impact on the society.


Has your age or gender ever been a problem for some of your clients or anyone in general? How did you deal with it?

I’m a simple person, just a young lady with big dreams and a strong desire to realize them. People are different, some arrive at their own conclusions about you before getting to know you and others get to know you before judging you or your capabilities.

I had moments where I was looked down on because of my gender, age, and appearance, but I always let my work speak for me, I’m confident in my abilities. 

What has been the greatest lesson you learned building your different careers?

If you can think it then you have the ability to breathe life into it. Our imagination is boundless and that on its own makes us limitless beings.

We all have greatness within, whether you make it count is your own prerogative.


What advice will you give to young women who want to go into social entrepreneurship and women empowerment?

Firstly, believe in yourself and in your dreams. Do it because you love it. Never let the fact that people don’t see and believe in your vision hinder you.

Finally, be the change you want to see.

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