So you were fired from your job, here’s what to do now


There are few things in life that can be as devastating as getting fired from your job. For many people getting fired is not just about losing a source of income but also losing self-esteem and dignity.  It can have devastating results.

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But we’re all about the bounce back here so the potential setback in losing your job can be a hidden opportunity for your next come up.  The key is in not spending too much time feeling sorry for yourself but investing the energy into something positive. So if you were fired from your job,  here’s what to do now.

Upgrade your skills

Every disappointment can be a blessing in disguise. Losing your job can provide an opportunity to go yourself. Let’s face it, working underpaid means you probably don’t have that much time to pursue the passion projects you’ve always wanted to focus on or the new language you wanted to learn.

If you need some inspiration or guidance, check out SLA’s Online Classes and Expert Talks to get started today. 

Start your own business

Why not use this time as a springboard to start your own business? If you were afraid to quit your job and take the leap, your company just saved you from that problem. If you don’t already have a business idea in mind, look around you and think about those issues you are always complaining about. 

Someone shared on social media once how difficult it is to get breakfast at the workplace. Most eateries do not open to offer breakfast and if you have to leave your home very early to avoid traffic, then you probably don’t have the time. Can you start a breakfast delivery service or a smoothie shop?

That is just one example of how you can take a problem that exists and turn it into an opportunity. Looking for some inspiration and ideas? Check out the Start A Business section to learn from other young women who have gone out and started their own enterprises.

Find another job

There is no shame in wanting to go and look for another job. Becoming an entrepreneur is not for everyone so if you’ve lost your job recently, it’s time to update your LinkedIn account and be on the lookout for job listings. Social media is a great way to build your reputation and let people know you’re looking for new opportunities.

However, don’t forget to be on your best behaviour on social media.  Don’t tweet irresponsibly or join unnecessary fights one social media as a potential employer may read them.

Instead, write that you’re job hunting, or share your bio and have yfriends help with retweets and shares. Ask former colleagues and friends if they know of opportunities and make sure to cast a wide net

Losing your job may look like a huge downer, but with a positive attitude and by being proactive you may be on your way to turning that downer into a lift off.

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Abigail AnabaAbigail works as an English Reading and Speaking teacher in Lagos, Nigeria. She describes herself as a writer, thinker and teacher. Though she is primarily a teacher, she always puts writing first because writing has always been her first love. She has published her first novel "Sector IV" which is set during the Nigerian civil war.

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