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Third Stop on the Delicious Naija Food Tour? Daura, Katsina

Katsina is claimed to be the home of heritage and hospitality, so Delicious Naija went to go see what that was all about. A trip to the history-heavy Kusugu Well solidifies Bunmi’s place as a tourist and her ride on the significant horse had her feeling a little like royalty. Then it was food time! […]

Second Stop on the Delicious Naija Food Tour? Ibadan

Delicious Naija is back with a trip to Ibadan, ‘the city at the edge of the savannah’ – capital of Oyo State. After a visit to Mapo Hall for a good dose of history, Bunmi is off to visit with her good friend Saka. Yes the very same warm and funny Nollywood actor & comedian […]

Samba Yonga: Working to document African women’s history

samba yonga

[bctt tweet=”Samba Yonga: I am now more interested in communicating real impact ” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] Samba Yonga is a Media Communications specialist running her own firm Ku-atenga Media. A trained journalist, Samba initially worked with one of the daily papers but found the job extremely boring. She then joined a media company that worked in development […]

Royal Adventures of Princess Halima: It just takes time for others to see your vision

[bctt tweet=”The Royal Adventures of Princess Halima book series was created to teach African children more about their history & culture” username=”SheLeadsAfrica”] While digital content has made it easier for people across the globe to access previously underrepresented stories, there is still a significant gap when it comes to online and offline content focused on […]

7 history lessons from bomb-ass Ethiopian women

Empress Mentewab ethiopian woman history

In our modern quest to being Motherland Moguls, sometimes it’s refreshing to peek back into history for validation. There, we find stories of women who just didn’t take no for an answer. These women also overturned the status-quo and created worlds that they believed they deserved to live in. There are countless women in our continent’s […]

African traditions:­ Helpful or harmful?

traditions igbo

In 2014, Nigeria’s Supreme Court annulled the Igbo custom that bans a daughter from inheriting her father’s estate. This marked a decisive victory in women’s rights in Igbo culture. It also serves as a reminder to the rest of the country and the Motherland that African women should be treated as equals. Harmful traditions need to […]

7 history lessons to keep the modern African woman motivated


History is such a fascinating subject. It is very enlightening to be able to study people, places and events which occurred before you because they help shape modern thought and explain the current status quo. We often hear about great heroes and heroines throughout history who have impacted on our world but African women in […]