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Your head is aching, too many things to do in so little time…

You had so much work at your desk and had to skip lunch…

You can’t remember if you had water to drink all day…

It’s Friday but you can’t say TGIF because your side hustle for the weekend still has some loose ends to be tied up. Therefore, no gym this weekend…

Whew! So much stress, so little rest…

Hey Motherland Mogul!


We are all about your business and career success but we do not want you to pass out in the process…or develop poor health conditions.  The beauty of your hard work today is being able to inspire the younger generation years down the line when you’re grey. If you’re not here or in good health, who will?

We want to be a part of your success story and as such, your overall well-being is important to us. If you’re stressed, these daily habits could help. Your health doesn’t have to be a barrier to reaching that business goal.

Always have breakfast no matter how little.

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Research has shown that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and prevents unnecessary snacking. Also, avoid skipping meals and eat right. Take it easy on the carbs whilst increasing fruit and vegetable intake. Then make sure you drink water, lots of it.

Manage your time properly at work to boost effectiveness and reduce being stressed.

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This helps to boost effectiveness and reduce being stressed. Work time isn’t the time to engage in office gossip or be on social media so be warned. You should also always ensure that you finish one task before engaging in another

All work and no play makes Jill a dull girl

treat_yo_selfEngage in relaxing activities after work and during the weekend. Reading SLA articles perform the dual function of educating and entertaining you. Otherwise, you could go swimming, dancing, travelling or any other thing to take the edge off.

Exercise regularly

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It does not have to be too intense, regular walks are good for reducing cholesterol levels. Take the stairs more and get involved in outdoor activities.

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