A Motherland Mogul’s Reflections from SLA’s SheHive Toronto 2017

As African women, many of us have not had our life path paved with milk and honey. We have witnessed our mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, and kin put their lives on hold to work tirelessly long hours for little reward.

As I get older, I see more and more within us lays a common internal battle. In the midst of enacting the legacies of our lives, many of us are also carrying ideas engrained in us by our families.

Holding passions they have never known, we are constantly bombarded by family members pushing us to get into a “real career,” (aka becoming a nurse, doctor, or lawyer).

For creative women, with entrepreneurial visions bouncing off their every thought, balancing these two worlds is a beast to juggle.

We sit in a unique position, one where we must create the blueprint for our lives, because no one has come before us to achieve our success, and no one will come after us. What often halts us in our journeys is the countless intimate moments we have within ourselves.

Moments that cloud our judgment, moments that awaken/terrify us, motivate us, or moments when we wish no one is looking. Most times we feel all of the above. To live out your legacy is soul-shaking work. What we forget is simple, following our dreams is not supposed to be easy.

It is supposed to terrify you, wake you from your sleep, and place a fire under you that cannot be ignored. Last summer I had the amazing opportunity to Attend She Leads Africa’s, She Hive Toronto Conference.

The conference cultivated a space for African women, ambitious beyond words to surround, empower, and inspire each other.

Attending this event shook my soul but, more importantly, it forced me to remember the following:

1) Let your ideas manifest

Too many times we hear and feel parts of our ideas, but most of us never actually give them a chance. We don’t nourish them with our energy and allow them to grow.


What we do is the exact opposite. We allow them to sit idle, we minimize them with our doubt and create a reality that reinforces that we cannot accomplish them.

We tell ourselves we don’t have the resources, money, time, blah, blah, blah! But, once we take that first leap towards our dreams, we allow the universe to become our GPS.

2) Be the energy you need

We need to be our own number one fan and our own advocates. Women need to be a friend, sister, and lover to each other!

Most times, we expect people in our lives to validate us, support us, and invest in us. But, are you the energy you need? Are you that push you want others to bestow upon you, to yourself? We need to give ourselves the energy we ask of others.

Light up that room, be that never-ending inviting spirit, because you benefit from it the most!

3) Ask, ask, ask!

  • Ask the universe.
  • Ask God.
  • Ask friends and family.
  • Ask yourself.
  • Be clear and specific when it comes to your goals and what you need from everyone.
    PS…. this includes figuring out what you need from yourself!
    Need I say more?

4) Know the kind of woman do you want to be

We need to remind ourselves of what kind of women we need to be. What are you not willing to comprise? Do you have your values written down?

What does your integrity mean to you when it is woven into your passion? If we remain grounded in these thoughts we will never regret anything on our path to our dreams.

5) Seek meaningful connections


Networking. Yes, networking is essential. You never know who is in the room. You never know who may be able to assist you or how you can assist another person.

But, even more, important than this, is understanding what meaningful relationships and connections you want with others. Seeking out meaningful connections means you are living authentically. You are not just thinking about a one-sided benefit.

You are considering the person, as a person, a soul to connect with, and not someone who will only be used as a future commodity.

6) With passion, ALL things can be done

Passion is our savior. It stirs you and your being. Our passions give us purpose and demands we show up. Our passions unlock our potential if we allow it to.

Fulfilling the vision and legacies of our passions is terrifying, it will arise a world emotion from you (as it should). Stand firm in knowing the world is awaiting the gifts you have dug a grave for. Be still, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and remind yourself.

“I will accomplish nothing without the taste of fear,” – Zainab Salbi

This article was written by Amma Gyamfowa

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SheHive London: September 21st – 24th 2017 at The Africa Centre

PR career

After heading to Lagos, Accra, Abuja, NYC, Nairobi, London 2016, Lagos, Joburg, Cape Town, Washington DC & Toronto, The SheHive came for round two in LONDON!!!!

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Facebook Live with Kike-Lola: Becoming your own boss (Jun 5)

The moment you realize you dread going to work three out of five days a week or you develop a passion for something bigger than your salary, you know you’re on the highway to becoming a boss.

Following your passion and becoming an entrepreneur can be a significant lifestyle change especially when you’re scared of getting cash trapped.

Alright, you’re giving us the side-eye and asking  – “How do I pursue my passion when the bills are piling up”?

No need to worry, the real boss herself has answers for you.

