Nthabiseng Mapela: Knowing that I made it happen makes all the hard work worth it

Nthabiseng Mapela
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Entrepreneurship is about offering solution to problems. Nthabiseng Maphela, founder of Beyond Measure, an event company for growth is one of the few to say that money was always a motive to her. Even though it is not the primary motive.

Nthabiseng certainly did not have sleepless night thinking about money but because she wanted to offer a better service for all. It is a passion for what she is doing for others that drives her.

What does self employment mean to you?

Self employment to me means building a legacy for the world, a legacy that will reflect who entrepreneurs are and change life of others. Self employment is a mean of giving back.

What do you like most about your job? How do you stay motivated when things don’t go as planned?

Despite all the stress and horrors, all the cancellations and technical difficulties, event planners wouldn’t have it any other way. What could be more rewarding than the end results?

Seeing people enjoying themselves, seeing everyone connect and share an experience. Knowing that I made it happen makes all the hard work worth it and that’s why I love working in events.

What are the most common/serious problems you have encountered as an event manager?

We face three major problems; unexpected weather, technicaly failure 
and most importantly, guests not showing up

The trick is to always have a backup plan.

What is close to your heart?


It was never something I dreamed of doing but it’s important to the country. Entrepreneurship contribute to the economy and this made me want to be part of the team that changes the world. It is something that makes me feel very important and make me feel like i am contributing towards the economic growth.

What do you enjoy more about you job

The planning itself and putting it into action is exciting at all times. That’s because to me it is always an opportunity to explore new things, meet people and explore different environments. just love planning for my company because no matter how impossible it might look to people,

I just love planning for my company because no matter how impossible it might look to people, I am going to put it into action as the owner of my company.

Can you tell us about your services?

Sure. Regarding our services, outside planning events, 
we supply promoters, hostesses, actors, brand ambassadors, dancers and extras.

What is the first thing you do when you plan an event?

Assemble a team. In union there is strength.

What do you live by?

Everything in this world began with a thought, respect your thoughts, value them and put them into action. Those thoughts comes from the world of possibilities.

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