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Let’s be real, sometimes you just hit a rut. You could be at a job for 1 year going on what feels likes a 100 years; or all of a sudden your boss is no longer easy to work with; or the dynamics are no longer favorable for your growth and bills still have to be paid. As a Motherland Mogul, this should not get you down for too long, there are creative ways to help you better manage a job you don’t like.


Focus on what you like

Not everyone enjoys writing reports and paperwork. So instead of focusing on the areas of your job that do not interest you, put energy and focus on areas which do. It’s likely that your perspective is solely focused on parts of the job you hate, instead of the aspects of the work you enjoy.

Make a list of the work tasks you actually like. This won’t be easy and your tendency will be to look at your work with negativity. However, you brain cannot think of the positive and negative at the same time, so commit to actually looking for positives and focusing on that instead. In doing this, you will bring a more positive out look to your work.

Challenge yourself to have a gratitude mindset and in no time you will find more things to be grateful for.


Bring “you” to work

We bring our Slay queen characters to other areas of our lives like fashion, our hair or clap backs on twitter. Bringing the same enthusiasm and energy to your work could help you do your work more creatively, and change the dynamic and approach you currently have.

For example, if outside your 9-5 work you happen to be a blogger, you could add value to your work by working with the social media team and on the company website- with their blogging platform. These are ways you can bring yourself and character to your work, instead of separating yourself from your work.


Work towards your goal

While waiting for the next big move, commit to actually working towards your ultimate goal. So you are not enjoying your job? When was the last time you worked on your CV, sent an application or took up a course?

Nothing changes unless you apply your energy to it, and align yourself with the work you see yourself doing. If it means taking up classes, or reading up on what it takes to move up the career ladder, it takes effort and consistency. Look at at your job as a pit stop towards your final destination.

SLA has amazing resources to get you started, so keep working at it until it manifests.


Invest in your relationships with your work peers

Work can be stressful and your boss might be Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada.

miranda- raise

Your peers at work might be the wealth of support that you have been missing out on. Invest in your relationships, as these are the people you spend majority of your time at work with. Identify people you can learn from, who are not negative, and can encourage each other to do better at work whilst still sharing memes as well.


Your job does not complete you

Just like when we realized that Tom Cruise saying “You complete me” might not have been as romantic as we thought, it’s also very likely that sometimes we put unreal expectations on our jobs.

Whilst you are supposed to derive some happiness from your work, it is not the end all and be all of your joy. There are passions and interests outside of work which you might have neglected because you have put the pressure on your work.

Go back to those interests outside of the 8 to 5; like, exercising, writing, art, dance, poetry or giving back to your community. Investing in those interests might give you the fuel to keep going at work, even on days when it feels like you can’t.

Stay slaying, you are doing a great job!

What tips do you have for making the most out of a job you don’t like?

Let us know here.

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