Sign up for a Facebook Live session with business coach and founder of My Boss Is Me – Kike-Lola Odusanya. On Monday, 5th June she will be talking to us about ways to becoming your own boss.

Kike-Lola is on a mission to help women around the world see their deepest desires and dreams come to fruition through what she calls “the gift of entrepreneurship.”

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Some of the topics we’ll cover

  • Why you should be your own boss
  • Things to do and think about before quitting your Job
  • 7 steps to quitting your job like a boss
  • Maximizing financial security and money issues

Facebook Live Details:

Date: Monday June 5th 2017

Time: 12pm Toronto // 5pm Lagos // 6pm Joburg

Place: facebook.com/sheleadsafrica/

Watch the video:

“Facebook Live with Kike-Lola Odusanya, Founder of My Boss Is Me sharing ideas on how to become your own boss. Join the She Leads Africa community by visiting SheLeadsAfrica.org/join .

Posted by She Leads Africa on Monday, June 5, 2017

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About Kike-Lola

Kike-Lola is the founder of My Boss Is Me, a virtual and personal development firm. She is a “serial entrepreneur”, author, speaker and a network marketing industry professional best known for a straight-shooting and result-driven approach to business and life.

Born and raised in Toronto, Kike-Lola believes entrepreneurial experience encompasses life skills that all women should develop as a way to reach their fullest potential. That’s why she refers to the entrepreneurial experience as the ultimate life skill.

She realizes business ownership is not for everyone, but Odusanya believes all women can benefit by exploring the mindset, talents, and knowledge of successful entrepreneurs and take control of their lives, proudly declaring, “My Boss Is Me.”


SheHive Toronto: July 13th – 16th 2017

The SheHive train came to the 6 as part of a North America Tour! Check out the fun we had below and join our community to stay up to date on our next SheHive destinations.

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SheHive DC: June 22nd – 25th 2017

The SheHive train came to Washington DC as part of a North America Tour! Check out the fun we had below and join our community to stay up to date on our next SheHive destinations.

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SLA Networking Brunch in Cape Town

slaying shehive lagos she leads africa

Cape Town we’re coming for you! We are so excited to be hosting our first event in Cape Town, South Africa on 15 November,  2016.

We love connecting with our community and helping young women build the skills they need for successful careers and businesses. We’re excited to host an intimate and engaging brunch for young women who are ready to turn their creative passions into sustainable businesses.

Join SLA cofounder Afua Osei for an intimate and engaging conversation around how we can turn our creative passion into sustainable and profitable businesses.


Afua Osei is a co-founder and digital guru of She Leads Africa, a community that helps young African women achieve their professional dreams.

Shes been all over the world with her career serving as a Fulbright Scholar in Malaysia, working in the Office of First Lady Michelle Obama in the White House, and working on more than 6 different political campaigns as a strategy and communications consultant.

She moved to Nigeria in 2012 to serve as a business and operations consultant at McKinsey & Company, advising large corporations and multinationals across 3 continents. She has a masters in public policy (MPP) and business administration (MBA) from the University of Chicago.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to identify the right customers for you (hint: it’s not everyone)
  • How to understand what your potential customers are thinking and give to them what they want
  • What you should be doing to get bigger brands and partners interested in you
  • How to create a roadmap to grow your influence and revenue strategies for 2017

Not sure if you should attend a She Leads Africa event?

You must be crazy! But in any case, this is what you can expect from a She Leads Africa experience:

  • Fun and engaging content: We aren’t boring and strive to deliver business content in a fun and relatable way.
  • Young women like yourself looking to make an impact: Our community is full of smart and ambitious young women who want to live their best professional lives.
  • Access to real business experts: At our events we always have exceptional speakers who have been there and can show you how to do that
SheHive Lagos
SheHive Lagos
SheHive Lagos

Find your way to Workshop17


The SheHiveTour is back and better than ever. Scroll down to see when we’re coming to your city.

Look back at #SheHiveTour2016.

What to expect:

  • Expert led sessions that will teach you tangible business and career skills
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to senior business leaders
  • Turn up moments and explosions of #AfricanGirlMagic

Our Joburg ladies gave us love as usual. Click on the image below to relive the fun from SheHiveJoburg (February 2017).


Our sold out SheHive Kaduna (April 2017) was an incredible experience. Check it out by clicking below.

We’re coming to Toronto July 2017 to enjoy the summer weather with you! Click the image below to join us.


