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Nkem Okocha is the founder of Mamamoni, a social enterprise that empowers poor rural and urban slum women with free vocational/financial skills and micro-loans.

She is very passionate about lifting women out of poverty and her company aims to break the cycle of poverty in Nigeria. Since 2013, she has impacted and empowered over 4000 women in several rural/urban slum communities and given out over 100 micro-loans.

Nkem Okocha is a Tony Elumelu foundation Entrepreneurship Programme Alumna, a Young African Leaders Initiative Alumna and LEAP Africa 2016 Social Innovator.

Can you tell us about Mamamoni?

Mamamoni was born out of my experience. As a young girl with a widowed mother who had no skill and no source of income to take care of her four children, feeding and going to school was a challenge for the family. I wanted to empower the poor women I saw in my community and other communities I visited.

Mamamoni’s aim is to help poor women generate livelihood income and also provide capital for those who cannot access finance from commercial banks because of barriers like collateral, transaction history etc.

Mamamoni’s web platform enables socially conscious individuals to invest in low-income women by lending to them to fund their businesses.

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How were you able to get partners and supporters for Mamamoni?

I was able to get partners and supporters for Mamamoni when people saw our genuine commitment to lifting of low-income women in different communities.

Nkem Okocha
Nkem Okocha meeting President Muhammad Buhari

How do you identify women and children to assist? What is the process of getting help though Mamamoni?

We identify low-income, rural or urban slum communities through our website and networks then go empower the women in that community.

Growing up was tough for you, what advice would you give to anyone going through challenges be it financially, emotionally or physically?

I will tell them to stay strong and commit to a purpose that brings joy to them. Regardless of what challenges you may be facing, stay focused and be determined to succeed.

Where do you see Mamamoni in the next 10 years?

We hope to have empowered over 10,000 low-income women across 20 states in Nigeria through our FinTech platform.

Nkem Okocha

If you were made Minister of Women Affairs for a day, what are the two things you would do?

One thing will be to ensure every Nigerian woman no matter their economic status has easy access to credit to help them start or scale their business.

The second thing will be to ensure all Nigerian girls goes to school and gets an education.

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What is the one thing that will always make you smile?

The expression of joy in the face of an economically empowered poor woman.

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