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So, you’ve set up your events planning company but have hit a few snags along the way. You thought everything was in order and progressing well and aren’t sure why you’re not as successful as you projected. Don’t panic yet. Shit happens, don’t let that stop you from achieving your dreams though we’ve got your back. Here are some tips that’ll help you towards becoming the badass events planner you’ve always wanted to be.

Be good at managing

The first step in managing starts with you. It’s very easy to feel like you have wasted a whole day doing nothing when you haven’t properly managed your time. Once you’ve mastered the ability to coordinate yourself and work efficiently, you’ll find that you’re achieving more.

Next, look at your team. How are you coordinating them? Are roles clearly defined? Are deliverables clearly set so your team is doing what they are supposed to? If not, time to step up your game. You’re the leader here, guide your team and lead them to success.

Be resourceful

Resourceful here means being creative when facing any problems. As an events planner you will undoubtedly face random problems that can emerge during events. If the electricity doesn’t trip up, there’s a toddler throwing a tantrum while someone is trying to give a speech. You need to sit yourself down for a one-to-one.

How effective are you at thinking on your feet and using your gifts to problem-solve? To win you must be able to remain calm while the world burns around you. When something doesn’t go your way, think quick and sort things out resourcefully.

Be good at communicating

This is linked to teamwork as your team is integral to your success. Make sure your team is clear on your ideas and your vision. When communicating with your team, be respectful to everyone regardless of their role. Speak the same way to your decorators as you will to the catering team. When anyone on your team offers suggestion, listen.

Accept criticism when necessary and be open to their ideas. Your team should run like a well-oiled machine. Every single person has their part to play in running an event smoothly.


Be best friends with your vendors

As an events planner, the most important relationships you’ll have outside your team is with your vendors. Vendors come in different flavours, they are the ones that make your events run without a hitch. The caterers, the rental companies, the hotels, the music band…maintain a good relationship with them.

Study your vendors, learn about them by conducting interviews (formal or informal). When you have an established relationship with them, you stand a better chance at getting the discounts you ask for. Once your vendors become your bffs you’ll be able to reap rewards. They may even refer clients to you.

Be mindful of your clients

There is no set formula to ensure that all your clients are happy and content. The first step to growing your niche of customers who will always use your services and refer you to others is to do right in whatever you do.

Listen to what your clients want and uncover their hidden needs. Then when you are creating their events, add that unique touch that only you can bring. This will make you stand out and is another step to achieving the success you deserve.

Be passionate

Remember the passion that you had when you started out as an events planner? Don’t lose it. Keep that passion burning. It should be the fire that never goes out. Passion for what you do will get you through any rough patches that you may encounter.

Passion will also make it easier to run your business day-to-day. When you need to crack your whip to get things done, it’s your passion that’ll drive you.

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