Cape Town was fire!!! Reminisce on the fun from SheHive Cape Town by clicking the image below (February 2017).


Of course we have to come to Washington DC to pay homage to the city of Olivia Pope. Click the image below to join us (June 2017.


Don’t see your city on the list? Then let us know that we’re crazy for skipping your hood. Sign up below and get your entire squad to do the same. We come where our community calls.

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Not sure if you should care about attending a SheHive?

You must be crazy! But in any case, this is what you can expect from a She Leads Africa experience:

  • Fun and engaging content: We aren’t boring and strive to deliver business content in a fun and relatable way.
  • Young women like yourself looking to make an impact: Our community is full of smart and ambitious young women who want to live their best professional lives.
  • Access to real business experts: At our events we always have exceptional speakers who have been there and can show you how to do that

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A day at SheHive Lagos: SLAYing Sunday

slaying shehive lagos she leads africa

10:35am: It’s the final day of SheHive and despite the heavy rain, #MotherlandMoguls still came out to slay.

I grabbed a SLA-branded popcorn and a drink and immediately started connection with some of the moguls I met yesterday.

We chatted about the first two days of SheHive Lagos (the Thursday and Friday intensive workshop led by the SLA team) which one of them had attended.

She said it was an intimate session with Afua, who gave business counsel unique to each of the ladies. To her, it was a fantastic learning experience and I began to pinch myself for missing out.

11.17am: To kick off the day, there was an instant give away and I won! I was super excited when I saw the cool things in the goody bag.

11.30am: Afua gave us a chance to get creative. Paired in groups, we were to come up with a 30-second ad for SLA. The idea was to get people to attend the next SheHive which would be in Johannesburg in November.

Mehn, SLA does bring out the talent in us all! Kudos to #TeamStompTheYard, they really got the crowd cheering with their stomping moves.

161009shehivesat36812.07pm: The next session was for the women who wear the pants, as Adepeju Adebajo took us into the world of women in non-traditional industries.

Being the CEO of one of the big players in the cement industry Lafarge Africa, Adepeju gave us the 411 on how to become a boss in a man’s world.

One key advice from her was that the most important career decision you will ever make is who you marry.  My fellow moguls take note on that one, if you want to keep slaying then choose bae wisely!

1.20pm: Adepeju’s talk was over and it was time for lunch. I always enjoy lunch time ‘cos not only do I get to feed but I get the chance to catch up with even more #MotherlandMoguls.

Yesterday, I didn’t take so many pictures and after seeing lovely pictures from SheHive Lagos on Instagram, I knew better not to slack today. I posed with SLA props, took some group pictures and even photo bombed a couple of snaps. Biko no time to dull!

2.10pm: We were coached on “getting your products to your customers”, by Toyin Odulate. She shared her blessing in disguise story of how a hair-dye job gone wrong left her with bad hair loss.

With her mum’s secret recipe she was able to bring her hair back to life and that’s when it struck her that she could sell this magic portion as a side hustle.

The Olori Cosmetics founder shed light on how she was able to get her products to her customers as a startup and as the MD/CEO of Danone Nutricia. The latter gave us insight into the distribution process adopted by bigger companies.

I really enjoyed Toyin’s presentation especially because she was able to give very typical Naija scenarios to buttress her points. She also promised #MotherlandMoguls in the house some Olori goodies..Now that’s what’s up!

3.15pm: Bunmi Lawson, MD Accion Microfinance bank gave us some insight on achieving business growth and how she kicked off a business from one room and grew it to forty-four offices in 5 states in Nigeria. Now that’s some #MotherlandMogul move right there!

Bunmi explained that the people who surround you and your business are a major key to its growth.

Invest in the right people, share your vision with them and together you will build an empire.

161009shehivesun0274.20pm: At this point, my mind had already been conditioned for ShopTheHive. I heard there were going to be a lot of cool outlets selling stuff and I had also spread the word to a couple of my shopaholic friends to attend.

Just before we got off our seats, we had some vendors talk to us about their products and services. This just whet my appetite even more, as I was itching to see what else was in stock at ShopTheHive.

4.40pm: Off we went to the ground floor where the shopping party was going down. They had everything FAB from sunglasses, clothes, accessories and bags to throw-pillows, wall decorations and scents.

There were also stands for refreshments. I was really feeling cool with myself; I was able to #EatShopMingle all at the same time.

