Rose Njeri: My clients become family once they start training with me

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Rose Njeri runs things at RoseFit, LLC. She’s always played sports and credits her love for exercising to her passion for being a personal trainer. Though she is a certified personal trainer, Rose does not limit herself to one project; she is also a face of Kenya ambassador, model and actress. In addition to that, she is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.

Fitness is something that has helped Rose gain more confidence. Seeing what positive impact fitness has on her life, she knew she had to share it with others. Read on to find out how Rose Njeri is motivating others to live a happy, healthy and positive life.

When did you realize it was your passion to help people live a healthy life?

I enjoyed helping people around me get into fitness and shortly came to realize that I could help more people.

I also saw a need of teaching people live a healthy life.

Considering the abundance of businesses and services in the health industry, what makes your brand stand out?

What makes my brand stand out is the relationship I build with my clients. They become family once they start training with me. I become their biggest fan! I want them to win. All they have to give me is a 100% and I will help them accomplish their fitness goals.

I do my best to teach my clients to see working out as a lifestyle and not as torture. I always wish to leave a positive impact in their lives.

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How did you come up with the RoseFit brand?

RoseFit came from my amazing friends and family. They would call me “Rose, the fitness guru” and from that I came up with RoseFit.

Also, having my name on the brand makes me work harder because I want it to mean more and stand for something bigger.


What do you think of the health and fitness industry as it now?

The health and fitness industry is growing! More people now understand the value of it. I believe there is a need for it!  I’m constantly learning new ways to make it easier for people to learn more about health and fitness.

There are variety of opportunities beside training in health and fitness industry. I’ve gotten to be a motivational speaker, sell fitness gears, host 5K Runs and be a mentor, all in the health industry. I see a lot of opportunities but it all requires hard work and commitment.

You offer diverse services including gear, how do you manage them all on your own?

It goes back to working for my brand; I’m willing to do whatever it takes for RoseFit to grow.

I am learning to balance it all out but it takes time.


Can you tell us about being an award winning fitness coach?

It was a surprise for me when I won an award. When I started out as a trainer I did free boot-camps in my community. They brought a lot of people together and were a great way for me to network. I saw that fitness brought people together and so I wanted to create more opportunities for the community to stay active.

Also, I participated in Face of Kenya USA pageant and one of the tasks we had to do was to raise money for a charity of our choice. I came up with the idea of having 5K runs to raise money and it turned out to be very successful. The community got to know me as a trainer and they would turn to me for any help concerning health.

I was invited to a community event as Face of Kenya ambassador and there, I was awarded a fitness award for influencing people in the community to workout. It was a blessing because it was women-focused event named “Queens Night” and I love events that aim to empower women.

Rose Njeri: When I started out as a trainer I did free boot-camps in my community Click To Tweet

You’re a woman of diverse talents as a model and actress too, how do you balance it all?

Honestly I am still learning how to balance it all but I take any opportunity that I’m given and give it a 100%. I am truly blessed and that is the best way to describe it.



How do you keep the passion alive in everything that you do?

I pray for everything I do and trust God’s ways for my life. When God is involved anything is possible.

Also, I enjoy it all and make sure I’m having fun. When you’re doing something you love, you enjoy it!

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