My best part was the photo booth. It was the last chance to capture my SheHive Lagos moments in four clicks of the camera. Very cool stuffz!

161009shehivesun0336.00pm: I hugged my new friends good bye and headed to the parking lot. Thankfully, I succeeded in not breaking my bank account at ShopTheHive.

I had such an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G weekend. SheHive Lagos totally worth my time and more! You probably can’t understand the hype of SheHive until you have attended one yourself.

A day at SheHive – More than just entrepreneurship

shehive london

10.15 am: I’m back at Facebook HQ for another packed day of activities and more #blackgirlpower. Today’s session started with a fun task as well, Afua gave us a briefing and asked us to come up with a 30 seconds ad for SheHive and She Leads Africa. It could be acted out, spoken word format or even a song….this called for a rap battle 2.0!

10.35 am: Well, this task proved how resourceful and creative we can be because in 5 minutes, the Motherland Moguls came up with so many ways to show how SheHive was the bomb dotcom!

11.00am: The first session of the day started with Zeze Oriaikhi-Sao, the founder of Malee, a natural cosmetic brand out of Joburg (our last stop for SheHive this year) a brand on its way to global dominance.

She told us about the Malee journey from inception to dream come true! Whilst also sharing 30 things she learnt from building her brand. One lesson I picked up from her talk is, to believe in yourself and your dream.

shehive london zeze oriakhi-sao11.55 am: SLA contributor Abiola and I seized the opportunity to do a short interview with Zeze talking about her support system and what the future holds for Malee.

12.05pm: The social media guru Imad Mesduoa’s talk on ‘how to build your professional profile’ was underway and I was beyond psyched to be a part of the audience!

I have been following Imad since the legendary elections in Nigeria last year…and over time have come to accept him as a #NaijaBoy at heart, that’s for sure. His Naija lingo during his talk proved that!

After Imad’s talk, it was lunch time so people mingled and networked as usual. I had the pleasure of sitting with a couple of girls from across Africa and could actually feel the true pan-Africanism vibe.

The topic of Zimbabwe came up and of course, Mugabe. A Zimbabwean lady was gave us insights into the economic climate in the country at the moment. We also discussed ideas of what the main issues are in Africa and how we can bring about changes. Who says SheHive is just about entrepreneurship!

2.00pm: Lunch over, I grabbed Imad for a quick interview where he discussed getting out of your comfort zone early on. Doing this demonstrates to future employers that you are capable of taking up new challenges and it improves and adds to your skills bank.

2.10pm: If you’ve heard of IrokoTV, then this may be partly because of Jessica, the PR mastermind and founder of Wimbart. She spoke to us about what it means to master the PR game and how timing is really strategic to your business.

Try and familiarize yourself with key calendar dates relevant to your brand industry and get ahead of the news cycle to get your brand in the media sphere.

3.30pm: Well I did promise more of Queen Bey, and aside from Jessica slaying her presentation with some epic Queen Bey elements, Ade Hassan gave us a different Bey love. So, the founder of the revolutionary nude lingerie company has clients like Jdunn and Beyonce and us darker-skinned ladies have nothing but love and thanks for this entrepreneur.

Ade also walked us through the journey that led her to start Nubian Skin, her lingerie and hosiery brand. Key thing I picked up from her story is, the right people in your support network are important because they are the ones who give you the needed push that could end up actualizing your dreams.

She also mentioned how extremely important it is to draft a confidentiality agreement when talking to consultants about your brand at the early stages. Your idea could be a goldmine!

4:30pm: I managed to interview Jessica and Ade about their businesses, also got them to give relevant advice to startups. So Motherland Moguls, don’t forget to check us out on YouTube for some awesome tips coming soon!

At this point ShopTheHive had officially begun. This initiative was set up to have MMs sell their products and network with potential partners and investors. Double win!! They got a chance to go on stage to tell us a bit about their business, free publicity for the win…Triple win!

shopthehive shehive london5.00pm: I noticed a journalist crew doing their thing and as a Journalism minor I took advantage of the opportunity and got insights into how they operate. I also got some key advice from Victoire Eyoum, whom I later found out is the Editor-in-Chief of Voxafrica, a pan-African TV station.

5.45pm: After some last minute contact sharing and taking lots of pictures —was nice to be in front of the camera for a change— I headed back to Euston for my train journey home feeling all kinds of inspired and motivated.

Definitely worth my time and waking up super early in the mornings!